By far, the topic that comes up most in our conversations with entrepreneurs and creatives is risk. We’ve had conversations about risks that worked out and risks that did not. We’ve seen eyes light eye sharing about career-trajectory changing risks as well as folks sigh about the risks they wish they had taken. Below, we’ve selected and shared some of those thoughtful conversations.

Sandy Weatherall | Commercial Photographer and Creator of YogaMA – A yoga martial arts fusion,

Outside of my business, I’m a skydiver. I was in the sport of skydiving about three years when I had an opportunity to take my desire to move into food photography showed up. It was for a major cookbook company and I was to to a test shoot being watched by the creative director, editor and lead photographer and work with their food stylist for the first time. I was still pretty new at food photography. Read more>>

Nora Long | Filmmaker

Risk is an opportunity, a door waiting to be opened. As someone who grew up without knowing many risk-takers, in a small town with extremely limited opportunities, I knew from a young age I wanted to be the kind of person who took chances, who would navigate the path my life would take with curiosity and bravery. I made a pact with myself to say yes to every opportunity that I possibly could, not dwelling on the “what-if’s” (or trying my best not to, at least) and instead dedicating myself to doing my best to find success in that risk – or, if success wasn’t the outcome, a lesson. Doing this became reflexive, a practice that grew easier over time. The fear never really goes away, but letting it take control is much less fun than harnessing it to drive you forward. Read more>>

Kathy Min | Candle Artist

By taking risks, it’s a way to be open & communicative towards other individuals. It can allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and set goals and/or milestones you never anticipated on doing before. Read more>>

Patritsia Baca | Artist & Creator

I have to admit, that I love this question! Taking risks has played a huge role in both my life and my career. I’m all about living on the edge and risking! In my late teenage years I left my parents home, moved to another city and worked on my modeling career. Years later I can admit that this was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life, it helped me grow up, taught me how to be strong and independent woman. Also helped me meet and connect with people, living completely different life. Read more>>

Pablo Serrano | Hotelier and Entrepreneur

I am from Argentina. I and my family (wife and 4 years old kid) love our country but we were looking for a change, an opportunity that allowed us to improve our life quality and grow in my passion. So I was looking for an idea related to the hospitality world and was ready for a new challenge, but I never imagined the idea of ​​changing my country and emigrating to a new culture in pursuit of that opportunity. It was when I arrived at Hogansville on vacation, that I realized that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity and we decided to leave everything behind and start this new project here. Read more>>

Tamal Forchion | Film Director/Artist

The incredible excitement (fear for some) of the unknown has undoubtedly become the pivotal driving factor of motivation for me throughout life. It is one of the main reasons I’ve decided to move to Atlanta. Yet, with those risk, you allow yourself to tap into a different part of you, extracting assets from within that might of remained unrevealed had I not taken such drastic leaps, where some would have remained comfortable. Sometimes those risk may appear as a hindrance or set back at first, but it’s true purpose always reveals itself as you walk in faith. Read more>>

Nicole Alston | Author + Business Owner

I love risk, I think without risk there’s no reward. I have taken multiple risks in my life and in my career. I love career changes because I have so many interests and talents. I started out wardrobe stylist (fashion) and then transitioned into becoming an author. Risks show you that you have the range and capacity to be anything you want in life whether you fail or excel. Read more>>

MIRAJ | Music Artist & Entrepreneur

Of course taking risks can be very scary, but I feel like they are CRUCIAL in order to grow. Taking risks & stepping outside my comfort zone has changed my life drastically in just a couple months. So many doors have opended up for me. My first single “Slide Thru” released, I’ve met so many dope producers/enegineers, photographers, and I’ve even had labels & major artist reaching out to me. Read more>>

Aerica Raven Van Dorn | Artist: muralist, illustrator, general do’er

I try to consider risks more as challenges and opportunities for growth. There’s a certain amount of risk in pretty much every aspect of a business: What if I fail? What if I can’t make the client happy? What if I can’t finish on time? But those fears are just noise. I know I will be better than those fears because I can manage my time, prioritize the client’s needs, and listen to my instincts. Again and again, experience has shown me that the only way to grow is to take risks. So I take on that huge crazy project, I try that new technique, and I never back down from a challenge. By pushing myself out of my own lil’ comfort zone, I continue to make so many wonderful connections and grow in my creative practice. Read more>>

Dominique Davis | Yoga Teacher

I believe in taking risks when educated and understanding what is at stake. It’s important to know when to be content and when to be brave for the sake of expanding. I tend to steer clear of risks in my personal life. I seek risks and evaluate them in my career. It’s so easy to become complacent and comfortable. If some of my decisions don’t scare me, I know that I am playing it safe. Playing it safe is the best way to make sure nothing changes in life. Read more>>

Arzell Roulette | Crown holder top model 2018-2021, Cover Girl and Book Arthur, High Fashion Model/ Actress

Taking risk is how I learn to grown. You can’t grow if you take the easy way out! I’m always willing to take a risk because sometimes it’s not always a bad thing. Read more>>

Valentine Ebunilo | Generalist & Entrepreneur

Risks are my foundation. It might sound shocking only because of the word risk, but to me the word “risk” is faith. GODfidence. September of 2019. I left my job in Los Angeles, sold my car, packed a duffle bag and got on a plane to Atlanta. One or two friends, but no family. Found a random person on craigslist that I had never met before to rent a room from. No job, no car, all risk, or should I say faith. Read more>>

T. Necole Gibbs | Digital Content Strategist | Consultant

Risk is a part of everyday life. In insurance we call it hazards or perils. In business, we include it when we are creating business models and processes. In life, we call it challenges, unforeseen mishaps, and lessons. But Risk Management is how you prevent, deter, and prepare. Working as a full-time Entrepreneur over the last four years, I have learned that risk (ready or not) is a part of the process. It’s an ambiguous term that means “what-if.” By having an open-mind and logical point-of-view, I took the stance in looking Risk in the Face and repeating out loud, “Everything I want and need for my life is on the other side of fear.” Read more>>

Danielle Johnson | Founder & Lead Designer at House of MKTG

Risk can seem scary at first, but it’s necessary for growth. Feeling comfortable or safe isn’t something you can chase, it’s something you have to create for yourself. As humans, we take risk all the time, but we have to trust in ourselves to handle whatever difficulties we may face. Fear creeps in from the pressure and desire to be in control, but control doesn’t just come in being proactive, it’s also in how we choose to react. Read more>>

Jonathan Fenni Walters | Hip-Hop Artist & Entrepreneur

No Risk No Reward. I believe risk and faith go hand and hand. I learned early on that taking risks was going to be a critical part of my success. Fear is your enemy when faced with a decision that involves risk. Growing up everyday was a risk just leaving the house. These days taking risk is a show of courage and as an entrepreneur the results can separate you from the pack. Read more>>

Messiah Dixon | Influencer & Actor

I see risks as life challenges. God gives you lemons, it’s your choice to make lemonade or allow it to remain the same. I believe in faith and hope. I knew being an influencer was something I always aspired growing up along with Acting. Decision makings require risks. Without risks, life wouldn’t be worth while! Read more>>

Shannon Hodges | Mother, Nurse, Author

When it comes to taking risks I think that it’s inevitable because life is all about taking risks. As you gaze into the world of a entrepreneurship risk taking is necessary for the vision/brand and or business that you’re trying to execute. Risk taking can be a challenge and I’m always up for the challenge because I believe that it’s beneficial to my growth. The growth that comes with growing pains that are necessary.. Take me for an instance, I’m a mother first but I also hold the title of Nurse and Author. Read more>>

Lorena Ladera | Yoga Instructor / Wellness Coach

Many people think that risk is tied to losing something that could be in line with their personal beliefs. For me, this is quite the opposite. Each time someone makes a decision, they are taking a risk that could ultimately open up their universe of possibilities to learn, grow and gain, even though the impact of our decision doesn’t always turn out as one would expect. Read more>>

Lauren Dastrup | Self Taught DIYer and Furniture Artist

Risk is an absolutely necessary part of growth. I find that the bigger the risk, the higher the payoff. And its momentous! For instance, when I decided to extend my kitchen I knew I had only a handful of the many skills I would need. But jumping in, risking failure almost every step of the way, has given me not only a more functional home, but also the confidence to take even more risks in the future. Read more>>

Eboni Walker | Entrepreneur

I have always been fearless even while hiding low-self esteem and depression. I am a natural born rebel and I march to the beat of my own drummer. This attitude is the only way I am pulling off running and working a cleaning business, pushing a rap career, and excelling in comedy all at the same darn time. Risk has always been necessary for me as I have held onto so many what-ifs that I have to just try things. I already got enough “what-ifs” weighing me down. My central goal is to do any and everything I want to do, and that happens to include being a local rap artist who also tells jokes. Read more>>

An Angel | Singer/Songwriter

As an Aries, I am naturally going to want to take risks. I accredit it to the fire element in my chart. With that said, I believe taking risks, throughout my life, have helped build my character as a serious artist. Whether the consequences of taking risks have been positive or negative, they’ve taught me the art of patience, determination, and passion for my craft. After all, one cannot expect big changes and experiences while making only small moves. Read more>>

Javé Christie | Grammy Viewed | Billboard Viewed International Graphic Designer

Without risk, there is no reward, Life favours those who like to take risks ( Legally ). Back in 2015 I worked within a Marketing Agency / Night Club where I was the head Graphic Designer, I spent 12 hours plus there on a daily basis. A few months later I thought to myself I needed a raise for the hours I inputed, I have all this knowledge and the skillsets required to take on the road by myself, From there i started to save with the end goal being ( A iMac, A Printer, A Cheap Plastic Computer Table and my dad did Upholstering so he built me a computer chair ). I worked at this same agency until i felt i had enough funding available to branch off on my own and see what that world felt like, I did not save any ( WHAT IF THIS GOES WRONG MONEY ) .. I knew that it had to work, either this or nothing at all. Read more>>

Joe Fucarino | Filmmaker & Media Personality

You have to take risks if you want to scale your career. I take risks all the time. Entrepreneurship is not easy at all, most people just do not want to admit it. I risk my time, my energy, and a lot of my money. I have dumped so much money into creating events, productions, and so many things without having any promise of seeing any profit. Also, most of the time, there is no profit in the beginning. The journey is a risk. But if you want to go far, you will take those risks and do the free work and build your audience. The amount of risk someone takes will determine how fast they reach their goals. Read more>>

Yvette Marie | Fashion Creative

When I think about risk, I think of it in the context of two different perspectives. I believe one type is purely a blind risk when pursuing a new career or new venture without researching or having any prior knowledge or experience. To me, this is the highest form of risk in that the consequences of not being successful may outweigh the potential. Read more>>

Tray Staccs | Music Artist/Entrepreneur

Taking risk is the most important thing to do in life.I’ll tell you why; “If your not taking a risk to Elevate your career or for the Goals that you set in your life, you’ll never succeed because you would never learn from your mistakes”. Risk taking has enlightened me to a certain Degree. I have took “A lot of Street Risk Taking which is not worth it by the way”; I just got out of some trouble them DA’s not playing & I took a lot of risk in this music Business too. Read more>>

Damisha Logan | Esthetician/instructor

Risk taking I think if you don’t take the risk you’ll never know the outcome. Taking risk plays a big role roll in my life and career risk either a blessing or lesson. Read more>>

Dante Williamson | Musician

Take risks, but smart, calculated risks. Whether you succeed or fail, you’re either rewarded or become wiser as a result of it. So I look at it as a win-win! I’m not afraid if I do something unsuccessful because if I don’t take chances, my music will sound and feel isolated. I’ll let myself down if I don’t take risks and my potential will be undeveloped. I don’t want to lose a golden opportunity. Read more>>

Kimberly Tolbert | Personal Chef & Sr. Quality Assurance Associate

Taking risks is not easy but the outcome is worth it, although it won’t always appear to be in our favor. The growth and maturity that comes from it makes it worthwhile and it builds mental strength. Honestly, I’ve always been hesitant and struggled with taking risks, especially in regards to my love of cooking. It took years to decide to start a business in the food industry although I’d been cooking since I was a child. I had several doubts about being an entrepreneur. It was never something I desired but I LOVE to cook. Read more>>

Des Monroe | Singer/Songwriter

Risk taking is the reason where I am where I am right now. It took me getting out of my comfort zone and moving by faith to pursue a dream and bring it to life starting with nothing. I’ve gained and I’ve lost a lot along the way, but everything happens for a reason. It has only caused me to evolve into a stronger and wiser woman. There were certain risk that I can honestly say I was afraid of taking, but it was those specific ones that have launched me into higher elements of my career. Read more>>

Syeda Zahra Shah | Actress, Filmmaker & Business Woman

Life’s full of tough choices isn’t it? We need to make prompt decisions sometimes so Yesss! the risk is involve. I am a big risk taker as I am adventurous person and if you want to make money you have to take risk. It is overcoming by one’s fear that wealth is acquired. Risk is an emotion and one has to enjoy is just like we enjoy all other emotions. Risk made me learn how to handle both failures and success and groomed my personality and habits in a positive way. Read more>>

Kiaya Cash | Singer/Songwriter

Taking risks is the only way to achieve your goals . If you want something new , you have to do something that you’ve never done . Read more>>

Keylo | Producer & Engineer

Risk pushes people out of their comfort zone, and that’s mandatory to grow. I would not be where I am today without the risks I took. Once I finished grad school, my goal was to move straight to ATL and I did that. I never renewed my lease in MD even though I did not have a for sure job secured in ATL yet, but I went with faith and took a risk and it paid off. Read more>>

Prettiboiloso Artist /Creator /Influencer | Creative Mentor who inspire

I think Taking A Risk Important Bc You Taking A Risk Can Put You A Step Closer To Your Dreams And If Your Passionate About Your Dreams It’s Comes With Takin Risk Going All Out And Hard For What You Love Read more>>

Halie Anna | Photographer

In any artistic endeavor risks are always involved. As a photographer I think of taking risks as a challenge to better my artistic abilities. I face risks every day when it comes to photography. There’s always a risk of damaging your camera gear in harsh elements. risks of facing wild animals. the risks of traveling alone. The dangers of trying to get a good shot, for example I once had to stand on a side of a cliff to get the perfect shot. Read more>>

MONTORIA STONE | Certified Teeth Whitening, Tooth Gem, & Luxury Grills Specialist

Life is filled with risks, were faced with many risks every day. Some are good, and some can be bad, but to me, it’s what you learn from them; especially the bad. The bad risk is the most important ones because they always come with a lesson. I chose to learn from them and carry those bad situations with me daily to help me make better decisions. I love risk if I chose not to take a risk I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now. Starting my own business was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, I’ve had the opportunity to meet new people, and I love it. Hadn’t I taken the risk and invested in my business, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see myself as a leader, I’ve gained a passion to lead with any role, and or situation I’m faced with. Read more>>

Chiana Grant | Serial Entrepreneur | Owner of House of Belle LLC

To begin dissecting this question, I must first quote from my spiritual realm 2 Timothy 1:7 ” For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” With that being said, everyday I rise I choose the option of taking the risk to continually grow and develop myself, first. Risk is a necessary aspect of life to fully live in purpose. Taking the leap of faith in entrepreneurship has been a tremendous undertaking because of the countless amount of uncertainties involved with starting from the ground up. Read more>>

TheEvansShow | Content Creators

Your not living until you take a risk . life is all about risk , our YouTube channel is about risk it’s not easy putting your everyday life out there for the public eye Read more>>

Andre Russell | DJ, Producer,Artist

Risking to me is all about structure moving correctly sacrificing more extra of your time doing what you have to Necessary make, you have to hustle jump out there and move forward. My role is to let my presence be known in a genuine way I come support show love talk to people build relationship I love people Read more>>

Taj Mitche | Actor/Writer

I think of risk taking as something to get through to create a legacy. Taking risk and leaping out on faith is the reason why I’ve written my own movie. It has really put me in position to make my own way in the movie industry, and God is the one who has given me the strength to take these risk. If it wasn’t for my faith in him I wouldn’t have believed in myself to be able to be courageous enough to do what I was told couldn’t be done. Read more>>

Simone Hood | Music Manager

Risk should be my nickname! Risk is kinda like making a sacrifice. As a manager in this music career, I have to make sure that I am taken care of FIRST! I’m the only child & I stay with my mom and she always tell me not forget about my personal business. I don’t have kids. Any time I have to do anything with my artists Riko Ru or Cee Tha Gxdd it’s already at Risk, I’m constantly thinking about the next move with them all the time. It’s like I can’t turn it off and I’m perfectly fine with that because I love this! Read more>>

Dash Preistley | Lifestyle Influencer & International Dating Coach

Taking risks has gotten me to where I am, any idea I have I go after, I don’t feel that I’m incapable of doing anything. I constantly take risks both in my life and business and have taken every outcome as either a blessing or a lesson. Read more>>

Shantel SolE’ | International Singer/Songwriter

I view risks as an opportunity to exercise my faith. I have had many situations in my life where my back was against the wall and I had to risk it all. I have had to risk walking away form labels, moving to another country, and relocating my business to another state. As an entrepreneur risks are part of betting on yourself. As an independent artist it can be scary to bet yourself especially in the music industry. But every risk I chose to take taught me a lesson on what I can do better next time. No matter how things look or how impossible the situation may seem. As long I keep the faith and stay focused no risk is too great. Read more>>

Telize | Independent Music Artist

I believe that risks are so necessary for elevation and evolution of not only character but also in your talents/career. I am willing to make risks but like most people, there’s still times when I feel stuck in my comfort zone and need a push to make them. I say all this to say that I am no stranger to taking risks. I made one of the biggest risks of my life about 6 years ago when I decided to quit Chiropractic school and pursue music professionally. Read more>>

Oluwatofunmi Akisanya | Entrepreneur & Student

Risk is taking a chance at something despite the uncertainty of the outcome. Life is a risk that we take everyday. In order to achieve goals we have to take risks, through this process we can learn and grow. Starting a business is a huge risk because you’re investing so much into it in hopes of being successful but many things could go wrong. For example, trusting the wrong vendors or gaining less profit back but you just have to go for it and see where it takes you. Read more>>

NyKeta Randall-Cloud | Post Op Care Practitioner

Taking a risk made me who I am today! Without that leap of faith I don’t know where I would be. Risky risk, I took my last $300 and started in the trunk of my car literally! I had two shelves in my car where I kept supplies and a massage table. I was just getting started so I couldn’t afford a Location or space rental. I would simply drive around Atlanta house to house doing postop care for a full year. Read more>>

Beverly White | Chef & Treat Maker

• Every risk you take comes with more experience. You can either teach yourself an important lesson or open a new door to success and new possibilities. Once you start to take risk you pave the way to later take larger risk to achieve greater goals. When I took the risk of starting my business, I took it as a chance to grow, a chance to go through a process to achieve my goal in life which was working for myself. Read more>>

Rochelle Mason | Author & Business/Ministry Consultant

I believe that being able to take risks is vital to becoming a leader in your own life and any other arena. Taking risks requires letting go of the illusion of control and letting go of fear. One of the most significant risks I’ve taken in my life was leaving my comfortable job with a very stable company to become an author and start my own business. Read more>>

Eric Jones | Restauranteur, Caterer, Specialty Food Manufacturer.

I look at risk as opportunity. To me risk is a essential part of all elevation. We have all heard the term, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Life is inherently about taking chances (risk) and what I’ve learned and or gather is that in the end we mostly regret the chances we didn’t take. Risk has always allowed me the opportunity to go places playing it safe would have never carried me. In business your going to have to take risk. Embrace risk, get use to taking risk. The only thing I can advise you not to risk, and thats doing nothing at all. Life is a gamble, simple game of chance. With out risk it’s impossible to win. Read more>>

Kelly Max | Founder & CEO, Solvv Inc.

Risk Taking, how do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life / career? Risk taking is the muse and fuel of my life. No matter what big decision I approached and pivotal milestones in my life around the societal constructs like going to college, building a career, not starting a business without having enough money in the bank for 12 months, planning an emigration properly, not starting a business on your own, I always went the other way than the masses. Read more>>

Me’ Lisa Jema Matthews | Beauty Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

This question resonates so well with me. As a child, my mom said I was always pushing myself to the limit. She said I was always a risk taker and up for a challenge, there was nothing a person said I couldn’t or wouldn’t do! That I wouldn’t at least try. At age 10, I was helping my mom with her hair clients, and sketching clothing designs into my little notebook. I have never been the person to just accept No! or limit myself in any aspect of my life or career. Read more>>