We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

LaShonda Lane-Gammell, Ph.D, LPC | Clinical Mental Health Counselor

My business has taught me that I can not do it all. Though I started alone, there is no way that I could finish alone. The vision that God has given me for Dreams and Visions is much too big for me to accomplish without a team. In order for a business to grow, you have to allow others to fill roles based on their gifts and talents. Read more>>

Taylor Nicole | Photographer & Media Specialist

One of the biggest and most notable lessons being a self-employed, career focused woman in my industry is that not everyone can’t successfully work with clients: you have to talk. My clients say I make them laugh, and while I never thought myself comedic, I am an honest, wild artist. I love my craft. I want every experience to be an open, raw, safe session. If my subject is uncomfortable, I want them to feel like telling me that is easy. I want clients who have life issues come up, be able to reschedule with ease. I want to work well with other creatives and stay teachable. Read more>>

Saga Boss | Music Artist, Event Host, Content Creator

As cliche as it sounds, I feel one of the most important lessons would be you can do whatever you put your mind to. If you’re passionate about something, nothing can stop you except you. Read more>>

JONNY CRAIG | Trainer & Designer

Think BIGGER than yourself. The power you obtain when working for yourself is that there is no limit to how far your business or project can grow.
When I started my own business it was so easy to overthink my own identity and how I was being perceived. I didn’t want that. Sure I am confident in my own skin but it wasn’t important for me to be the face of the brand. I chose the name Beasties as it was open to the consumers imagination to make of it what they will. Read more>>

Lena Allure | The Artist (Photographer, Creative Director & Stylist)

Customer service plays a huge role in your business. Without exceptional customer service, your business is more likely to fail than succeed. I’m not advising small businesses to take fault for everything that transpires by a customer but ensure your customer walks away with a great experience and you could potentially have a loyal customer for the future. I say potentially because pricing is also a factor but some factors can’t be altered especially if you are offering a service. Read more>>