We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

RaQuita Weathers | Photographer & Magazine Publisher

Over the last seven years in entrepreneurship, I have learned many lessons. One being that passion can’t be the only substance to running a successful and profitable business. As the creator of Lifestylish Magazine a breakout passion project, created from my photography passion, I found that connections with the right people and having resilience will get you in new doors. Read more>>

Brian Mobley | Photographer

I’ve learned that talent alone won’t make you a successful business. Of course having the know how is key, but that’s only about 10-15% of what it takes to run a business. Read more>>

Melissa Daughtry | Professional Makeup Artist, Beauty Educator, and Influencer

The most important lesson I was taught is that this is a marathon, not a sprint. We get so caught up in the “now”, but we do not consider the process it takes to get the “now”. Read more>>

Sampson McCormick | Award winning Comedian & Film Producer

The most important lesson that my career has taught me, is the importance of giving others as much support as you’d like to get. For a long time, I thought that if you worked hard enough you could do it all alone and everything was this big competition, slowly, overtime, I learned that we need a tribe, mutual support and there’s no harm in celebrating the success of others even when it seems like things aren’t happening as quickly with what you’re doing. Read more>>

Jalen Simon | Cinematographer and production sound mixer

That sometimes things are just not going to go according to plan and that’s okay. With anything worth having you have to be willing to put in the work. Read more>>

Brianne Atkinson | Licensed (Hair) Colorist of 25 years and Owner of A PIECE OF MINT™ hair care products

The most important lesson my career has taught me is that people are needed . My career would be nothing without relationships. Every relationship that I have encountered has been instrumental in my growth as an individual and in my business. Learning from a book is great, but what is even more influential, is listening to others life experiences. As a beauty professional I depend on people to fill my chair which in turn allows creativity. People are the motivation for every business that I’ve created. People are the “why” I do what I do. Read more>>