We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Mia R | Designer of Mia Reid Collection

One of the habits that I feel that has helped me to succeed is to be organized! Every night before bed I fill out my planner for the task that I have to accomplish the next day. Writing out my plans for the day allows me to not only keep track of the task but seeing it as a constant reminder makes me accountable to the things that I am supposed to do. Another habit that I hold close to me is making sure that I pray every morning before I even get out of the bed and saying my manifestations before I get started with my day! Read more>>

Niqcole Jackson | Loc Specialist / Loctician

Some habits I feel like helped me succeed at the level that I’m at right are would be, organization & utilizing my social media accounts for good marketing. Although I’m not most organized person, having structure throughout my business helped me see where I’m at and where I’m trying to be! It’s still a long road ahead but without doing either thus far, I would still be at square one. Also, simply saying NO! For some people this is a very hard thing to do and for others like me it’s not. Read more>>

Jaylen Brown | Entrepreneur

2. Forming ways to expression yourself 3. Be nice to you and others Something that helped me increase more succession in m life now is setting goals. Goals help us develop healthy and new routines that can help clear blurred perception. I recommend finding ways to express your mind, safely of course. Be aware of yourself and your thoughts. There are many forms of expression and it’s astonishing. Try new things. Read more>>

Alex Nguyen | H.Q. Alex Nguyen, the ROCK you need to DEFEAT the GOLIATH insurance company

Success, in my opinion, is being able to help as many people as I can. My purpose is to help as many injured clients as I can by leveling the playing field between each of our client and the Goliath insurance company each is dealing with. This purpose is my north star. This is what springs me out of bed every morning. This purpose spawn habits such as the daily focusers, time boxing and time tracking. Without fails, every morning, I set out to achieve 6 large tasks (task that takes at least 45 minutes but not more than 90 minutes) by writing it down on my daily focuser. Read more>>

Trionne Lane-Pollock | Skin Care Creator

I have always had a habit to help people anyway I could. I always felt defeated if I couldn’t help anyone. I first started out making products for family especially with my mom who’s had skin problems that store products weren’t helping with. After that I based my business purely on helping others with their skin ailments and I wanted to make them affordable enough to where anyone can purchase. I’m not looking to make money I’m looking to put a smile on people’s face. Because of the love, time and care that I put into everything I do it’s helped me to succeed and make products that people love and come back to. Read more>>

Shane & Constance Lee & Rowe | Owners & Operators of Real VVS Smiles Luxury Teeth Whitening

We feel like the habits that helped us succeed are: 1. Speaking Positively / Affirmations – We both believe in the law of attraction and that whatever you speak will BE. Therefore, we have made it a habit, well, a lifestyle to speak positivity over our business and over our lives. Whatever we want – we will have and the desires of our hearts for this business will come to fruition. Read more>>

Nicole S. Lewis | Attorney & Jet-setter

The habits that have helped me to succeed are, first and foremost, my commitment to affirming my belief in myself. Fear and doubt kill more dreams than actual failure. I make a conscious effort to tell myself that “I can do this!” regularly. Secondly, I make it a habit to focus on what I know, and to build upon that, rather than thinking about things as monumental tasks. Lastly, but by no means any less significantly, I make time for the things that I love . . .regularly. Read more>>