Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Ishara Woodard | Owner of a beauty brand

There’s no giving up! That’s it that’s all. When you’ve invariably dreamt of something but impuissant of putting your finger on it or the vision was still a bit foggy through it all you keep going. Then you get this aha moment and you know this is it, this is the feeling and I feel fulfilled doing this. In that moment is when you say to self, you have to keep going. When others see you, you know you’re doing something right, so you can’t give up. They see where your business has started and where it has grown to be right in front of their eyes. People always tell me I inspire them however I had to start believing more in myself the same way others believed and seen my full potential. Read more>>

Nick Tabidze | Director and Actor

For a filmmaker ambition can be quite a curse; especially in a saturated field where ideas are your best form of currency (and there are sooo many amazing and beautiful ideas). It’s definitely a struggle. The money isn’t always there to keep up with your imagination and you still need to live your life. It’s a harsh truth but if you are considering giving up, your hearts not in it… and it needs to be. Read more>>

Lauren O’Neill | Muralist, Surface Designer, Librarian

The world of art is hard to navigate from a business perspective and it’s a constant challenge for me because my brain is wired to create and not to manage. I follow a very distinct cycle when it comes to giving up and keep going. I can happily sit my studio for weeks just making art, painting things, assembling books, rummaging for vintage imagery, listening to my music – just doing me, but it doesn’t pay for anything. Read more>>

Teresa Outley | Chef/ Entrepreneur

Knowing whether to give up or keep going is a personal battle many of us face. It doesn’t matter your title, fame or fortune. At some point in your journey you get tired and have to decide, do I give up or keep going. For me, giving up is not an option. We are all on earth for a limited time, it’s imperative that we use that time to the fullest. In 2018 and 2019 I had two major spinal surgeries, being a chef this was a major hit to my career. Having to be on 95% bed rest was depressing. Read more>>

Yaa Kwayana | Visual Artist

There’s always another idea to bring to life, another life to impact and represent, another opportunity to surpass the limits that we put on ourselves; another experience/thought that needs to be expressed. Growth is constant, and I think it’s something to look forward to even with the challenges that come along. Read more>>

Derrica Marshall | Makeup artist/ Educator

I believe life shows us everyday if something is for you and to keep going or to redirect energy and focus when something no longer works or serves us. For example, I have been a makeup artist for over 8 years. There’s been times where I asked if I should keep going or find something else to focus on. Read more>>

Zan Dretti | Artist, Producer, and Podcaster

For creators, knowing when and when not is often tough to decipher. There are so many factors that drive us – social anxieties, mental health, work/life balance, and burnout. Being an artist or creator is a lonely journey and you often find yourself questioning many things. It’s an unexplainable thing, but the best thing is to keep going. Slow down, strategize, but never quit. Read more>>

Isaac SRE” Asare | Artist, Dancer & Producer”

I feel like it all comes down to your “why”- Why are you doing what you do? How strong is your “why” to make you get up and continue to do what you do? Personally, I thought about giving up a lot. When situations got hard and I had to really contemplate if what I was doing was going to pull through. I’ve spent more than I earned, sacrificed sleep when I should have slept- you know, the come-up story. But when you’re so invested in something you love, and I mean something that you REALLY love, you become it to a point it doesn’t feel like a drag or a bother. Read more>>

Jasmine Simone | Fashion model & Actress

In the business of pursuing my dreams of becoming a successful fashion model and actress, I have experienced several setbacks, which sometimes made me think about giving up. I am blessed to have a dedicated support system and that is what helps me to continue to persevere. My family are my biggest cheerleaders, and they always motivate me not to give up on myself and to never give up hope in God. I call on God for peace and clarity about my career and many times He will send an answer through a complete stranger, who knows nothing about me or my passion. That alone gives me the strength to keep striving for success. Read more>>

Damien Gaddis | (Gaddi$) – Rapper

If you have faith and truly believe in something, then you should always keep going and never give up. People won’t see the vision right away. You have to keep pushing forward, and put yourself in a position to make people see it. Hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Read more>>

Skyla Jenkins | Photographer | Creative Director | Stylist

I’ve always had a very determined and resilient personality. However, I’ve experienced different fazes in my life of feeling inadequate to keeping going in life. When I turned 22, my life completely changed after the passing of my grandmother. She was my best friend. My other half. She was one of the people apart of my support system who always made me feel more than adequate. When she passed, my perspective changed. I changed. I was at an all time low. Read more>>

Gianna Thompson | Entrepreneur & Lash Artist

When it comes to knowing whether to keep going or give up, God is my number one. I’ve learned that everything we do in life is earned nothing is ever just given. In order to receive the results you want you have to keep going. We become our own enemies doubting our potential. Read more>>