We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

$K | Music Producer & Entrepreneur

Consistency. I’m consistent with making sure I collaborate with others, studying music theory & I’m consistent at being a fair guy when it comes to handling business with others. Read more>>

Missy Koefod | CEO, 18.21 Bitters

We have been lucky to have an incredible team behind 18.21 Bitters. From the beginning, when it was just Kristin and me, staying up until 4am after our day jobs to label and seal bottles and our incredibly supportive friends and family would come help, support and encourage us, to today, with our Tucker, GA production facility and a team that deeply cares about the brand and drives innovation, we have had incredible people beside us every step of the way and I can’t express enough how important that has been to the success of our brand. Read more>>

TyWillazia Moore | Business Owner

My customers, I didnt except this much support and I am forever grateful. They could spend their money anywhere, but they chose to shop with me. Read more>>

Makai Conner | Sports Photographer

The most important factor behind my success is my hard work. I pride myself on being the hardest worker and improving my craft each and everyday , I also love risk taking and trying new things. In a market like photography, there are a ton of content creators and you have to try new things to sort of stick out from the rest. Read more>>

St Pierre | Radio Personality and Promoter

The most important factor behind my success would have to be the relationships ive made through networking… I feel your network is your net worth. Other then that it would definitely have to be my Team. The dedication and hardwork they provide allows everything to run smoothly Read more>>

S. Michelle Foye, Michelle Foye, MBA, PMP, CSM | CEO, Precis Screening, Vision Consulting Partners, LLC, Precis Global Logistics

I would have to say that my faith in God is a factor, because He lead me to launch this business in honor of son, Demonde “DJ” Dicks, Jr., who was killed. The other important factor is the support that comes from my Husband, and children. Read more>>

Ashantye Mills | Business, Beauty, and Wellness Practitioner

Honestly speaking, there are many factors that played major parts in my success journey. Factors such as: “MY” personal determination, perseverance, confidence, authenticity, and discipline are mountain movers and vital to the continued success of my brand. Yet, the fact that “I DIDN’T GIVE UP” is the MOST important. Getting up everyday; challenging and motivating myself with affirmations; pre-planning and developmental structure are vital to the growth and expansion of my brand. Read more>>

Tailiah Breon | Artist, Filmmaker & Celebrity Photographer

The most important factor behind my success are my failures. All of my wins are built on losses, which in hindsight doesn’t make them losses at all. My success has absolutely taught me the oxymoron of life when it comes to achieving anything. If you are afraid to fail, you are not ready to achieve. If you do achieve, it is because you have understood the value of failing. My losses have taught me and prepared me to operate at a higher level. And that recipe never changes, it just keeps recycling at new stages of your life. Read more>>

Barbara Cooney | Owner/ SoSo Spiffy Staging & Shopping Shindig

The world changes fast, so being able to pivot my business based on current trends, global economy, social media, and the pandemic keeps my business nimble and thriving. It sounds cliche’ and we have all heard it, but those of us that are truly not afraid of failure can grow a business. When you pivot, you try something new and when you try something new you often fail. I don’t see them as failures, only lessons to take away that help grow my business. Taking risk when pivoting does not mean betting the farm or pushing all your chips in on one idea. I have always experienced with A/B testing without too much expense to see what works. The Spiffy Brand has been through a metamorphosis. Read more>>

Danie Wilks | Cosmetologist & Entrepreneur

I have passion. Without passion I could not be as successful as I am. As a hairstylist there needs to be a “want” to do your job. It is not always easy. I have & continuously work very long hours styling clients so having passion for the craft has to outweigh any other factors. Read more>>

Kiayanna Foster | Carrier & Dispatcher

I would have to say it’s a multitude of factors that contribute to my success ie work ethic, knowledge and my support system. Yet, the one thing that sets me apart is my passion for what I do! I truly love the logistics industry! To be able to wake up and do something that I enjoy is a luxury that many are not offered, so if i am a vessel for someone else to do the same is then I am winning!!! Read more>>

Kristian Mentor | Creative Director & Software Engineer

I’d say authenticity. From the days of me selling only t-shirts, to now stocking a diverse set of products – you could always tell that I put my all into a drop. What you put In, is what you get out. My creative process requires that whatever I’m working on, should be making me happy. If I get too frustrated in that pipeline, its usually a sign that I should switch gears to something else. Read more>>

Shana Terry-Kennedy | Vet Tech & Entrepreneur

Community! It’s the parents, it’s the kids, all the fur baby clients. It is the individuals themselves that make this successful. The minute we as humans start taking better care of each other, the more success stories, the more positive thoughts, encouragement, direction and support will ignite strength, power and love to be our best selves for this world. Trauma starts as a child and by recognizing that we can change the trajectory of a child’s life into adulthood will make not only the brand successful but “US “ successful as well. Read more>>

Gambinoatl | Event Curator & Artist/Brand Developer

The most important factor was doing good business no matter what. Customer service. Small things like if somebody on my team messed up i would return somebody money and still do the job for them and let it be known I’ll be taking over to do it to make them feel as if their dollar and time matters, Built my brand off helping indies get some kind of exposure to grow their brand on stage or even if that’s putting them in the same room as somebody else that can change their life. Read more>>

Dr. Jeff Rocker | Celebrity Therapist

To be honest, just being myself and my commitment towards achieving greatness has always separated me from everyone else. But, the real secret sauce in terms of success came with discovering how to teach others to embrace and believe in themselves too. This is a skill set I’ll never get tired of expanding, and one that feels just as valuable on any day—whether I’m stepping into the shoes of “The Celebrity Therapist” with a high-profile client, or watching a group of kids powerfully expressing themselves during one of our Hip Hop Therapy sessions, usually with my jaw on the floor! Read more>>

Crystal Smith | Photographer

Knowing your lane, knowing that you may have multiple lanes and not trying to fit into other people’s lanes. Read more>>

Andre Brown | Filmmaker and Music Producer

I want to be successful in being able to make others successful. I want to make ways to help others that have a dream. I want to show people that anything is possible and that being successful doesn’t have to mean that you are rich. Being successful is about appreciating everything about yourself knowing that you are living your life by doing what you love to do. I’m a filmmaker and music producer, I’m looking to be able to create a strong team of individuals that have create minds such as myself. Read more>>

Carmea Lawrence | Photographer

The most important factor behind my success would, of course be giving an honor to God. Next it would be the love and support of everyone around me. I never realized how creative I could be until I was a teenager and even then I didn’t believe in myself but other people still did. It wasn’t until I started growing closer with my partner who is an amazing creative herself. She always asked me what was my passion but I could never give her an answer. I’ve always known my purpose would be service related because I loved to help people, but nobody really knew that I had a secret love for videography and photography. Read more>>

Alvin Dayrit | Chef

To never compromise quality and have discipline and consistency. Read more>>