The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Rebecca Lynne | Beauty expert and professional

When I look back to the start of my career I really had no clue how to balance priorities. I said yes to everything and often felt frazzled and overwhelmed. As I matured I learned that it’s ok to say no. Ok to ask for help. Ok to delegate. Once I understood boundaries were healthy it empowered me to help others do the same. Read more>>

Kela 4real | The Southern Belle

For me, work life balance is a constant struggle. I have a music artist career, a corporate banking career, a church musician career, and a drum, piano, and voice lesson teaching position. That is a lot to juggle while trying to build a solid team, stay fit, spend time with family and friends, and chill. Read more>>

Trudy Zulu | International Business woman, Executive producer & personality

My balance has changed over time simply because my perception on balance has evolved. I don’t believe in balance but in prioritizing. What is important to us changes with each passing season. I believe it’s important to identify what is important in each season, prioritize it by being present and fully invested. That has removed a lot of pressure from me trying to do too many things unnecessarily. Instead focusing only on what’s important Read more>>

Rizwan Peera | Community Leader & Marketing Professional

Being raised by immigrant parents, we’re taught from a young age that your main role in life is to work as hard as possible so that you can provide for your family. Self-sacrifice at the hands of a career is seen as increasingly admirable and celebrated. Read more>>

Tabitha Caver | Wife,Mom, Author, Real Estate Broker Associate & Investor

When I first started my entrepreneurial journey I thought I had it all figured out, especially as a mom and wife. I was confident that the “work life balance” I had on paper was just the right fit. Read more>>

Hannah Patten | CEO/Founder of Hulya Swim and the Chief Stewardess aboard Purely Blu Charters

I used to be all about the girl boss life, I would work from 5AM to 10 PM without blinking an eye. Now, I have realized that a lot of what I do doesn’t really even need to be done. I enjoy life a lot more, I take in the little moments but I have also figured out how to handle the work load. Read more>>

Amanda Marks | Psychotherapist | Yoga Teacher | Clinical Supervisor

My work life balance has definitely shifted over time and continues to evolve. It’s something that I need to continue to reevaluate and address in my life. When I was younger, I focused solely on work and worked multiple jobs. Read more>>

Brittany Butler | Custom Clothing Designer / Mortician Loading

My balance has changed so much overtime. I have learned how to manage my time in so many ways. I’m a full-time mother that works third shift as a CNA & I’m currently in my last year of school for mortuary science. Read more>>

Iniki Franklin | Project Administrator & Planner

I love answering this question because my work-life-balance perspective has changed tremendously over time. I used to be very performance driven to the point of over-working. I found myself to be completely worn by the end of each day from pouring so much no matter the cost. Read more>>

Burdeezy | Comedian

I feel it’s important to make the right choices that will support the growth of your career and your calling. Building a foundation first is the key to balance. During Covid like many of us I got the opportunity to work from home. Read more>>