The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Tan Henry | Realtor

Balance has always been such a important factor in my life. Especially with work, family, love and every day living! Becoming a full time realtor really put balance in a great perspective for me. Working for yourself gives you freedom but can also be overwhelming. You have to find balance in all things! Balance is about triaging things based on necessity and importance. Giving time and energy to those things that are required not over doing things. Striking a perfect balance requires one to be mindful of giving those I love attention and space to be the best versions of themselves and giving myself the time and space to be the best version of myself. Read more>>

Tanisha Barnett | CEO

Work life balance has changed tremendously for me. When I first started NHT Skin & Hair Care Co., I was stretched thin between being a wife, a mother of two and working a demanding full time job. In the beginning stages of starting a business, it requires the most time, effort and dedication to really build a solid platform. At one point, I was always working and never had any time for family or friends. I barely had time for myself and that took a toll on me physically, mentally and spiritually. I knew then, I needed to make some changes and started structuring my work days, utilized my calendars and planned better to ensure I was present for my family and myself. Work life balance is a part of self care. It is one of the most important keys to surviving the long haul and it prevents burnout. It gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself, build a successful business, and time to create memories with your family. Read more>>

Samuel D. Scott | Private Chef & Caterer

Having work life balance has been crucial especially once having started my own business. The work does not get done if you don’t put in the time so I’ve found it very important to carve out time in my days to focus on business as well sending out emails and invoices, making website updates, etc…. It’s also important to remember we are only human at the end of the day it’s also crucial to include time for fun, rest, and relaxation just as much as for work. Read more>>

Celine Johnson | Film Student, Videographer, and Graphic Designer

I am Celine Johnson, a 22-year-old full-time college student, studying Multimedia Film and Production. At the beginning of my college career, it was not challenging to find balance between my school, personal, and professional life. Over time the balance in my life changed, requiring me to give more attention to my professional life. As a college freshman, I worked alongside the media crew for my college football team creating football highlight videos. Soon after, I became a YouTube content creator (Celine Johnson TV) and spent most of my free time shooting and editing content. Read more>>

Terrence Stephens | Expert Real Estate Consultant & Public Speaker

In 2019, I was at the height of my business career thus far and I had a life threatening accident. This tragic event took me out of commission for the entire 4th quarter. From the moment I know that would be the case, I paid the remainder of my bills and overhead business cost in advance. At the end of the year, I realized how happy I was to take time to myself to recover, heal, rest, and be present. This is what started my “take 1 full quarter off per year” life rule. In this time, I travel, meditate, don’t feel bad for being lazy, spend time with friends/family, etc. It is truly just the beginning to my work/life balance. I want to go from 1 quarter to 2 quarter, 3 quarters to 4! Read more>>

Lindsey Veil | Artist, Designer, Creative

Balancing life and business can be a challenge! I can afford to lose my business, but I definitely cannot afford to lose myself or my family. So we must always keep things in perspective. My motto is that people are always more important! It is a saying I try to live by every day. Now, imagine a giant pendulum swinging left and right. It never stops moving, but I can somewhat control how far it goes to the left and right. On the left is my family, our home, and my personal self. On the right is my professional self and my business. Now let’s imagine that pendulum swings hard to the right, damaging my professional self and my business. Read more>>

Erin Yabroudy | Realtor

I have learned to ebb and flow with the market – when it is very active, there is less time for balance (although I am always vigilant about family time, exercise, and sleep!). When the market is slower – in summer and to some degree over the Christmas holidays – I used to fret and be anxious – I now trust in the amazing relationships I have built over time and know the business will come – I now use that “down time” to invest further in my team, my family and myself. I am a firm believer that I am no good to my clients, my team and my family if I don’t take care of myself! Read more>>

Ariassa “Rees” Wilson | Confidence Coach & CEO

I absolutely love this question because it is actually at the heart of why I do what I do. Into my late 20’s I did not believe in balance. Nor did I believe that work life balance should be a thing. I did not believe in balance because I did not have any. It was all grind, with some play, but no true rest or relaxation. I did not believe that work life balance existed because it was as if work is not part of your overall life. Balance was not something I saw modeled in any area of life, and it is still a “new” thing. Because I am extremely committed to my purpose and do not want to burn out, I knew I needed to make changes if I was going to endure the journey. That meant assessing how I equip myself with strength spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Read more>>