Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

LaShonda Jones | Airbnb host/entrepreneur

For me success is doing something that makes me happy. If I get joy from it, and in the case of my Airbnb business, money too-that is success. Success is not competing, or comparing. Its being content with what brings me joy and doing that to the best of my ability. Read more>>

Stephanie Liu & Monica Villavicencio | Co-founders of Xerophile Studios

Success for us is being able to grow creatively and professionally on a regular basis. This means getting better at the craft of filmmaking and creating work that is meaningful and impactful and ultimately broadens the circle for whose stories get to be told. In year 3 of our business, we’ve found that success also means creating the time and space to work on personal projects that bring us joy. This isn’t always easy. Read more>>

Quanteus Johnson | Tortoise And The Hare

Success to me used to mean opulence, and status. I’ve since learned that success isn’t necessarily about the amount of money someone has. It’s if they’re happy with their life, and doing what they love for a living. I often battled with if I saw myself as successful, based off unrealistic standards. Whether that’s friends or colleagues succeeding in life, and if I was on their level or not. We are all running our own race in life, some people become successful early on. While other’s may take a little bit more time. But the key is to never give up no matter how slow or bleak the outcome may look. Read more>>

Q. Shamone | Master Barber Stylist & Hair Replacement Specialist

Success equals sacrifice! If you’re not willing give up something to get to the next level you want reach it. Whether it be time with family, friends, love, or fun. If you hold fast I promise it’ll be worth it once you reach what you deem is your level of success and you’ll have plenty of time for that stuff later. Read more>>

Cordarius ReddGotKicks2 | Sneaker Head

I define success as making others happy especially my family. Being able to make someone else smile is a huge accomplishment even if it`s the simplest thing. Read more>>

Amber Jones | Marketing Specialist

Success is when you go after your dreams and follow your passions. It’s so many levels to success! Read more>>