Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Myesha Stinson | Baker and Chef

My most important factor is first having FAITH. My personal relationship with God is very important to me and trusting and believing that everything I put my mind to when it comes to my business will come to pass. Secondly my strong support system which is my family and friends. They’re support has pushed me to my full potential. Lastly it would have to be the support from my Instagram followers, they’re like my online bestie lol that support me wholeheartedly. Read more>>

Treasure Thompson | “The Yoniologist” Educator & Practitioner of Everything Yoni

The most important factor behind my success is the knowledge. Promoting the holistic approach to feminine wellness & providing the tools to make it a lifestyle.. The real women who are given hope to conceive. The women who have endometriosis, PCOS or even BV that receive my message and find healing in my organic products. Read more>>

Brent Crowe | Recording Studio

One of the biggest things that works really well for me in my relationships with my artists is detailed communication. In the music industry there’s never a specific “right” way to produce a song. I always say you could take the same song to five different producers and get five completely different versions of the song. Each producer would believe that their version is the best, and each producer would have done what was “right” in their mind. The artist could have a completely different vision than any of these five, and without detailed communication chances are the producer is going to deliver something very different than what the artist is looking for. Getting the producer and the artist on the same page about the direction we’re taking a song is key in the success of the song and delivering a product that the artist is happy with. Read more>>

Jeralyn Victoria Mohr | Artist

It’s probably grit, this fiercely dedicated driving curiosity and belief that my work, my voice, my practice is connected on a deeply human scale! Something a lot of people don’t know about professional artists is the amount of research, technique, education, training and theory that is behind the discipline. It’s the artist’s job to challenge traditions and systems. I think that deep curiosity for what’s inside started as a child, I spent most of my time being curious in the natural world; peeling apart bark I’d find washed up near the Red River, braiding grasses as if they were my own hair (nature as our greater body) and opening up seed pods to look from the inside instead of the outside, just playfully examining the physics of how things work! That time and space that starts with boredom or loneliness can turn into curiosity and resilience. Read more>>

Rebecca Clendaniel | Actor & Production Assistant

This is such a beautiful question because everyone’s idea of success is different. So I think an important factor behind my success is being able to define – and redefine – what “success” means to me. Constantly making goals, aiming for new accomplishments, and putting in the work is what creates success. When I was younger my idea of being a successful actor was that I could pay my bills, buy any takeout food I wanted, and take care of my dog. Based on that definition, I am a successful actor. Last year I earned more money working in the film industry than I did working my side jobs; that created a new level of success. This year my name will be credited on major tv shows and movies that I worked on even though no one will see my face on screen. Those credits are a new level of success. Read more>>

Josh Dixon | Artist

The people you keep around you & the risks you take. It’s important you have solid people in your corner, not yes men but people that keep you in line and have your best interest at heart. Read more>>

Faye Sykes | Wealth Manager and Social Security Retirement Expert

Being from the Midwest I was always told growing up to under promise and over deliver and I truly believe that when you stick to your word and do what you say that people see this, trust you and then refer themselves their family and friends to you. Since I was a child my family has also always looked at ways to give back to the community. When I moved to Atlanta and started my career in financial services I joined several non-profit boards and gave back to my community through volunteering. I find that when you are a giver with no expectation for anything in return people see this. Lastly hard work is important, doing the activities necessary for success is always important. Read more>>

Kenajawa Lashawn | Influencer & The Publishing Plug

The answer to this is simple… God! Without God I would not be the woman I am today. I do not want this answer to sound religionly ( I’m sure I made that word up lol). In 2018, I sat pool-side with 2 bottles of advil extra strength coursing through my body, ready to jump into a pool and drown. There I had to admit, I am nothing without God. I had hit what we all would call “rock bottom”. From that moment the vision was birthed, I didn’t see it at that time, but from that moment God had planted the seed of my business and brand, and from that moment forward it began to blossom. Read more>>

Joel Rice | Professional Tattooer

If I were to tell someone starting out in my industry what was most important, it’d be this: Never be satisfied. Never be completely happy with what you’re doing or where you are in any of the aspect of your craft- your technical skill level, your manner with your clientele, your design, your composition, line work, balance, dynamism, color theory- you can always learn more, you can always do better. There’s always another level to be reached. As a tattooer, I have definitely come to measure my success in two different ways. Both my growth as an artist and earning a more comfortable living are the greatest driving forces in my career. Tattooing is an industry where one almost invariably follows the other, meaning the better you get, the more money you make. Read more>>

Ryan Burton | Marketing Agency

We love our clients. And when I say the word “love” we understand what that word means. Our clients put shoes on our kids feet and allow us the chance to fulfill our purpose each and every day. How can you not love people that allow you to do that? I’d say this is a major differentiator, as everything we do flows from this care and concern. We will do anything for our clients 24/7 – 365. I have found by being 100% there for our customers, there is a respect that flows and makes it very rare that we get 3am frantic phone calls. Our clients problems are leads. New clients. We are a marketing firm and we never lose sight of our mission and purpose. Read more>>

Diana Khatib | Serial Entrepreneur & Business Mindest Coach

I have owned several businesses in the past and I kept Wake Up & Rainbow a secret for 7 years before i ever launched it and shared it with the world. I knew in my heart that this concept was bigger than I was and I waited until I prepared to live into it the best way i know how. There are multiple layers to the the Rainbow in this entity. I have a podcast that I use as portal to introduce individuals from all ages and walks of life that are simply expressing themselves and pursuing an interest that is fulfilling for their lifestyle. I have a business development and consulting firm and I realized a problem, it was not the business plan, it was the individuals mindest so I combine mindset and business coaching which is a formula for success. Read more>>