There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Samantha Bertucci | Professional Make-Up Artist

I think risk taking is an essential part of being in this industry, every move I have ever made always has risks to it. In my personal life I have packed up all my belongings twice to follow my dream. In my business life I have always taken risks to better motivate myself and to push not only myself but my art to the next level. I think in life you need risk to make it more appealing and more adventurous. Read more>>

Jaja Banks | Innovator

If the desired reward is greater than the potential consequence, I’m taking the risk. Read more>>

Arie Najèa | 20 Year Old Real Estate Investor & Professional Dancer

Risk has played such a huge role in my life. It has taught me many, many lessons with some being a bit harder than others. Taking risks, takes alot of faith in yourself and God’s plan but in the end it’s always worked out. I believe that when I take risks, I’m ultimately sending signs to the universe that I’m ready for more. Becuase I have taken many risks, I have been able to unlock so many versions of myself, each one being better than the initial one. Read more>>

Rantrice Lowe | Traveling Makeup Artist

I look at risk as overcoming a fear. We often analyze the pros and cons and even sometimes talking ourselves out of it simply because of fear. Taking risk involving my business has actually helped me. I know it sounds crazy but when I put my fear to The side and just do it. The outcome is always the opposite of what you thought. I quit my job of five years to become a makeup artist full time. Man I had so much doubt and not only the doubt in myself but from others as well. Well I took the risk to leave my full time government job to do what I enjoy to do. Let’s just say I have clients non stop since. Very blessed and thankful for taking that big leap. Read more>>

Chris Hill II | Certified fitness trainer/ nutritionist

I believe with great risk comes great reward. I’ve always been one to take risks because I never wanted to wonder “what if?”. Taking risks has played a huge role in my career as a personal trainer. I recently took a risk right after obtaining my masters from Georgia Southern University. After two years of personal training in Statesboro , Ga. I decided to move to Atlanta , Ga to be a full time personal trainer, which would mean starting completely over from scratch. However I was willing to take the risk of starting over in a new city in order to reach my goals. Read more>>

LaDona Taylor | Beauty, Fitness, & Travel Brand Influencer

Risk taking has taken a major role in my life. As a child I have always enjoyed being in front of the camera, as I do today. Believe it or not I am still a little shy. Taking risks, has open many doors for me. So, taking a risk to me is taking a chance, putting yourself out there not really knowing what the outcome will be. In taking risk one most have faith. Faith that something great is on the other side. Risk develops you and prepares you for the journey ahead. Many would see risk as something bad, but I decide to see the positive side of it,” Whatever is on the other side God will grace me to walk through.” Risk just screams OPPROTUNITY to me. Read more>>

Stephanie Berry | Clothing Designer & Community Educator

Risk begets growth. The best way to discover your full potential is to push beyond the boundaries, boundaries you’ve set for yourself as well as those set by your genetic heritage or your environment. When I reflect on my growth both in my personal life and career, each level has involved taking risks into areas that seemed uncomfortable at the time. Equipped with an engineering background and artistic view of the world, I have been able to oftentimes spot a problem or area of need around me and apply my own “spicy” approach. In retrospect, all of the “risky discussions” were necessary to carving out my own way. Read more>>

All or N0thing Bullies | Dog Breeder/Producer

We feel like taking risk has played a beneficial part in our entrepreneur life. From us leaving actual 9-5 jobs and committing to side hustles and long -term investments, to us relocating to Atlanta GA from our hometown of Albany, NY. Risk taking shows you what you are truly capable of doing, if you really focus and put in the work. Read more>>

Monnique Sykes | Certified Body Contouring Specialist, Teeth Whitening & & Lash Artist

When it comes to risk, I don’t really think about it. I just operate in faith and not overthink things. The biggest risk that i took in my life was moving out of the country after the passing of my mom. Losing my mom in 2015 and leaving an abusive psychotic ex husband, I decided I needed to start over. So I moved to Panama the country lol, not Panama, Fl in 2016. I was there six months, but I came back to the states and I had a friend that lived here in Atlanta. So I moved in with her in 2017. I never planned to come to Atlanta; but it was the best decision I could have ever made. Atlanta has this energy where everyone is on the come up. Everyone is doing great things and not being stagnant to the rat race of a 9 to 5, but they are bosses with the success to go with it. Read more>>

Kammy Dodson | Real Estate Advisor/REALTOR®

It’s like they say “no risks, no rewards”. I firmly believe that if I didn’t take the risks I have in life that I wouldn’t b e where I am today. It’s kind of like stepping out on faith. I’m a planner and I don’t do things without thinking it through but I am willing to forgo something in order to reach my end goal. I initially loved being in the medical field and thought that was my passion until it wasn’t anymore and I felt complacent. Read more>>

Kaira Turner | Self Taught Florist

I think about Risks as a once in a life time opportunity to go hard or go home. I would say since I was a little girl I’ve always been curious about the world, theories, and new ideas. Too curious to the point where I would get in trouble for exploring new avenues without thinking before doing. I think that this has enabled me to push myself further in my business and to think outside of the box when it comes to ideas. Being spontaneous with your thought process allows you to strategically implement your ideas and set goals. Without Risks, you will always remain comfortable or stagnant. Comfortability does not breed success. Read more>>

Kennedi Cox | Content Creator

I quit my well-paying, very comfortable job to be completely self-employed, relocated to a state I never lived in before, and got my first place that I wasn’t able to see until move-in day, all because I believe betting on myself is worth the risk. Risk-taking is what separates those who dream about the life they want, and those who actually live the life they want. In my opinion, calculated risks are the only way grow. Read more>>

Nickia Lowery | Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur

I do not really think anything that I have done is a risk because I do everything with faith. The faith in God and how he has ALWAYS kept me and provided me with what I needed and faith in myself. I will say that there are many times when I decided to do something with some fear because the unknown is scary and uncomfortable. I have taken the leap to start things with no idea what the outcome would be or how I would fund the ideas I come up with. Maintaining a “go getter” attitude is what has been the catalyst to propell me forward. Read more>>

Koko Harris | Creative Artist & Master Bartender and Mixologist

Scared money don’t make money and you have to spend money to make money is one of my favorite statements to anybody that considers themselves an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur and ultimately getting to any goal in life. Risks taking is a must in order to work towards success. You will never know if your business or potential business will succeed or fail if you never take risks. Read more>>

Tai Cochran | Project Management Professional & Educational Consultant

As a black woman living in America, I was taught by my elders early (especially by my grandmother, mother, and uncles) in life to play it safe. It was safer to be smart, go to college, major in computer science, get a great paying job, and raise my family. I swear, I rolled no dice for as long as I could. Twenty years, in fact, I held the dice. In July of 2019, I couldn’t do it anymore. I blew on the dice and let them roll. Read more>>

Labrina | Singer & Song Writer

Honestly… my thought process about risk is “It’s Inevitable It Has To Be Done”. As an artist to be able to display your art in front of so many people is already a huge risk enough. I mean ….The risk of not being understood, The risk of exposing your truths and beliefs to a world they may not get you. With risk I believe I am taking a chance on me. I feel like everyday within my career and my life I’m taking a risk because of my belief’s in myself. Read more>>

Desiree Jones | Creative Techie, Content Strategist & Video Producer

Being a risk taker is very scary, and I don’t recommend it to anyone who is looking to play it safe with their life or their business. I’ve had opportunities given to me and taken away because of the risks I’ve taken throughout the course of my life and my business. To be honest, it’s my faith, and the purpose I have in my business, Promo-Jones that has pushed me to double down when literally everyone is calling me crazy. One thing I know for sure, is that when I take a chance on me and my business, most times it works out in the favor of the business but the repercussions of the risk effect my personal life differently. Read more>>