We asked some of the best parents we know to tell us about the most important thing they’ve done as parents and have shared their wisdom below.

Dr. Shelia Payton | Chiropractic Physician, Functional Medicine Practitioner

I am indeed a parent. For the last 18 years I have centered my professional and personal life around trying to maintain safety security and love where my daughter is concerned. When I returned with my family from the UK in 2004, I assumed that I would be home for a couple of years then I would join a practice and have more babies and a wonderful career. However life had a different plan, I divorced after a few years of being back in the US and as a result, decided to open my own practice. You see, I come from a family of entrepreneurs so that was my first instinct. Thirteen years later, although I did not choose this path for myself, I can say it was the best path for me and for my daughter. The way I established the practice was directly related to wanting to be emotionally and physically available for her. Being near both professionally and personally available for her at any time was of the upmost importance. Read more>>

Donna Hawkins | Performing Artist

I am a mother of two and grandmother of two. My grandchildren call me Mimah. I just couldn’t reconcile them calling me “grandma”, “G-ma” and definitely not “Nanny”! I’m just too swag for that! I was very young when I got married and had my children. I had no clue about life or about who I was and I made some of the mistakes that a young, naive mother would make. The biggest, I feel, was not really seeing who my children were in their own uniqueness. I couldn’t. I was in the dark about myself. I began to look for answers about life, and my life in particular, after I had a heart attack at 33 years of age. I began to value being a parent; having my children and wanting to give them my best. It took another 10 years before I met Day Adeogba, through my dearest friend, Chanda. I thought I was “going to a gym to get healthy, physically”. What actually happened was I got my entire life out of it through this Health and Fitness Game called the YourDay Balance Game (YDBG). Read more>>

Jamila Glover | Mom + Entrepreneur = Mompreneur

I think the most important thing that I’ve done as a parent is to show my children that “With God All Things Are Possible” Mathew 19:26. Becoming a mom at the age of 16 and then later on in life becoming a single mother of two boys was a huge challenge in itself. However my boys never saw me give up or give in. They watched me as I put my faith in God and worked hard towards pursuing all of my life goals and dreams. They have witnessed first hand that a teenage mother, from the westside of Atlanta is capable of owning and operating a successful black owned business all while raising two amazing, intelligent, responsible young men! I have created a solid foundation that will have an impact on their lives forever and will be passed down to future generations as well!. Read more>>

Adrian MsConfident | Personal Coach & Entrepreneur

I believe that the most absolute thing that I have shown my kings, that impacted them and that is impacting them, is that your hard work will pay off. Keep planting seeds in good grounds, because they are blooming. Many many days we are constantly putting in the work, some days more joyful than others, but consistency is key. They have experienced 10+ years of consistency and hard work. They have experienced the start and the elevations. They understand hard work and consistency is and will pay off. Read more>>

Tazia Allen | Creative Mixtress of HoneyChile HairLove

Showing them how to think outside the box when trying to provide for themselves during troubled times. To always have a plan B and to keep an optimistic view. Read more>>

Kathryn McClinton | Literacy Coach, Beta Club Sponsor & Writing Consultant

My focus with my girls is to always show them how to be authentic, humble and serving. We are continuously blessed and therefore we can serve and give back to others. My story has layers, and therefore I promise myself I’ll never judge and always open up my heart and whatever resources I can find to make sure my community has what it needs. Read more>>

Sarah Esmahan Hamady | Fashion Designer

Our son has been surrounded with people from different backgrounds some of whom have lived with us and become family members. This has been beneficial as he does not regard our home and everything in it as being ours and only ours. It has opened his heart and now he feels very comfortable with people from all sorts of origins. Also, as a person who has grown up with plenty of privilege, he does not feel better than people who have less money or education, etc. He has intimately experienced the value of peop[e independent of these incidentals. Read more>>

Jarielle Jones | Owner and Operator of Happy Heart Catering Co

I am a parent of 2 little ones (4&5) I think the most impactful thing I’ve taught them thus far is the presence. Like it’s so important to spend time together. I am working on a mini cooking show with them because that’s something we all enjoy. We get to laugh and sing and cook good meals together and It’s something we look forward to. Time and presence are a lost cause. We have to value every moment because one day we’re going to look up and they won’t be so little anymore. Read more>>

Megan Macpherson – Jones | Transformation Doula & Founder of Yes God Wellness

I think that healing myself has had the most profound impact on my children. I had my first two children when I was very young and had not yet had the experience of healing my childhood trauma and it showed up in the way I parented. I have since had more children and am a totally different parent because I took the time to truly be mindful and observe myself and the things that needed to be healed, improved and transformed. I am now able to teach my children emotional intelligence because I now possess it. I am not able to teach my children healthy boundaries because I now have them and can recognize the importance of respecting the boundaries of others. I am now able to teach my children mindfulness techniques such as pausing before responding and taking deep breaths to process my own feelings. Read more>>