Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Brittney Davis | Founder of Ladies Who Hike

My hiking group allows me to bring women together and develop friendships while enjoying nature. I believe my organization helps the community by creating a space where women can spread positivity and enjoying nature. It allows us to step away from our busy work and home lives and escape into the mountains for relaxation. Read more>>

Matevia Roberts | Owner & Wellness Adovcate

The need to rebuild a bridge back to a healthy balance manifests differently for each of us. For some, it’s a listening ear or mindfulness. For others, it may be more exercise or physically caring for the skin they’re in. Who can we trust to provide self-care for us outside of our home is limited. The pandemic is the obvious reason for this social shift, but it isn’t an excuse to not have a healthy balance. I know it’s easier said than done, but I too have been identifying what is, practicing ME time, wellness, and trying to maintain a healthy skin regimen. I really feel that now is the perfect time to focus on positive growth and to safely introduce a healthy balance to my community. What better way to accomplish this than with the new look of my brand! We’re bringing you all of the vibrant feelings, skin-timate connections, and honest heartfelt experiences you need to rebuild the relationship with yourself and others. Read more>>

Annmarie Andaluz | CEO & Holistic Advisor

PHreshBox goes beyond the community. It is a brand that is needed across the world. Let’s rewind to 3 years ago. I started PHreshBox just trying to make a product that catered to my needs. I am a young black woman of 3 beautiful children. After, I had my third child my pH levels were constantly off balance. Several doctor visits later, I was still left with the same issue and told the same thing. I began to make my own product, not to fix the issue of an imbalanced pH. However, I begun to make a product that prevents an imbalance of pH. We know prevention is better than cure, right? Little did I know I was on the path of unique greatness. I was making a product that is yet to be introduced to all women & now men across the world. PHreshBox is the world’s first 100% organic non lathering genital cleanser that is multifaceted. Read more>>

Laure Glorieux | Personal Brand and Family Photographer

My business serves two kinds of people: families and small business owners. For families, I want to lift their spirits and give them a joyful experience. They want beautiful pictures of their dear ones, but being in front of a camera can be stressful and the preparation a bit overwhelming. My goal is to guide and help them all the way to capture beautiful memories they will keep for life. I also help small business owners stand out. Nowadays, whatever or whoever you are looking for, you get your smart phone out and search on Social Media (Instagram, LinkedIn…) and most people look for someone they can connect with. After taking the time to deeply understand my clients’ business and uniqueness, I help small business owners promote their brand, products/services and personality through my pictures. Read more>>

Cara Yar Khan | Entrepreneurial Humanitarian & Disability Advocate

There is no diversity without disability. Everything the business touches contributes to promoting equity, inclusion and justice for people with disabilities. Whether it’s delivering a keynote address for a Fortune 50 company, writing a memoir, social media advocacy, producing a documentary film or advising a United Nations humanitarian agency, the work includes courageous conversations that evoke disability pride and dismantle the stereotypes and biases perpetuated by ableism. Creating an undeniably powerful force that is the combined awareness and action of advocates, activists and allies we aim to see equal representation and participation of the largest minority in the world. Read more>>

Rev. Jennifer L. Sacks | Senior Minister

The business of Unity Atlanta Church, and my business as its Senior Minister, is helping others connect to the Spirit of God, with them, within them, and all around them, however they understand God. We teach that Jesus and other spiritual masters are great examples of how to engage in the world, both when our lives are joyful and successful, but also when we face challenges or difficulties. Our Mission is to empower people to realize their indwelling divinity and to lead fulfilling lives. So, to achieve this mission, we provide a lot of practical, spiritual teachings that anyone can use throughout the week, rather than merely for an hour in a weekly worship service. We offer people in-person and virtual opportunities to nurture themselves, so they can grow their businesses, raise their children, support their families, achieve their purpose, and serve their communities. Read more>>

Lauren Porchia | Healer-Investor & Hula Empress

Souldivine Wellness & Creations impacts the community by helping people to reclaim their inner child, sexuality, and freedom. Our brand highly believes that wealth is to be experience in every aspect of ones’ life: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. We help people to heal through simple and innovative holistic wellness therapies to include yoga, reiki, vibrational sound therapy, vaginal steaming, and detox therapy. Our most popular and recognized service is Hula Healing Fitness is our fun and effective way to mind body spirit detox with the hula hoop. We look forward to helping the community relax.connect.elevate via group and virtual wellness sessions. Read more>>

Brentia Caldwell, Ed.S., LPC, NCC, ACS | Counselor, Counselor Supervisor and Owner & Director of The Up Center, LLC

My business helps the community by providing quality, affordable counseling services via Telehealth and in-person for the metro Atlanta area. It promotes the mental and emotional well-being of a population that is increasing in interest and need for mental health services and support. Read more>>

Matthew Alexander | Photographer

When I started converting this hobby into a business, I wanted to make sure that I don’t do it strictly for money. Since this is a “side gig”, I wanted to make sure that I made time to help those in need. I don’t do much, and I certainly try to do more, but right now, I donate to a charity that plants trees to help restabilize the environment in places affected by heavy logging and deforestation. I started offering discounts for families with low income, people living with disabilities, vegans, families with adopted children, and single parents. I think that a lot of people end up not hiring photographers because it’s considered a luxury good, so I made sure to price in according to what can be affordable. To help keep prices low, I often buy used goods and rely on trades/favors to get gear. A lot of my gear is repurposed from thrift stores or bought on eBay. I think the most helpful thing I can do with my business goals is be accessible to people. Read more>>

Diamond Sands | Brand Architect & Strategist

My business helps the world by being the bridge between consumers and the brands that want to impact and connect with. For me, my work is driven by impact. I’m a creative; brand architect and strategist by trade. I partner with emerging, disruptive businesses that are preparing to go the next level by creating dynamic, impactful branding, campaigns and content Gotta get that message out there. Read more>>

Garrett Brown | On-Air Host

My business helps the community by showing others that letting their voice be heard is great way of expressing themselves about any topic or social issue they’re eager to discuss. Ever since I got into radio and being behind the mic, I feel so free. Being able to speak what’s your on mind and knowing that people are listening is a big deal and that’s the kind of environment I enjoy being in. Read more>>

Mandisa Styles | Managing Attorney & Founder of The Styles Firm

I use my business to educate business owners on the legal side of business and how to holistically approach entrepreneurship. I believe entrepreneurship is a means to creating generational wealth so my goal is to promote the tools and techniques necessary to produce businesses with longevity! I am a product of Jamaican parentage, so I also partner with local organizations to provide educational support and resources for high school students in Jamaica. I also partner with other local attorneys to host an annual Community Law Day, which gives underserved communities access to practicing attorneys so that we can provide free legal advice to those who may not be able to afford it. Read more>>

Lucas Bitter | Pastor at Intown Lutheran Church

Intown Lutheran Church exists, first and foremost, to serve people’s spiritual needs with deep, clear teaching from the Bible. Our experience shows that many people in Intown Atlanta have some sort of religious background, but it has often been muddled by negative experiences with churches or individual Christians. This leaves people feeling “dechurched but unsettled” – they have never really nailed down what they believe or whether they want to be religious at all. We offer Bible Basics Classes which offer a free, no-strings attached dive into the teachings of the Bible. There is no expectation that people have to join our church or do anything at the end of the class – the goal is to simply give them a clear presentation of the Bible’s teachings. Once people see that the Bible is all about the grace of Jesus, they are often deeply comforted and inspired to show love and grave to others. Our church also seeks to demonstrate this love and grace through acts of community service, partnering with non-profits. Read more>>

Nubia Younge | Founder & CEO of Black In Tulum

Black In Tulum is the first and ONLY community for Black & brown travelers to come together and vibe where the jungle meets the sea. As a collective of creatives, we come together to provide resources, recommendations, exclusive events and memorable experiences for melanated travelers in Tulum! With a community of approximately 13k members, B.I.T has made a huge positive impact on the locals and local businesses by bringing in high numbers of travelers to the area amidst the pandemic, when local businesses were closed and had no patrons. Our members educate one another by sharing local news, historical facts about Tulum and members share their experiences and give recommendations for everything from restaurants, hotels, airbnbs, excursions, etc. All of the resources available in the group empower non-travelers to feel more comfortable and make a better informed decision to book their flights and accommodations to explore Tulum and the Quintana Roo area. The group provides necessary information, resources and a safe space for a successful trip!. Read more>>

Sterling Grey-Simmons | Certified Breastfeeding Specialist

As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist Specialist I play a vital role in educating and supporting families as it pertains to breastfeeding. The most recent CDC data show that 75% of white women have ever breastfed versus 58.9% of black women. The BIPOC community is greatly in need of breastfeeding education and support. It also helps them knowing they have someone who looks like you make you make you feel more comfortable. I also wrote an Educational Breastfeeding Coloring Book so that everyone could be represented and color the book in their own image. Read more>>

Jazmyne Butler | Real Estate Entrepreneur and Blogger

Homeownership is such a dream for so many people, and I get to be a small part of making someone’s dream come true. The start of my journey in real estate began when I was a teenager. My mother purchased her home and was not adequately represented, which led to a passion for me to provide access to homeownership with proper representation for everyone. I can relate to my clients – their story is my story, and I fight hard for them. Read more>>

DeJiana Reeves | Earring Artist

I like to believe that my accessories help women feel comfortable being who they truly are. A part of my style has always been quirky, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been told that I shouldn’t wear certain things or like certain things anymore. I create to let women know that you don’t have to keep yourself in the box that society says you should be in. Be yourself!. Read more>>