Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Dr. Jill Kahn | Founder of The BioCode System®

In order to lead your best life, you must first understand how to be your best self. Our proprietary tool, The BioCode System teaches individuals how to build enviable behaviors. This in-the-moment practices puts you in control as you learn how to use your challenging moments as opportunities to grow. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS You will learn how to strengthen your thoughts and behaviors in your everyday life. Problems and people don’t go away. As daily stress pushes against you, The BioCode System® teaches you how to use your demanding environment yo develop the muscle to TAKE THE DAY ON. THE RESULT You will become so empowered that you will be able to navigate difficult situations with stability, freedom and confidence… which is the strongest way to lead, live and give back to others. Read more>>

Keiran Neely | Event Producer & Musicologist

From an early age I have been passionate about music since I was I was inspired by the amazing sounds of a full orchestra. It simply blew me away to hear that kind of volume from all of the different instruments. Not only as a whole but to see and hear the performers in action individually. What also inspired me was the collective awe that was experienced by the audience. It was consuming and captivating. That was my initial exposure to the collective, communal power of music to bring people together. As a listener I already knew the therapeutic value of listening but when this is shared it is amplified. By creating a safe space for all walks of life to share this experience, The Music Room was providing a place for this healing, therapeutic experience to synergize the community. Not just bring people together but to also build a community of like minded individuals to share the same. Read more>>

Roshika West | Media Trainer & Entrepreneur

I initially launched my media production company 20-West Entertainment & Media to create media productions and services that would impact the community through creative messages. Although I accomplished that goal, I soon realized that every production and event was an opportunity to hire free-lancers and train interns about media production and careers. Thus, under 20-West Ent. I started Learn Media Today, my company’s training branch. I thought about how I gained 5 internships at high-level media companies and the challenges that I faced building in my media career when I started. I also thought about motivation, resume writing, personal branding and creating success in a media career. So, after I completed my Master of Arts degree in Communications, I launched my coaching platform Learn Media to host training events both in-person and online. Read more>>