Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Savannah Bailey | Interior Designer & CEO

Consign & Design Interiors is so unique in that it offers literally an option for everyone. The store is a true gem in that sense. We have hundreds of wonderful consignors so new items are entering the store every day. From repurposed pieces and refinished furniture to antiques and collectibles so many items are given “new life” and end up being treasured for an even longer amount of time. In addition to our consignors, the store is home to just under 60 independent retailers. These local vendors are rooted across our community and share our mission to drive local shopping and buying experiences for our customers. Read more>>

Hanh Nguyen | Business Owner, Super Mom, Evangelist & Prophetess

July Moon Bakery & Café is a new Asian bakery and café concept in Alpharetta, Georgia located at The Maxwell featuring bánh mì, bubble tea, coffee, and dessert. We are committed to providing our community with consistent and high-quality Asian food and beverage specialties made in small batches with local, fresh, seasonal, and natural ingredients. Many gluten-friendly and non-dairy options are available. Read more>>

Chase Peterson | Founder / Co-Owner

Gaming is an activity that nearly 70% of Americans enjoy regularly. Atlanta Premier will focus on providing access to marginalized and underrepresented communities by establishing “path to pro” programs at the middle and high school levels, closing the access gap by providing high-speed internet and gaming PCs, and strategic partnerships in Atlanta. Read more>>

Zoë ZOVALENCIA” Brown | Visual Artist – Photographer

Everything I do this for that little black girl that just wanted to be accepted in this world but came to learn that she just simply couldn’t fit into the expectations the world had put on her. As a black woman, you come into this world with burdens developed long before your existence. I’m coming to realize that it is better to live free of the world’s expectations of me and to instead do everything that guarantees happiness for me and every black woman I impact. Read more>>

Chanise Gibbs | CEO / Founder of BareSkin USA

BareSkin USA uses storytelling through skincare to connect the African Diaspora. Each product is infused with ingredients native to a particular land, which tells a story about our melanated people around the world. We impact our community by giving the diaspora a sense of identity. We all share a common connection through food, dialect, art, music and culture. Our skin tells the story of pain, power, and perseverance which enables us to “Reveal Our Naked Truth”. Read more>>