Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Dani Da Silva | Capoeira instructor & Director

Capoeira Maculele is a local Georgia non-profit organization whose mission is to use capoeira as a vehicle to teach, celebrate cultural diversity and support people in building vibrant communities though the preservation and teaching of Afro-Brazilian Culture. Our academy is located in Downtown Decatur and is a leader in promoting diversity, and inclusion though capoeira. We bring people together by consciously fostering a positive and inclusive environment where we welcome and respect diversity in thinking, heritages, traditions and experiences. Read more>>

Latryce Golliday | Founder Of Crowns Of Love

Crowns Of Love does it part to better the world by helping women. With health and wellness being at the forefront of societies attention, we can all sympathize with those who are battling any medical illness or mental illness. Crowns Of Love’s mission is dedicated to uplifting women that experience hair loss & self Identity issues due to medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Read more>>

Christina Benn | Master Educator

I am building a community of stylist Across the country and world. To serve a Particular client who is in need of professional services for nonsurgical hair replacement units. We are bringing wealth back to our community confidence and professionalism Read more>>

Kara O’Brien | Owner of Alpaca Treehouse in the Bamboo Forest

I’ve been a tree hugger, salvager my whole adult life. I hate waste. So the Alpaca Treehouse is built predominantly with actual architectural components that were slated for the landfill. Same story with llama and alpaca’s barn and even the chicken coops. Instead of contributing to the cutting of more trees, releasing more carbon, we saved old windows, stained glass, pallets, doors, porch columns, siding, beaded board, 1800s metal barn roofing, even the tree supports themselves. Read more>>

Valentina Ned’Jean | Business Owner/CEO & Artist

My Business Social Logistics LLC provides the community with a work/life balance schedule lifestyle to adapt to the comfort and independency of working from home. As a newer call center, there’ s tons of room for advancement within the company as the entry level associate is a Certified Partner Agent. Skill Worthy Certification within Product Knowledge and Customer Service accredites the Partner Agent to utilize their work ethics and experience onto their resume for better opportunities in the future. Read more>>

Cindy Flynn | Artist, Oil painter & Creative

Art. People like to have art on their walls in their home but does it make a social impact? I believe it does! Art, whether it be a painting or a sculpture or a fabric design, touches part of ourselves which sees beauty, interest, creativity and life. Art in any form can touch the soul. A work of art might connect to a person in a way the artist may never know. It could be a painting of a child walking to school. Perhaps a person viewing that painting is reminded of a simpler time when life was full of possibilities and choices and lunches carried in a brown paper bag. Read more>>

Christie and Kirstie Jackson and Johnson | Photographers

Our business provides opportunities for people to capture professional quality images ranging from modeling/fashion photography, family portraits, senior portraits, business/modeling headshots, newborns, events, weddings and photo booth set ups! Although these are all needed and in demand in our community our number 1 niche when it comes to Photography is BIRTHDAY SESSIONS! Read more>>

Ashton Bray | Author

My book “Where Did Mommy Go” can help inspire other children who lost their mom or dad not to give up and to use their words to express their feelings. It will help them to feel better about themselves. Read more>>