Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Eric & Christine Schwartz | Founder

We manufacture healthier options for dog treats that enhance the lives of your dogs. Our products have added nutritional ingredients that contribute to a healthier dog without adding any of the bad ingredients in typical products. We donate a portion of our sales every month to dog rescues. There are thousands of dogs that need forever homes and there are great rescues across the country that house them and help them get adopted. These rescues rely on donations to pay for food, medicine, vet visits, etc. Read more>>

Cherrón Gardner and Rennie Curran | Co-Partners, The Sports and Business Network

The Sports and Business Network was created to build community. We believe in the power of relationships and offer a space for athletes, entrepreneurs and business leaders to connect through collaboration and empowerment. Our vision for our community is big and there are exciting opportunities currently in the works that will have a major impact on how we connect with each other. Read more>>

Maria Andrea Mendez | Artist & creative

I like to think that we serve as a language to bring love and unity in our community through lots of sweetness and strawberries. When our clients give us the task of bringing some arrangement to their loved ones, we feel like messengers of love and good wishes. We get all our fresh strawberries from local markets , try to stay as much up to date with local charities! Today more than ever I think it is very important to treat people with kindness! Read more>>

Amairany Mendoza-Cruz | Realtor

My business helps the community building wealth through purchasing/selling real estate. We focus on Educating our future homeowners the importance of buying and the factors that come with the home buying process. Every client has a different scenario, everyone’s path is different. Many people are afraid or are misinformed based on myths about buying real estate. Purchasing real estate is a great way to build equity for the future. You get some protection with inflation because rents do increase with time, homeowners get tax benefits, just to name a few. I am fluent in Spanish and English which is an advantage to help my Latino-American community. Read more>>

Riley Lena | Model & Co. Owner of OffChainArt

Since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of modeling. Imagine… being on a runway, in a big fancy dress. It sparkles with every step you take, on that long straight runway. The lace at the end of the long fabric, draping the floor, swishing behind you as you take each step. Your heart is increasingly racing, and your palms are sweaty. Yet, you keep on your poker face, and walk with confidence and poise. You look out into the crowd to see your most valuable friends, and family in the front row as they scream your name with the biggest smiles on their face. This is always where you have dreamt of being. Read more>>

Tony Smith | Personal Trainer & Entrepreneur

My business gives people life; literally. Fitness is bigger than just exercising and attaining aesthetically nice physics. I have had the opportunity for 20 years to see people transform mentally as well as physically. The greatness of also seeing others live a healthier life, is truly an impact to community as well as family. Read more>>

Aubrey Cyphert | Market Manager

Morningside Farmers Market (MFM) creates a community space where neighbors catch-up over coffee and pastries, while their kids play on Morningside Presbyterian Church’s playground and guitar tunes drift in the dewy morning air. Community space is often lacking in our fast-paced modern world–we need to savor it, cultivate it, and grow it together until it blossoms and seeds more opportunities for community gathering. MFM is also a place to get your groceries directly from the hands of farmers who plant the seeds and harvest the vegetables in our home state of Georgia. Read more>>