Deciding to work for yourself is often cited as the best decision folks in our community have made. Hearing the same response over and over led us to ask them about the next best decision folks have made and we’ve shared their responses with you below.

LaQuinte Brinson | Coach Q

Other than making the decision to become an entrepreneur, the most important decision that I have made that has contributed to my success has been taking control of my narrative. Becoming an entrepreneur is a wonderful thing, but it’s all the decisions thereafter that really contribute to my overall success. Taking control of my narrative meant leaving what was familiar, not taking everyone’s advice, and betting on myself. Read more>>

Brittany Joseph | Entrepreneur & Model

Alongside of me running my business, another important decision I made that contribute to my success is modeling because It brings awareness to myself and my business. I get to connect with other people. It is always about who you know and because of the people I know, I come across a lot of opportunities. Read more>>

Christopher Montgomery | Photographer

It would definitely have to be making the decision to choose one thing and take it seriously. I think of the quote “Put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket.” We’re living in a world with so many distractions. It’s easy to lose ourselves in scrolling thru social media and binge watching tv shows. Those activities are not bad in moderation, but overconsumption can be disadvantageous because it doesn’t leave much time to work towards individual aspirations. Read more>>

Jeri Hinds | Actress, Model, Director & Creative

When I decided to take the leap to follow my dreams of being a creative, there were undeniable doubts from others that tainted my confidence in succeeding. If I didn’t have a good, solid plan to reach my goals, I was met with negativity and judgement, which naturally discouraged me to continue. Read more>>

Clemesa M Williams | MUA & Licensed Esthetician

The most important decision I made that contributed to my success, was when I changed my mindset and I started to believe that I was enough, I was deserving and destine to become successful. Read more>>