We had the good fortune of connecting with Latricia Gaston and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Latricia, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
My thought process behind starting my own business was to make sure my girls had a chance to experience entrepernship. I understand the importance of going to college, but I also know college isn’t for everyone. I want my girls to be able to expand their minds and understand that you can work for yourself and not always clock in to make someone else successful and the great thing about it, you will be doing something you enjoy and making money.

I myself have been vegan for 5 years and the struggle is real in my area. I miss home-cooked food and started looking up recipes and playing around in the kitchen. I can make a soul food meal with veggies and it is so satisfying, you will not miss meat, dairy, or eggs at all. My original plan was to open a restaurant but my business consultant suggested the bakery. A light went off in my head, who doesn’t like sweets? I wrote a business plan and started the footwork. This is how Tricia’s Office came to life.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Tricia’s Office is an online vegan bakery. What sets me apart from other bakeries is that I only serve vegan sweets that are delicious. Most of my cakes are bundt style and the minis are so cute. My presentation is what gets my customers because many people see the word vegan and run. Most people will tell me they have to buy because the presentation is beautiful and then once they taste, they will come back and tell me how they don’t believe it’s vegan and want to know how it’s vegan and taste so good. Starting the bakery was not easy and I have wasted a lot of money with trial and error. It is not a good feeling being on your feet, for 6 plus hours and staying up all night just to realize you forgot an ingredient or your cake stuck to the pan. The more I practiced and discovered that a check system works, it made life a little easier. I can’t wait to be able to hire help. The title Tricia’s Office came from a co-worker of mine, Dr. Jamon Holt. I work at a job where I interact with college students and my office is very welcoming and people will come in and talk for hours. So the name represents a place where everyone is welcome and you will feel at home. I really want the world to know that you have to get over the fear of failure. Most of the companies we work for had to step out on faith. True, you will not see a profit right away but just knowing that people genuinely like your product makes you be more motivated to get to the next level. There is a quote I read on social media and it basically said you are crazy if you work 8 hours on making someone else rich then go home and do nothing for yourself. When I read it, it spoke to my soul. Follow TMH, grind, and don’t give up.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
If my best friend was visiting the area for a week I would let her rest on the first day so we can gossip and catch up, nothing too crazy. Monday we would drive to the city, Atlanta, GA and we would do some shopping and eat at Soul Vegetarian and have some sweets at Hebrew Cakes. Tuesday we would ride back to the city and have breakfast at Cultivate Food and Coffee, go to Dave and Buster’s, and eat dinner at Slutty Vegan. Wednesday we would go to the book store, we like to read and go there and gossip and visit my mom and relax. Thursday we will try to go to the gun range and go to Star and Strikes and try a new restaurant of her choice. Friday will be a chill day, order some Tazikis and google a vegan place to try for dinner and go to the movies. Saturday, we will just chill in our pajamas and watch movies all day and eat junk food and probably some leftovers. Sunday I will be taking her to the airport early that morning, have some coffee and a few more laughs and send her on her way. Sorry, nothing juicy here, I am a homebody but I do love to eat!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I give all my success to TMH, The Most High. Without him, I wouldn’t be successful and surrounded with so much help, encouragement and support. My husband, Kodi Gaston, is my rock and I thank TMH for him. He has and is more than willing to do whatever it may take for our business to be successful. My parents, Rodney and Patricia Almond, Carolyn Davenport, Willie, and Charmel Gaston are always there to help keep my babies and cheer me on. Wille Gaston has so much knowledge with running a business, all I have to do is make one phone call and he quickly stops me from making the wrong move. My siblings Ronnie, Danielle, Jasmine, and Rodney Almond, Sonia Davis, Kendall and Vernice Gaston, owners of Affordable Gourmet, their food are to die for and they cater to vegans. Sorry, I got sidetracked but their food is on point! All of them have believed and helped me since the word go and I truly appreciate them. I can’t leave out my co-worker/friend Cheri Garrison. She is always providing different ideas with recipes and always connects me with many people to help grow my business. Of course, I can’t leave out my business consultant Michael Myers. He helps keep me legal and make sure I am not putting money where it shouldn’t go and he is the one that suggested the Vegan Bakery. One more person I can’t leave out, my husband’s Aunt. Her name is Brenda Andrews. I was thinking about opening a business but was scared and kept going back and forth with the idea. I was at her house and getting ready to leave and she said five words to me that stung deep. I knew then TMH used her to take away my fears and provide me with the confidence to move forward. All of these people have done so much to help me and I can’t thank them enough. Let me make a few million and they can all quit their job.

Website: https://www.triciasoffice.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tricias-Office-230435372222865

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