We had the good fortune of connecting with Hannah Jane and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Hannah, what role has risk played in your life or career?
When it comes to risk taking, a variety of elements come into play. I feel like the meaning of risk is different in all of our lives as we have different fears and challenges. Risk taking has played a huge role in my career and brand Art of Hannah Jane. It has came into play as I have pushed and defined my own narrative. Pursing a career as yourself can feel extremely vulnerable and the risk comes with the uncertainty it brings while in hope of accomplishing your goals. I have taken many risks as I have defined my career. I moved away from home going places where I knew few to no people. I moved around Atlanta and around the east coast hoping this risk would be definitive to the growth of my brand. Through this risk I was able to share my work and find platforms and arenas to show it such as New York Fashion Week. Another element of risk I often come into contact with is while putting artwork or designs out. These are creations that come from my heart and soul, which often can make me feel extremely vulnerable. But the risk of speaking my message and hoping it can mean something to someone else and touch their heart as it did mine, is worth just that.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
Art of Hannah Jane is a sustainable artwear company creating one of a kind hand painted and constructed designs. My goal is to create wearable canvases that carry high fashions emotional attributes but embrace slow fashion values. I create with the idea of zero limitations constructing whatever is in my heart with my hands. Commonly known for creating pieces with animals, I like to embody the power and meaning they have to us. The last collection I created was very important to me. I showed it at New York Fashion Week with National Geographic powered by HighTechMODA and the platform itself made it especially meaningful. Considering my collections predominately involve animals, seeing my designs go down the runway at National Geographic was a dream come true. Time and effort has gotten me where I am professsionally with my brand. I have taken risks and worked endless hours to create collections I am proud of. Consistency and hard work are essential to your dreams coming true. There always comes challenges when you are pursuing something so valuable to your heart. The process can feel long but keeping the never give up mentality is so important. This journey is not easy, as an artist you have to put in the work to define your story and not allow fear to get in the way. For myself I have learned to push myself beyond measure and to try for anything and everything. Eliminate the idea that something is unreachable.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
As I have grown my business Art of Hannah Jane, I have had the ability to watch my parents, Jon and Eleanor, grow and own such strong foundations of their own. I am beyond lucky to have such amazing mentors and individuals to look up to. Not only have they been with me every step of the way, but they have continued to encourage and provide knowledge in whatever way they can. My mother, an artist herself, built her business A Bit of Heaven Weddings – a personalized wedding decor company -and has shown nothing but success. Through her dedication and perseverance she has continued to thrive allowing her heart to shine through her work. The care and love she gives each wedding she designs is something I can attest to as she put the same effort into helping me define my artistry. I had the ability to watch my father run and grow a business at such a young age. His hard work, day after day, has only pushed me to want to work harder. The value and admiration I have for him is beyond words. My parents have taught me so much, and I couldn’t be more proud to have them on my journey with me. They deserve the most recognition in my story.

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Elephant Jacket: Model: Edward Gallegos Zebra Dress: Model: Alicia Myers Photographer: Corey Myers