Making friends as an adult can be HARD.  Some people are exceptionally good at making friends regardless of the stage of life they are at, but for most people we’ve spoken with making friends a few years out of school can be pretty tough, especially if you have recently moved to a new city.  Check out some interesting perspectives below.

Jessica De Maria | Writer/Composer/Actor/Director

This does feel like such a challenge sometimes doesn’t it? I’ve always been a person who has been open and willing to form close connections quickly. I crave intimacy and honesty in all relationships I build. I think the biggest revelation that I’ve experienced though is thinking of forming new friendships with more of an eye toward longevity. Not falling into the habit of close and quick connections that seem powerful and meaningful in the moment-but have a transience to them. Read more>>

Jillian Bradfield | Children’s Book Author and Journaling Workshop Instructor

For starters friendships in adulthood are super important. For a while there was a trend of “no new friends” which I understood but in order to grow, you have to surround yourself with different people. Sometimes we get so caught up in “keeping our circle small” that we don’t realize you can only grow if you seek new experiences, people and knowledge. Read more>>

Heidi Harris | Photographer, small business owner

Friendships and your chosen family – these are the chosen relationships that form the core of what truly matters in life. In adulthood I have leaned into friendships that continue to bolster my community, support my endeavors, cheerlead my victories, and caution me when needed. Across a wide variety of ages, career choices, family dynamics, and backgrounds, the shared love and respect I have found in these friendships truly makes life a wonderful, meaningful experience. Read more>>

Tonya Iverson | Fitness & Health Coach

The biggest lesson I’ve learned about forming friendships as an adult is to not be judgemental and have an open mind. I’m naturally an introvert, so making friends hasn’t always come easy to me. Because I was shy, I was often afraid to approach people for fear of them not liking me, being judged or simply not knowing what to say. So I would often keep to myself. But as I got older and experienced different high and lows in life. Read more>>

Yolanda Fountain | Mental Health Counselor

As a gift to myself, I began to pour into myself all of the unconditional care and love that I was freely giving to others (which is no longer free as there is an expectation for me to receive respect and care as well). I embrace Beyonce’s sung words of being “my own best friend.” All other mutually supportive, trustworthy, and collaborative friendships that were in existence and that are to be cultivated along the way are considered bonus gifts. Read more>>

Erika Guillory Page | Artist & Creative Coach

Making new friends as an adult can be a bit intimidating at times, especially for that artist/introspective and introverted side of me. Thankfully, I learned from the best as a small child. During the many summers spent with my grandma, I was always amazed how she could make a new friend at just about every store we visited. Some would say she could make friends with a fence post. She would simply catch someone’s eye, give a friendly smile, and say hello. Read more>>

Urcia Pearson | Wardrobe Stylist

As a business owner, sometimes it’s natural to think any new friendships formed aren’t genuine. That people attach themselves to you for self interest and to propel their own agenda. Of course this isn’t always the case and if you approach it this way, wether personal or business, you could be missing out on building lasting valuable relationships. My advice would be to look for similarities in a person, their motivation. Read more>>