We asked some of the brightest folks in the community to open up to us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Karima Williams | Wix Website Designer & Dubsado Strategist

Everyone is not your ideal client and that you can choose who you to want to work with by niching down your services to attract the right people. Read more>>

RAVINA | Spoken Word Poet, Published Author, & Mental Health Therapist

onestly, what I’ve learned the most from being a poet & author is that authenticity and vulnerability are VITAL. If you don’t believe your message, and you push out words that are inauthentic to your mission, vision, values and core, people will catch on & it won’t have as great of an impact as much as the words that pour out from the soul. Poetry is energy. It has been an outlet to embrace myself and the world around me fully. It has taught me that we can always create something rather than self destruct. In order to do that, we owe it to ourselves to hone in on the emotion, give it a voice, and to release it so that we’re not stuck with the things we really want to say festering inside of our guts. Read more>>

Tiara Williams | Entrepreneur

I’d say that the most important lesson my business has taught me is overcoming obstacles. Having a business comes with tons of challenges, some big, some small, and some even unexpected. One obstacle i’ve faced , was actually unexpected. One day, I was checking my on hand hair inventory and noticed that 3 of the wigs that I had in stock were misplaced. This event caused me to not only miss out on my profits for those specific units, I had to re-order all the inventory misplaced as well. Read more>>

Angel Robinson | Entrepreneur & Fashion Expert

Honestly the most important lesson my business has taught me is to never give up and keep going no matter what. It’s so easy to neglect something or become discouraged in the beginning, but when you’re passionate about something you have to see it all the way through. Also, I must say it has taught me to be more open, like putting myself out there more, really applying pressure to get noticed. People always have pride and don’t want to be “annoying” or “pushy” but hey that’s what REAL hustlers do. Nobody can stop my motion. Read more>>

Nathalie Previlus | CEO/Founder of Hands of Royalty by Nat P

What’s the most important lesson your business/career has taught you? Don’t watch other’s growth & compare to yours! I say this to say “Trust your process”.
Social media is such a huge part of our lives these days. If we don’t carefully use it as entertainment / marketing platform we can easily lose track. We watch others grow in different ways & may wonder when will our time come.
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everyone grows in a different way. For example, I do nails and have been doing it for 2 years now. I may have a better retention on my nails than someone who has been doing it for 5 years. Now here comes someone that has been doing it for 1 year and has a longer retention than me. Read more>>