We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Ra Vega$ | Artist, Writer, & Social Reformer

Always put yourself out there and never doubt the process. Too many times I have seen people being TOO HUMBLE. And what I soon realized is that TOO MUCH HUMILITY CAN BE CONFUSED WITH COWARDICE! I learned this lesson after watching so many opportunities come and go because I was thinking that timing has to be perfect or you have to be perfect and I didn’t realize it’s more about ceasing the moment. Carpe Diem Read more>>

Patricia ‘Trish’ Noel | LCSW, LCAS-A, NC Certified Licensed Forensic Evaluator, Certified Life Coach

The most important lesson my business/career has taught me is 1) you’re never too old and 2) don’t give up. I pursued my career as a Social Worker later in life, after the adoption of my now 21 year old daughter. She was my inspiration, as I changed my major from Business to Social Work. My family’s experience, at the time was not the most positive during the adoption process and I was determined to become a social worker who could show compassion and empathy. Read more>>

Vicky Jocelin | Social Work Strategist

The most important lesson my business has taught me is that if you put all your values in money, you will forever be broke. ReForum Consulting was founded with the $110 state filing fees and the generosity of our social capital. My partners and I, leveraged our photographers, graphic designers, disc jockeys, website developers, event space coordinators, and former and existing partners to help us develop and become the brand we are today. With the value placed on human connections, and not the lack of financial capital, we launched a fully operational business within months. Our social capital catapulted our business from conception to inception. Read more>>

Roselin Villalobos | Nail tech & teacher

The most important lesson that my business has taught me is that we have the capacity to achieve every goal we want to accomplish in life Read more>>

Davion Mackie | Barber

The most important lesson I’ve learned while being a barber is to always accept failure. Accepting failure played a huge role in my career in so many different ways. Once you realize failure is just a opportunity to grow, your whole mindset just becomes more open. Read more>>