Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Vicki Adams | Co-Owner

At Jacqueline Adams Antiques, we curate, collect and sell unique European antiques, but our approach to business has evolved with the times. As any successful modern-day business will tell you, it is crucial to have a solid online presence for today’s shoppers. Our website is frequently updated with new arrivals, and we share our finds with our followers on social media. We are also ever-watchful of current retail trends. For example, the world is once again loving the aesthetic of blue and white china, dishware, and ceramics. As a result, we have made sure to highlight our vast and diverse collection of these items on our social platforms. When it comes to trends, there are currently none larger or more important than the green movement. Read more>>

Caleb Morris | Illustrator & Accidental Business Owner

I always hope it’s that the brand comes across as sincere. Exploring new cities and taking pride in the place you live is important to me and the reason that I started Welcome To The Neighborhoods so I try to convey that as much as possible in the prints and shirts or whatever thing I make. I also go above and beyond for anyone that supports the brand whether they buy something or not. Spreading the word means just as much to me as an order coming through Shopify so if someone calls or emails needing something, I do my best to make it happen and I’ve gotten some really weird requests. I also throw in more and more surprises as people continue to reorder as a way to say thanks and make sure they know that I appreciate the support and that it’s me packing up their order and not some warehouse. Read more>>

Cameron (Yoyocam) Moore | Character Designer and Mural Artist

Embracing the unknown has probably been the biggest factor that has helped me in not only my craft, but in my general life. It’s normal and even encouraged for people to have plans for their life and see them through. But I’ve learned that life is FULL of surprises, and some of the greatest things that have happened to me have come by either complete surprise, or by taking a leap of faith and seeing what happens. The first Mural I had ever done was one that I was requested to do. I personally wasn’t confident that i could do it myself because i had never made artwork at that scale, but I tried it out to “see what would happen”. 15 murals later and It’s become one of my favorite ways of doing art. Even with my Character design, the best character designs usually come from answering hard questions and finding solutions. Read more>>

Cassia Jones | Writer/Actor/Filmmaker

The most important factor that has contributed to the success of my brand has been the realization of self. Meaning, I first started out trying to fit in and write blog posts everyone else wrote, hoping it would mead people to my site. I also cut my hair short like Halle Berry to make myself look more like a successful actor in hopes of booking more jobs. After doing this for several years and realizing that I was not bringing my authentic self to my band/career, I made that change and write and acted as my true self. Doing this contributed to my success, although comparatively moderate, it is truly authentic. Read more>>

Aaron W. Kaufman | Musician & Recording Artist

I truly believe that it all starts with the realization of who I am as an artist or individual, but more importantly the knowledge of who I’m not. If you can’t define who you are, then why would someone else choose to work with you? This is no easy actualization; in fact, it takes years to find your own ‘voice’ which is a product of all of your influences and experiences molding together to make you unique as a musician or business. Knowing my strengths and personal style and really letting those things shine is the single most important thing to me. For example, there are a ton of talented drummers in Atlanta, but I get calls for gigs or recording sessions because of my competency in different styles, my feel, my preparedness and my attitude. Read more>>

Akyra Williams | Lash Artist & Future Esthetician

If I had to choose the most important factor that has contributed to my success and the success of my brand, I would have to say it would be perseverance and resilience. Why? Resilience is my ability to bounce back and keep going, no matter what obstacles are thrown my way. If I wasn’t determined to persevere as a lash artist, my career would be nowhere. I didn’t get as good as I am by sitting around doing nothing. I constantly practiced on my mannequin and live models whenever I could. You have to want it bad enough! In my opinion, this is crucial to anyone’s success. Life is constantly going to throw you obstacles and it may not always be fair, but it is beautiful when you are able to learn from the obstacle that was thrown your way and not let it break you. It is never the circumstances that define you, but how to deal with it does define you! Read more>>