TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Latifah Owoo | Lifelong Learner & Teacher

Success is doing whatever I have to do in the most authentic way possible. It’s not what I do; it’s how I do it. How does the way I move measure up to the version of myself that nobody sees? The more my outward persona matches the person I am inside, the more successful I feel. I feel successful when I speak up for myself. I feel successful when I listen to others. I feel successful when I solve problems. I feel successful when I am self-aware. To me, success is about me. Ultimately, I was put on this earth to be myself. The closer I am to expressing that, the more people I get to reach and serve. Read more>>

Brandon Scott | CEO of The Best Out Club LLc

I define success on my own expectations. I try not to take too much expectations and opinions of outsiders. I do value some of criticism and input. I have to realize that as long as the seed that I have planted continue to grow and blossom that is successful. I believe it is everyone goal to be a household name at one point. I look at it as how much have I grown in the last year to look at how much I have accomplished in 5 years. I see as long as there is growth that is success. Read more>>

Shardae Shivalier | Owner of Bomb Girl Fashion Boutique

To me success isn’t defined by money. Of course it plays a role, and we all love to see money flowing into our bank accounts, but its not the total package. When it comes to success or being successful, I feel that it is a sense of being accomplished. As it relates to being a business owner, I feel that I created something from the ground up that is going to be great. Throughout this first year of business there has been many challenges and obstacles that were placed in my way, but I refuse to give up. As I continued to push through, I would often times receive phone calls or text out of the blue of people telling me that I was doing a great job, they were so proud of what I was doing, and just simply reminding me not to give up. That was definitely confirmation that I was doing something right. When I decided to create Bomb Girl Fashion Boutique it was not only a clothing brand, but a name that stood for something. Read more>>

Ayana Mertina | T-Shirt Designer & Natural Hair Enthusiast

To me, success isn’t measured by dollar figures or likes/shares. Success is how you feel. Whether it’s how you feel about yourself, your product or your content. When I design a shirt and the message resonates with someone else – even if it’s just one person, I feel good about that. I was successful in helping someone express their feelings. When I create content about my natural hair and someone says I helped them change how they feel about themselves and their natural curl pattern, I feel warm inside. Helping others is really how I define success. Read more>>

Kevin Daniel | Personal Trainer & Fitness Specialist

Success is doing what make you happy with little effort. Success is within you, but you have to know what makes you successful as you navigate through life. Read more>>

Taishma Council | OBM, Owner and CEO of VGAA LLC

“Over here we measure success by how many people successful next to you. Here we say you broke if everybody is broke except for you. Boss!”, this is my favorite quote from the Carter’s “Everything is Love” album. At Virtual Goals Assistant Agency LLC we don’t measure success by monetary value. We measure success by the growth of our clients who we refer to as our Goal Achievers. We want to be sure they are meeting their quarterly goals, such as exposure, expanding their network, attending workshops and learning more about how to set their business up to succeed. If our Goal Achievers have full confidence in The Dream Team, success will be inevitable. A strong team with the freedom to express their ideas and creativity is a valuable resource for our Goal Achieves, and we are all successful when we grow together as a community. Read more>>

JaQwannia Brown | Health and Wellness Coach

To me, success is when you’ve make it to the place that you want to be in life. It’s up to me to be able to decide and say that what i want to work for and do is possible for me. Success is not a pretty journey but that’s what makes it beautiful because you’ll be able to learn so much on the journey. Success is working hard and remaining consistent while also becoming the better person along the way. Read more>>

Crystal Cooper | Business Scaling Strategist & Coach

Success to me is the feeling of accomplishment when you have reached your goals, been impactful to others life, while living your life unapologetic. Success is not tied to a person’s level of items they’ve acquired but more so the level of freedom they’ve established. Oprah Winfrey, once said, “If your business is built around a level of service and giving back the fame and notarity will come from that.” Read more>> | Artist & Producer

I personally define success as obtaining the resources to build my life the way I want to live it. Everybody has their own definition of what they believe success is and sometimes once they obtain it, it doesn’t result in happiness. This is usually when chasing things solely for a financial or attention gain is the focal point. If I am able to be financially free through creating music, that is one major step of success because I would still do it everyday for free. Success to me is also the impact I have on others and building something bigger than myself to leave behind. My final branch of success would be my spiritual, mental, and physical health being the best that it can be. Read more>>

Bre’Tarsha Harris | Master Stylist & fitness Mogul

I define success as what you put in ! There’s an saying I enjoy telling my children and especially my son being the last seed in the house . A man that dont work , dont eat ” If we put nothing into our success it’s only going to give what we put in. I was birth to to be Hair Stylist I knew at a very young age , but I struggled with becoming what God had intended .However when I removed the vail from my eyes , I started to see things I couldn’t even Phantom . So go hard it’s never going to be easy but very worth it for your own individual success 🙌🏽. Read more>>