Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses. We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Briana Cain | Entrepreneur & Graphic Designer

Success to me is more than just achievements. Being successful means to be happy and be comfortable with where you are in life. Being able to proudly look back at all of the goals I’ve accomplished and say that I’ve put myself in a position where I am happy and content is my definition of being successful. Read more>>

Anna Marie | Artist, Yoga Teacher, & Muse

Lately, success to me is waking up everyday and feeling connected to my authentic self! There are many distractions and delusions in this world that will take you off track and keep you in confusion. I feel successful when I am staying true to myself and to God’s plan for me. I feel successful when I choose to create & express instead of repress the emotions that I am feeling. I feel successful when I am connecting with my family and my community in a conscious & clear way. One of the definitions of success is the accomplishment of a purpose. By me being fully Anna Marie, I am already successful because that is my purpose! Read more>>

Markeeta Preston | Nail technician & Designer

Success to me means having the ability wake up each day and pour into something that gives you the most joy but takes the least amount of effort. The moment you’ve discovered what that is, I believe that this can secure your livelihood which can lead to financial freedom . When I decided to focus on my passion, dreams and things that come second nature to me, I realized that happiness matters at all costs no matter what the sacrifices are. Following your dreams may result in pay cuts, long nights, early mornings in the beginning but it will all be worth it. Success is living life on your own terms and having time and flexibility to do so. Read more>>

Israel Beard | Master Cosmetology

For me, success is synonymous with completion. In the past, I had a cycle of starting projects or endeavors that were incomplete or I didn’t see through to the end. This pattern continued throughout my life until 2015 when I decided to pursue a license in cosmetology. The courage for me to go for it came from God. With Him all things are possible, so I was determined to final finish something I started. That is why completion equals success for me. Read more>>

Mark Buddington | Film Director & Entrepreneur

Success comes in different levels that is defined by the people, because your story and life accomplishments is successful at any age Read more>>

Krystal | Owner

To me success is achieving your dreams and goals. Overcoming fear and doubts, taking risk and chances. Read more>>

Golanda Blackwell | Gospel Artist

I believe success is walking in God’s divine purpose for your life. When successful you feel fulfilled and motivated to keep going through seasons of uncertainty. Read more>>