It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Tonnesha Edmond | Professional Resume Writer | Serial Entrepreneur

In Aug. 2020, my son Casimir was born 3 months premature and has been oxygen-dependent since birth. Because of his chronic lung condition, he requires around-the-clock care. As a means of income and schedule flexibility, I launched my company Pretty Resumes. Pretty Resumes is a professional writing service that specializes in career services. Throughout high school and college, I was always the go-to for resumes, but I never considered making it into a business until 2020. Read more>>

Chantel Turk | Self Love Coach & Dance Instructor

Growing up I was heavily focused on the needs of others while disregarding my own. I poured love into others hoping they would do the same in return which often didn’t happen. After a terrible break up I had an epiphany to remove all sources of toxic energy from my life. I was left with thoughts like “you will never be good enough,” and “you don’t deserve happiness.” Those thoughts bled into all parts of my life including dance, work, and other interpersonal relationships. Something had to give! I started to pour the love I had been giving away to undeserving people and situations into myself first and that’s when everything changed. It’s taken years of positive affirmations, meditation, journaling and putting myself first to become the Self Love Goddess that I am today. Read more>>

Jerusalem Tekle | Owner: Lila Charm

I wanted to establish a boutique style shopping space where African inspired jewelry can be made available. The emphasis is on a Pan Africa theme while paying homage to my home country of Eritrea located in the horn of Africa. Lila Charm’s purpose is tied to social responsibility with women empowerment being the focus. Lila Charm’s ultimate goal is to continue to offer affordable pieces that are made in Eritrea/Africa using local techniques and sustainably sourced materials. Lila Charm’s mission is to foster a sense of female empowerment by working with women artisans in Eritrea/Africa and contribute to economic development in Eritrea/Africa. Read more>>

Michelle McMurray de Luces | Founder & Creative Director

At age three, I fell in love with my mother’s wedding dress. I asked her to put it on, and from that moment forward I was smitten with bridal attire. I grew up drawing wedding gowns and even planned a faux wedding for a high school assignment my junior year. Concurrently, as my family’s genealogist, I learned from a young age the importance of storytelling. Read more>>

Judith Henry | Artist, Writer & Teacher

Both of my businesses, as an author and an artist, grew out of my six-year journey of caring for my parents in the last phase of their lives. It began in 2007, when both of them became ill, and issues arose almost daily regarding their health and well-being. With so much to keep track of and learn, I found that writing everything down (often on sticky notes and napkins) and keeping it all together in a notebook helped me stay sane. Read more>>