Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Christian “Uno” Kimbrough | Brand owner & Philanthropist

I came up with my idea for my business and brand because I just wanted to see positive messaging in streetwear. Being a gun violence survivor, at first my brand was trying to get the word about gun violence but it became so much bigger. Now we have a nonprofit, a curriculum for the kids and a dope brand that grabs the attention of the ones that’s coming up. Read more>>

Patrice Canty | Owner and Operator Women IN Purpose Inc

The idea of my business was birthed through a health scare. Back in 2018 I was diagnosed with having Intracranial Hypertension and the whole time the doctors was explaining to me what it was and trying to figure out why I hadn’t experienced any of the major symptoms such as temporary blindness, seeing black spots, or even fainting the word Purpose kept coming to me and after the appointment just in my daily living the word Purpose would always present itself and I also have an organization called Women IN Purpose that I created back in 2015 and I chose it at that time because I thought it was a cool name, not knowing 3 years later it would be an extension of my brand. Read more>>

DrJessica Mosley | Serial Entrepreneur

The truth is, my business found me. No one would give me a chance in broadcasting so I created my own contract and began doing media/broadcasting that way. And oh boy did it take off Read more>>

Nadajia Hall | Artist, Airbrush Artist, Human and Anatomy Art, Graffiti Artist

I came up with the idea for my business in the year 2015 when I attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Everything was going well until all of the students received an email stating that the school was going to close down for good. I thought that my art career was over. But then I remembered the promise I made to my mom before she passed away; I will have my own art gallery no matter what. My mom loved it when my dad used to airbrush, and the fact that she meant so much to me I created a name; NS2*ART. Nadajia (my name), Shawn (my mothers’ name), 2 meaning both of us together. I have been through so much when I was younger, but no matter what the situation was my mom always made it feel like a pallet of different vibrant colors. No matter how hard things may get, colors always seem to cheer me up. Read more>>

Birchell Glenn | Music Blogger & Artist Services

I just put all of the services that I have done over there years into one big pot. This was actually what I have been doing for years I just decided to take it a step further. Read more>>

Bonny Tillman | Owner of Vino-Eco Candle Company

It was a lightbulb moment. During the housing crash in 2008, my husband was laid off for a year. I was working two part-time jobs. One, at a cute little wine shop that sold wine, gifts and gourmet food. Twice a year, I accompanied the owner to the Atlanta Mart to shop for merchandise. We were excited to find candles in reclaimed wine bottles and ordered them. They were new to the market and we hadn’t seen this before. To our dismay, when they arrived, the quality was poor and they looked nothing like the ones we’d found at the Mart. That was my lightbulb moment. I thought I could do a better job. I enlisted help from my husband, we tested different tools, broke hundreds of bottles in the process, watched youtube videos, tested various waxes and fragrances, and six months later, in 2010 started “Vino-Eco Candle Company, selling Recycled Wine Bottle Candles. At the age of 50, a new company was born. Read more>>

Stacey Paulin | Image Etiquette Consultant and Speaker

I’ve always been drawn to the arts and I love fashion. In college, I was a member of a world-renowned vocal ensemble and I learned very quickly the importance of proper dress, image, and etiquette. Fortunately, I had mentors who taught me refinement and decorum, and I utilized these skills with great results as my musical career took me around the world. Doors opened for me, and opportunities were presented to me because of the image I had created and the influence it had on others. I didn’t come around to creating UAM until years later, but those experiences are what I leaned on as I began to develop the business. UAM provides image and etiquette training for urban youth and private image consulting services for professional women. It was important to me that I create a curriculum for our youth around these topics; with the advent of social media, these skills are being lost. My students have responded well to the workshops, and they walk away more confident, more self-assured, and more aware of their image, it’s importance, and how they can use it to change the trajectory of their lives. Read more>>

Charlisa Goodlet | Brokepert & Conscious Creative

My brand Broke Black Bougie is a platform that creates a safe space for young Black women to talk about life, money, and wellness. Broke Black Bougie was developed after examining how my family’s money challenges significantly impacted our quality of life and how going off to college didn’t quite seem to solve my obstacles with money. The most important part of my brand is creating content that meets young Black women in various chapters of their life and highlights the many experiences of our journey in this strange place we call adulthood. As the creator of this brand, what’s important to me is creating a safe space where we talk about the intersections of race, gender, and our access to wealth building. Our workshops and online community is not the typical personal finance space, as we prioritize racial and economic justice discussions and actions. While this platform leans across generations of Black women across age groups, it’s incredible to see how many people connect with our purpose. Read more>>

Nicole Anderson | Wine Enthusiast & Curator

UnWined was birthed from my love for wine which has grown over the years. As a young millennial, I constantly searched for brands that resonated with me and my friends. I remember walking up and down the aisles of wine stores aimlessly, staring at the labels but never feeling drawn to anything. Until one day, out of pure curiosity, I decided to research how to craft my own wine. This search led me down a Google rabbit hole, but I found so much information and decided to give it a shot and dabble in flavored wines. After several trials and errors, I made a product worth sharing with my family and friends. I was shocked at how well received the first batches were! They really liked it and wanted me to make some for them, and that’s when I knew I was on to something. As a marketing strategist by trade with 10+ years of experience, my wheels began to spin on how I could develop a brand that represents experiences where women can find pleasure and tranquility in a glass of my wine. Thus, the creation of UnWined was born. Read more>>

Keturah Walker | CEO of Let’s Get Write Tutoring

Coming up with my business idea required a lot of soul-searching. I had just gotten laid off from a job that I thought was going to be my career and felt like I was back at square one. As a recent college grad, at the time, I had no sense of myself outside of college and didn’t really know what I wanted to do to generate income outside of entertainment. As I previously stated, I decided to do some soul-searching and actually think about things I love to do and things I am good at. There were a good amount of things on the list, but I decided to narrow it down to helping people and education. Being that I am an advocate for educational equality and accessibility to resources, I decided to start Let’s Get Write Tutoring Service. Our mission includes making sure that access to tutoring is available with affordable pricing but quality tutors. I wanted students to be able to get the 1-1 help they deserve without parents making “tutoring or food” sacrifices. Read more>>