We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Rosie Falconi | Artist, Seeker & Dreamer

The simple things in life make me happy. I find joy in watching my fur babies’ little tongues lap up water, Helping a caterpillar off a busy street so he doesn’t get squashed, watching Three’s Company reruns with my mom and laughing hysterically at the corny humor, eating a ripe, juicy & fuzzy peach and enjoying the tickle it gives my tongue, dancing with wild abandon on my deck with no regard to what the neighbors will think, singing at the top of my lungs while stuck in rush hour traffic, hiking Stone Mountain with my bestie at sunset and watching the sun disappear second by second. I could spend all day listing off everything in life that makes me happy. Why? Because life is a gift and we don’t have to wait for external or material things to be perfect for us to be happy. Sure, there are ups and downs in life and we are all thrown curve balls. Read more>>

Christan O’Brien | Freelance Writer, Photographer & Videographer

Love, honestly makes me happy. Cheesy, right? I know, but, it does. I love loving people, loving God, loving the Earth. I think it ties into why I’m a creative. I feel like art, creation, making something is a labor of love and I enjoy it. I may not always like it lol, but I love it. I really believe love can change things, can change people, and thinking about being a pillar of love in someone or something’s life truly makes me happy. Read more>>

Sharon Benton | Food Photographer

I love telling stories through photography. Sometimes it’s my story about a meal I cooked or the way the sun light comes through the window and hits a glass just right, or working on a recipe for my family cookbook. I also keep this in mind when I’m working for a restaurant – what’s their story? What’s their vibe? And how can I translate that? Read more>>

Henry Louis Adams | Minister, Author & Actor

Using my God given gifts and talents in a way that inspires and encourages others, make me happy. As a Child, I was bullied and ridiculed allot. I didnt have allot of friends. My creativity was the driving force to keep me going. As long as I was able to write poetry, create a beautiful song, bring a smile to someones face, even through my own pain, I got joy and strength from that. Today I am a Actor, Author & Christian Minister. These platforms help me to use my pain and my life experience into a transformative force to encourage and inspire. As a Author, I have been blessed to write two books that take you on a intimate journey of a boy with some real issues, overcome those challenges and blossom into the man that he is today. Read more>>