We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Sarah Stover | Independent Creative

Happiness is a choice, for me, most of the time. I choose to seek happiness in the every day, which is not always easy, but often gratifying. I find happiness in meaningful connections, in enjoying things to their fullest potential, in seeing my loved ones happy, in knowing that I’m doing my best at whatever I’m putting forth effort in, and also kittens — kittens always make me happy. Read more>>

Andy and Desiree Bungo | The Prodigal Carpenter, LLC An Artisan Woodworking Company

Creating a quality product that combines function and outstanding craftsmanship is a very satisfying process. Each item we create is unique, with wood varieties and design carefully considered, and attention given to the finishing details. From the first “conception” through each stage of sawing, planing, turning, sanding or finishing, the creative process is our “happy place.”. When any creation, be it an 3-D end grain cutting board, a rustic, live edge charcuterie board, finely crafted artisan Peppermill or bowl, or even a simple handcrafted hardwood spatula, are chosen by a customer, it makes us happy. Read more>>

Chad Creasy | Artist

Painting makes me happy. The only way to be truly happy is to be in the present moment. Painting puts me in the present moment. Read more>>

Myra Harris | Published Romance Cook Book Author, Baker & Cook

Baking makes me extremely happy, as it is a very creative and passionate outlet for me – not to mention that it makes me focus. And, in my opinion It is also a form of love, and I enjoy showing love through my desserts and seeing the recipient’s reaction. It is also not unusual for me to hear a client tell me that “they can taste the love” in every bite , which warms my heart. Read more>>

Leneille Moon | Creative Director & Floral Designer

Seeing my client’s reactions when they receive a floral arrangement I’ve designed. It’s the best feeling ever to lift someone’s spirits. Read more>>