We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Monica Rivera | Model, Actress, Creator, & Techie

One of my favorite quotes that I love to reference, especially during hard times, would be “what’s for you will not pass you”. What I like about that quote is that it affirms that even while I may not get picked for a particular project or if I’m going through a particularly difficult time that no matter what, the progress I’m making will take me closer to my goal . The projects, people, and environments I’m meant to intertwine with will always find to me. It also lets me know about if something I really had set my heart on doesn’t work out that only means something better along the way will find me. It’s easy to feel burdened by rejection and turbulence in life but keeping my mind on that quote really allows me to let go of negative thoughts or energies and have faith in myself. Read more>>

Savannah Rose | Editorial Portrait Photographer

“Failure is a bruise not a tattoo.” -Jon Sinclair. I love this quote because any artist is, at some point, going to make something that kind of sucks. As a human beings we are all going to fail at something eventually. But this quote just helps me remember that even though you might mess up, that mistake won’t stay with you forever. As a stubborn person who has a hard time forgiving myself, it helps me move past things and keep trying. Read more>>

Jenise Taylor | Realtor | Loan Officer | Investor

“Asé” is my favorite quote! Asé is an African Proverbs that means “Let it be so”. This proverb has transformed my entire perspective and I implement it in every part of my existence. In life it is very easy to be down and frustrated about what’s happening. When you believe in Asé you train yourself to see the purpose or lesson in every situation or circumstance. In this Real Estate market buyers are beyond stressed. My buyers are the exception! Because I start our relationship helping them disarm their fears about the unknown, they are able to make clear decisions and trust that all will be okay. When a client loses several thousand dollars and they walk away with a smile and still optimistic, I’ve done something right! Read more>>