We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

LAYA | Musician & Artist

My favorite thing to say is “make it work”. You can apply it to everything. Often we find ourselves stuck in a case of analysis paralysis because our visions are bigger than what we can realistically accomplish in that moment. I never let this stop me. Make it work. Take what you have and use it the best you way that you can. It’s like they say in theater when you slip up and make a mistake “The show must go on.” Most of the time the audience wasn’t even aware that the performer messed up because they “made it work.” You only fumble when you stop moving/stop the flow of things. Keep going and make it work!. Read more>>

Emily Sage | Singer & Songwriter

“It’s ok to take your time.” I have been known to march to the beat of my own drum for most of my life. But it’s easy to look around and see people who seem further along or closer to their goals and that can make you feel like you are doing something wrong. Or make you feel guilty for taking a break and “doing nothing”. It may make you feel like the only way to succeed is to try and be like someone else. I do think we can learn from the people around us and that it is also important to push yourself, but if we forsake ourselves and our joy in the process, we lose so much. We just end up letting fear lord over us when we make decisions about what we do or release or create based on a a fear of becoming forgotten or irrelevant. And is it even worth it if you reach your goals but lose yourself in the process? In my experience, I have learned that the process takes up most of the time of your life. Read more>>

Ebony M. Walker | Author | Ghostwriter | Speaker | Pastor

My absolute favorite affirmation is, “All things work!” It stems from a Biblical Scripture, Romans 8:28. The entire scripture reads, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” This reminds me that no matter what I am encountering, what I may encounter, or what I have encountered – it ALL works for my good, for my benefit. Life can throw some extremely hard blows. But with every circumstance, my desire is to let those three words be my compass; All things work! And while many things may happen that hurt, that are uncomfortable, that are confusing, or downright unfair, I continue to remind myself that those things still have the propensity to work for my good. They are intricate parts of God’s blueprint for my life. I like that it centers me and helps me refocus. It serves as a simple reminder on the days where I feel like nothing is working for me. Read more>>

Lynae Vanee | Influencer, Poet, and Content Creator

In my very first session with my therapist, she dropped several gems. One stuck with me the most, she said “Remember who you are, because this world will make you forget.” I’m sure she’s not the first person to say this, and I’m sure I’ve seen different iterations of it before this particular session, but I so needed this statement in that exact moment. I love this quote because it reminded me that I don’t need to second guess my talent, my content, or whether people will like my new ideas. The proof is in the pudding, and I have evidence to show that my intuition is all the confirmation I need (with a lot of direction from God lol but you get my point). As a social media influencer and a content creator I often find myself holding back from releasing new types of content because I am worried about how it will be received. And in doing this, I subconsciously slow down my own track toward success because I wonder if people will unfollow me or become disinterested. Read more>>

Christian Nelson | Singer/Songwriter and CEO Salute Brand International LLC

I do have a few favorite quotes and affirmations that I believe have contributed to my overall success. The first one is “Hard work out does talent any day.” I love this one because this highlights how you don’t have to be the most talented person in the room, but if you work hard and stay consistent, you usually get better and excel above competition. My next quote that I’ve carried with me along my journey is “Passion always wins.” When I see other individuals I consider successful, I see a passion and a hunger for what they’re doing. For me, when there was nothing else left, there was passion for the art of music and building relationships. Being diligent pays off, and most times you’ll have to do it under the watch of nonbelievers. The last quote would be “To whom much is given, much is required”. When you recognize you have a purpose and you’re called to be a leader, there’s a responsibility that comes with promotion. Read more>>

Karen Portaleo | Cake and Chocolate Artist

My favorite quote is from Anais Nin; “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”. I found this quote just as I was contemplating leaving my full time job to pursue freelance. Staying at my job meant a steady paycheck and (sort of) reliable schedule. Jumping out on my own meant an unreliable income (with an unlimited potential!), and world travel. This quote gave me the courage to take the risk and chose an expanded life! The rewards have been innumerable!. Read more>>

Rachael Mann | Singer/Songwriter/Actress

I have a favorite quote I always refer to when making decisions in life-especially the harder ones that deal with music/acting and ministry opportunities. I love what Proverbs 16:3 says. It says “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” I have seen time and time again whenever I submit anything over to the Lord, there are blessings on what I do. This verse has truly been a verse I look to! And I have seen God do amazing things!. Read more>>

Aaliyah Dai’ Holsey | Event Planner & Decorator

My favorite quote is “This too shall pass”. It is a reminder that storms don’t ever last long. I adopted this quote into my life when I was in High school. It helped me to cope with stress and always aim to see a brighter day. To make it even more special, I have this quote tatted on me, in high school. Read more>>

Kenisha Morgan | Actress | ServiceNow Developer | Entrepreneur

My favorite affirmation is “Jesus loves me.” I say this every morning. It reminds me that despite all the mistakes that I have made in my life, the disappointments, the judgement, the unfairness, the guilt, the lack of confidence, the hurt, and the pain, Jesus will love me as I am. If I don’t have anything else, I have Jesus love. Read more>>