We asked folks to tell us about their favorite quote or affirmation and to tell us what it means to them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Tré Mundy | Clothing brand owner/ content creator/innovator

“Note to self; Nobody is built like you, you designed yourself” – Jay-Z
This quote always stuck with me as my daily words of affirmation reminding me nobody is me, I am unique, and I am cut from cloth you can’t buy. With my creative ability I bring things to the table no one else can. I consider myself a “Culture Radical.’’ I am somebody who goes against the norms of the culture. Now that we’re in the era of social media I have an impact on society. Influential people set a tone of more followers, they make you feel like I need to wear their outfit and want their lifestyle. I found myself with the urge of getting caught up in some trends and fads. Eventually, I realized everything isn’t meant for everyone; you have to create your own fad or trend. Read more>>

JP Hightek | Branding Expert, Cinematographer & Software Developer

My personal quote is “The day you stop learning, you stop growing”. As a media professional, I know that technology is an always evolving platform. There is always an evolution, update or progress to a specific innovation. In order to stay qualified it is vital to stay connected and informed. As the creators of Content Creators University (digital master school for content creators), I connect every week with one of the best minds in the Media/IT and content creation ecosystem in order to have them teach new ways to do things. We also hold conversations on topics that creators (videographers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Business Owners, Social Media Strategists, Artists, Music Composers, Authors and more.) need to be part of in order to truly impact and monetize with their creation. Read more>>

Dr. Kiera Causey | Scholar Activist & Research Scientist

“Accept the possibility that not everyone will possess the insight to realize how great you truly are.” -Dr. Shakiera Causey This is actually a quote/affirmation by me. I love this affirmation because sometimes we can get discouraged when our work and efforts seem to go unnoticed. It’s important to remember that you and your work have value and are meaningful even if others do not acknowledge or praise you for it. Oftentimes, it takes the rest of the world a little longer to catch up with trailblazers and their ingenuity. Read more>>