We asked successful entrepreneurs and creatives to tell us about whether they have a budget and how they think about spending decisions and have shared some of their responses below.

Gabrielle Hickmon | Freelance Writer, Creative Director and Strategist

Absolutely, though I am new to keeping one. I think about my personal finances and money in general as working in service of my goals, interests, and joy. So I make my lifestyle and spending decisions along those same lines. What’s going to get me closer to my goals? What’s serving my interests? And what can bring me a little bit of joy? Read more>>

Erica Paschel | Rooted Therapist & Motivational Movement Coach

First things first, the road to entrepreneurship can be challenging in multiple ways. One of my very first reality checks two years ago was that I needed a strategic budget plan where I could still invest into my brand and my personal expenses. Where I could invest and make financial sacrifices without completely giving up the notion of living my life rather than” just existing”. This meant and still means that I have to adjust and train my mindset as the future multibillionaire that I believe I will be. Keep in mind that for me, it does not include just a financial mindset, but what knowledge I choose to feed myself, how I protect my energy, my view of what money means to me, how I perceive financial freedom, who I surround myself and allow to accompany me. Read more>>

Krista Williamson | Musician

I generally try to make sure I spend $20 or less a day, or I just kinda keep an eye on my checking account and try to keep it over $1,000. Once I meet a certain goal in my checking, I’ll take any money I make over that goal and add it to my savings. With my savings I generally try to pretend like it’s not there and I refrain from withdrawing money from there that way it pushes me to make more money in my checking account! If a couple days go by where I spend less than my budget I take that money and I’ll purchase 1 thing I’ve been wanting and that’ll be my reward for saving money. I’d consider myself pretty good at saving money and I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a materialistic person at all. I have a couple nice things that I’ve bought for myself, but all the expensive stuff I own is stuff I’d consider an investment, such as my speakers and recording equipment. Read more>>

Hush Money | Hard Southern Rock Band from North Georgia

We kind of just do what we have to do when we have to do it. It would be great to have a account set aside for only band finances, but at this point we are 100% self funded out of our own pockets. It makes it difficult sometimes, but it gives us the creative freedom to be able to do multiple styles of music and allows us to reach multiple audiences. We are so beyond blessed to have spouses that support our ambitions. So when it comes to making purchases for the band there is rarely any kind of push back from them. We could not be more thankful for the support that they continue to give us day in, day out. Read more>>