We asked successful entrepreneurs and creatives to tell us about whether they have a budget and how they think about spending decisions and have shared some of their responses below.

Jen and Warren Simmons | Jen, Public Health Project Manager and Co-Owner of Charleston & Church | Warren, Construction Project Manager and Co-Owner of Charleston & Church

Since my husband and I are business partners, I have to answer this question on behalf of both of us, and we couldn’t be more different with our personal finances! To start, I should say that, honoring my request, Warren and I keep all of our personal finances and accounts separate, and that is indeed what we’ve done for our nearly 10 years of marriage. Also, neither one of us has any debt except for our mortgages which we are accelerating to finish much more quickly than the due date. So, onto how we make lifestyle and spending decisions . . . Read more>>

Eric Johnson II | Financial Coach & Credit Repair Specialist

Yes, I have a budget that I maintain monthly. I think maintaining a proper budget is essential to managing your personal finances properly whether you make $30,000 a year or $300,000 a year. I have always been a very frugal person, only spending money on necessary items. Thankfully I have never got caught up in the need to impress people or try to make people think I was doing better than I was by buying nice things that I couldn’t necessarily afford. That mindset puts many people in a terrible place financially. I think your personal finances should be handled just like a business. Read more>>

John Walker | Owner at cooks flips

I do have a a very strict budget. When I initially began my business I though to had such a good idea and great product that the money would flow in and I quickly Learned that was not the case. I am determined to not borrow money from anyone to grow this business and I spend a large percentage of my time and efforts working with things like Instagram and Facebook because they are free and I can reach a lot of people with no cost to the business. I think About my personal finances like this. Do I need it ? Do I have to have it ? Will I survive without it ? Is this a want or a need ? Will this better me to better my business ? If it’s something that doesn’t better me to better my business or fall into the need to survive I do not buy it. The “wants” are things that I use for motivation as there so many things I would like to purchase but I can’t right now but I hope to one day because I will be able to because of the business success. Read more>>