We asked successful entrepreneurs and creatives to tell us about whether they have a budget and how they think about spending decisions and have shared some of their responses below.

Tamarick Johnson | Entrepreneur, Clothing Designer

Currently right now I don’t have a specific budget because I’m still in the beginning stages. I’m really taking my time with it and learning still. My business doesn’t effect my personal life. I have them separate so that’s something I personally don’t have an issue with. Read more>>

Bridgette Long, MPA | Financial Coach/Real Estate Broker/Licensed Insurance Agent

I have a Budget, both personally and with my business too. My spending decisions are planned and accounted for in the monthly budget. It is essential to plan your money to accomplish your financial goals and for tracking purposes. My personal money experiences have propelled my “Debt-Free” mindset. As a result, I operate my household and business finances with little to no debt, with the exception of student loans. Our family will be mortgage free by the end of 2021. When I decided to crush our family debt it was planned and methodical. In 2008, I was a Realtor and my income was affected by the Great Recession due to the housing market crash. That experience of a declining household income was a gamechanger. Serious decisions had to be made and action was needed. I created a solid financial plan for my family to survive. Read more>>

Heidi Harris | Photographer & Entreprenuer

I am very financially confident. This includes being budget minded and having a solid financial plan that I can rely on. I feel strongly that having knowledge in your own financial plan to the best way to start growing your wealth and really be able to see where all those years of professional experience have taken you. To me this includes being properly covered for life and disability insurance – not the “fun and exciting” thing that others can see, but the things that will allow you to take calculated risks to grow your business. Read more>>