If not giving up was always the right answer life would be so easy. History shows us that sometimes quitters prosper and sometimes they miss out. Knowing when to quit and when to keep going is one of the most difficult questions and so we asked folks we admire to tell us how they think through this question.

Candice Ireland | Style Coach | Influencer | Entrepreneur

Now this is a great question and directly relates to everything I’ve always know and practiced in life. Giving up has never been an option for me. From a young age the only examples I had in those close to me was not giving up. My parents divorced when I was young but they both were very integral parts of my life. My father struggled with drug use but I watched him never give up on himself and his children. Even when he took five steps back, his next move was ten steps forward. His strength and faith and will to do better was a great example. My Mom was also an amazing example to never give up she did everything she could to take care of my sister and I and we never wanted for anything. She never depended on the help of others, if we needed something she made it happen and I can’t thank her enough for that. These two alone prepared me for every obstacle that I face in business. To answer the question directly I know to keep going and not give up because. Read more>>

Alexis Moore | Photographer

As an artist, there are often times where I feel like giving up. But it’s important to recognize the difference between needed to hit pause and needed to hit stop. When I have overextended myself and I can physically feel the exhaustion, that’s when taking a break is essential. There also comes a time when I realize that “forcing it” just won’t work. Creativity flows in waves and sometimes the waves just don’t come. Acknowledging that not every opportunity presented to you has to be taken is okay. If the passion isn’t present, it isn’t wrong to take a step back. Read more>>

Sahnah Dhrif | Director

I know that everyone has their own journey, but in each path there are trials and tribulations that are there along the way to your destined goal. I believe that those trials are there for a reason. Those of us that believe we are to reach our definition of success and greatness must understand it is not the immediate success that makes us truly great, it is the journey we must find joy in. Ultimately that journey in itself is what teaches us the greatness within us. Personally, giving up has never been an option. There is no teacher in nothingness. I work with myself and spar intellectually with those I respect in their ways of thinking to learn the ways over the humps I face in life. I find beauty in this, and I find none in stopping my journey, so why give up?. Read more>>

Adam Williams | Graphic Artist

There is no such this as give up. You might have to regroup and come up with a better plan, but giving up should never be an option. You have to keep going. In life and in business there are always going to be set backs, it’s all about trial and error. Your success, is on the other side of your failure. Read more>>

Edgard Aguilera | Artist & Photographer

Here’s the thing, Don’t. If you’re truly passionate about something why would you stop if you know that one day everything will come together. People easily give up because all they think about is the and, ifs, and buts, they want fast results . But it’s not like that . When you keep thinking about the potential negative outcomes and let it outweigh the rewarding positives then you will never know if you could of gotten the results you’ve been working hard for. Read more>>

Badass Tran | Artist

At this point if you know where your heading and have a goal in achieving something. You should never give up until that goal is finished.
When everyone tells you to give up and you end up doing it you lose. Read more>>

Teela English | Branding Consultant

I’m a true believer in signs, and certain signs will let you know when to go harder or try something new. When I first entered college, I was there to study medicine. My whole 2 years studying, and I faced every obstacle a college student could imagine. I became sick during my sophomore year and had to leave school. During that time out, I was presented with signs that I should pursue business and marketing. From internships to scholarships, I took those signs as me giving up medicine to move onto something I was meant to do. Read more>>

Seth D. | Musician

First of all, NEVER give up. If there is something in life that you’re passionate about and have real skill in, don’t ever let that go!! No matter how long it takes, keep going. Giving up is for the WEAK. Read more>>

Erica Terry | Educational Consultant & Coach

A lot of people don’t know this, but in the first year into my business, I quit. I was putting tons of hours into my side hustle, while still working my 9-5 and I was doing everything that the guru’s in my Google searches were telling me to do, but achieving lackluster results. I was pouring more money into my business than I was earning and the stress, frustration and overwhelm that I felt made me close my laptop and walk away for months. Even though I quit, the dream didn’t die. The vision that I had to build a legacy for my daughter while empowering educators to create multiple streams of income and live a life that they love was still in my heart. Thankfully, a few months later, I opened my laptop up again, took all of the lessons that I’d learned during that first failed attempt and used them to rebrand my business and then, I launched the Classroom to CEO Podcast. I could have never imagined how much my life would change after doing so. Doors began to open that I could have never imagined and in less than a year, I was consistently earning income from four different revenue streams. Read more>>

Courtnie Danyell | Runway Model

I feel like that’s a very hard question to answer. If its something that you’re passionate about, and you cannot see yourself doing anything else I don’t think you should ever give up. But at the same time, God has a plan for all of us and often times our plans do not correlate with His. What God has for you already has your name on it. If you put Him first, giving up shouldn’t be an option. Read more>>

Imani Woodard | Clothing Artist & Stylist

I have struggled with this my entire career as an entrepreneur. I have “given” up on a lot of things before starting my clothing brand, but I know those things weren’t meant for me. And honestly the things I quit before didnt feed my soul and make me happy the way designing has. But when I started designing the question changed from “to give up or not to give up” but morphed into “how can i learn and make this bigger and better.” Quitting is easy, continuing through the hardships and obstacles creates character and tests your strength. Some of the greatest achievers in this life have worked on their craft for years, and years, and years. Greatness is created overtime, keep pushing through if you love what you’re doing and the results will ultimately follow. Read more>>

Keenyn Majors-Petersen | Founder of Kulture Kreations ATL, LLC

You don’t give up. That isn’t an option. Read more>>

Myah Hollis | Writer and Co-Founder of Pretty Thing

The truth is it’s hard to know for sure whether it’s time to give up on something that you’ve been working towards. There’s always the chance that if you persevere things could work out. Sometimes that’s the motivation that we need, but it can also be the reason that we hold onto things for longer than we should. The more time and resources that we invest in something, the harder it is to convince ourselves that the right thing to do is to walk away from it. For me, it comes down to understanding what I can live with. Would it be more harmful to my mental health to disinvest in that thing or to allow it to continue to occupy space in my life. How badly would it hurt me to let it go and would I be willing to live with that pain. I know that I cannot function properly in life unless I’m doing something that I’m passionate about, and I’m willing to risk the instability and uncertainty that comes with that type of mentality. It’s about weighing what you want against what’s best for you and prioritizing accordingly. Read more>>

Doris Thomas | Makeup Artist & CEO of Beryl Beauty Cosmetics

Being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs but the thought of giving up is not an option . There are many times where business for me have been slow and all I needed to do was come up with another strategy to attract a different range of people. Read more>>

Takeya Goodrum | Chef

Only you know how far you can push yourself.Yes, I have had many times when I’ve wanted to give up. But I always remember how far I’ve come and know that my faith overrides all the negative thoughts.My drive and supporters are a big part of why I continue to keep going. When I have children I want them to know they can conquer anything possible. Read more>>

Mia Shantel | Digital Creative & Podcaster

Knowing whether to keep going or to give up has been a simple concept for how I operate. I am a firm believer that what is meant for you will not come with stipulations or unreasonable conditions. Yes, there may be roadblocks in the journey as an offset of personal growth, but introspective reflection comes with the territory. External factors are simply a test of your determination. Giving up is only an option if what you seek is not aligned with what brings balance and happiness to you. Move with intention and let your core values lead the decision process for what is worth continuing. Read more>>

Chyundra Twyman | Makeup Artist

With a business such as beauty there is always change happening daily. So many times I have gotten to a point where I wanted to give up on my brand simply because I wasn’t meeting the goals I had set for myself. I had to constantly re-evaluate myself and the plan I have for my business and in that moment was hope, encouraging people to push me and show me that things will never be easy when you are your own boss. I feel whole heartedly that God places us in situations and around people to help us grow! As much as I have wanted to give up, my option has never been yes give up but more so yes keep pushing because I know that my passion will forever outgrow the fear I have of failure. Always know that giving up is never really a option until you have given it your all and exhausted every possible way to succeed at the goal you have set. Read more>>

Anthony Jefferson | Lifestyle & Brand Photographer

Personally I wouldn’t use the term “give up” because it sounds like quitting. Every project, task, or obligation I finish. Everything is not meant to go on forever, and everything comes to an end. I know it is my time for me to move on or to stop when I have nothing else to say, or I reached my maximum growth in that situation. In my line of work it is attached to my perspectives, my feelings, my story. When I feel like I have shared all that I can share, I move on and put a bookend to that project. Read more>>

Deandra James | Blogger and Podcaster

You know, it’s funny that I’m answering this question. I say that because I ask myself constantly if I should give up or if I should keep going. When you’re not seeing the results you want or need to see, it’s easy to shift to the thought of “maybe this isn’t meant for me.” I’m not one to focus heavily on my statistics when it comes to my content, but being a content creator, my statistics play a big role. When I’m not making the sales I thought I’d made or I’m not getting as many likes as I hoped, that really discourages me. How I know that I should keep going is first, the drive and passion I have for what I do has never left. No matter what it is you’re doing or trying to do, if it’s something you’re passionate about then you should never give up on it. The road isn’t going to be easy no matter what it is but if it’s worth it then you’ll keep going. Second, I know I should keep going because I’m seeing the positive impact that I’m making on others. I’ve been told by people how I’ve motivated and inspired them. Read more>>

Sara Avans | Brand Identity Strategist & Designer

I think that the best way to find an answer to this question is by questioning the reasons why I should keep going or give up. If I’m in a situation where I’m struggling with my business, I would first try to understand whether it’s just a phase and it is worth to be resilient, or a symptom that maybe pursuing that career does no longer aligns with my broader life goals, and might only bring me more frustration, anxiety and unhappiness than quitting. We need to be rational and remember that the ultimate goal is not growing a business per se, or earning lots of money, but do what makes us feel excited to wake up every morning, and grateful to have a day ahead to do what we love. I won’t quit at the first setback, but neither keep pushing myself into something that makes me miserable simply out of pride. Read more>>

Colin Agnew | Musician & Producer

I ponder it I feel like I keep peeling back the layers of an onion hoping to find a good answer. Honestly, the best answer to this might be that I don’t ever truly know whether to give up or to keep going. Often the only thing I can do is to simply trust the path I’ve set before myself, and to let go of any expectation that I can predict what the future holds for me. The business of music feels even more unpredictable than the concept of music itself. There are these constant uncertainties: Will I have a job next week? Next month? Will that person call me again? Will this project reach the right audience? Will audiences still be here for my next project? Does anyone really care about what I’m doing? Is this all just for my own satisfaction? And the response to all of these will forever be a resounding “I have no idea!” The only thing I really know is myself. And if I know myself and I believe that what I’m doing is true to who I am, then giving up becomes a useless consideration. Read more>>

Kamille Caldwell | Artist & Photographer

Knowing whether to keep going or to give up has been the theme for this phase of my life. This year has presented some challenges to me, that I think were set in front of me to see if I really want the life that I see for myself. Whenever I feel down or like there’s nothing in this world for me, I look back at some of my accomplishments. I also think about the strong support system that I’ve been blessed with. I know that this journey isn’t going to be easy, and I also know that to get to where I want to. be requires me to push through every obstacle… and that is what I plan to do. Doubt finds its way into our lives when we forget that we have a purpose to fulfill in this life, my faith in God and in myself is too strong. I can’t give up. Read more>>

B Writes | Film writer and Producer

Once I discovered that storytelling was not a hobby, but it’s my appointed mission, my life changed. Although there are days when juggling so many tasks can get overwhelming, I still feel like those are good problems to have. Also, I’m a Capricorn, and I don’t think anybody under the sun works harder than us lol. Quitting is just not an option for me. For me, it’s vital that I take a break, refocus, and come back better than ever! But I’m not giving up. Read more>>

King Roy | Event host, Entertainer, & Entrepreneur

As cliché as this may sound, I personally feel that you should NEVER give up. Think about it: every thing you do in life starts with an idea. If you thought the idea was good enough to turn it into an action, THEN THAT SHOULD BE A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO NOT GIVE UP ON IT! Don’t get me wrong, everyone has those days when things just aren’t going as planned: maybe that product isn’t selling or maybe your brand isn’t getting the exposure that you think it deserves. Don’t look at that as an opportunity to give up, instead look at it as a chance to rethink, rebrand, and renovate: BUT NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! Read more>>

Erika Moore | Special Makeup Effects & Artistry

I always tell myself I am not where my dreams are. I have always envisioned myself as a makeup artist to win Academy awards and Emmys. Even though, there are times that I feel like quitting, I always remember my big WHY which is to create studios for creators just like myself and a place where they can be themselves and express their art through makeup. This is why I refuse to give up! Giving up is not only quitting on myself ,but also on other makeup artist that are out there. Read more>>

Naomi Yaledah-Bashaar | Owner of Khyel Kosmetics & Certified Lash Tech

This is a very good question. It’s a question I find myself thinking about a lot, especially these past few months. I won’t act like I haven’t struggled.. I have definitely struggled with staying motivated, not accepting no’s and pushing through the feeling of defeat. But I have a strong support system and I’m constantly told that my hard work will pay off and to continue to trust in God. God never gives you more than you can handle. He also never says no; he says not right now, you’re not ready or nah I got something better for you! So when I feel like giving up I always remember that and when I don’t remember my support system makes sure I do!. Read more>>

Jameal Jones | Founder & Operator

My customer reactions keep me going. When my customers thank me for creating a seasoning they can use everyday without the worry of health issues such as hypertension and high cholesterol, I know I have to keep going. Giving up would be the easy way out. But I challenge myself everyday to continue to find ways to market myself and my business so that I can reach more people. Read more>>

Jeanette Laskey | Myofascial Fascial Therapist, LMT

I certainly can speak to whether I believe in keep going or to give up in the 22 years as a massage therapist. In this business burn out happens within the first five years. Ive kept going! The massage work that I do today is not the same or in the same place as it was in the past but I continue to do what I love. I can remember one particular time when I had a toddler and pregnant with my second. I was worn out and had a unique task for my business that led to loosing some money. It was a hard hit to my business. But I did not give up. I chose to move locations and save on the rent to recover from the loss. In reality I was in too big of a space and was struggling to pay rent and utilities. The conflict created a resolution I didn’t expect. When you’re standing in the middle of the storm it’s difficult to see the way out. However, sometimes the change is just exactly what was needed and all the resistance was pointless. Read more>>