Are you thinking about starting a business and wondering how others who came before you thought about whether to start? We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Kandus Johnson | Artist

I have always longed to start my own business since I was in college. Once I graduated, I instantly got a job as a graphic artist designing T-shirts while freelancing on the side. It’s never been my dream to have a 9-5 & I realized that even more once I started working for someone. After being treated poorly & having some ideas & designs stollen, I knew it was time to follow my calling. I was working hard achieving someone else’s dream, watching them reap the benefits & I knew I had to follow my instincts. Read more>>

Geraud Singh | Entrepreneur/Artist

I wanted to leave a legacy to all who doubt themselves, who want financial independence and freedom. “ I can’t leave my son my job or position at a company, I’m expendable we all are” – Geraud Singh. With my own business I can generate wealth for the generations to come. Read more>>

Casharee Smith | Boutique Owner

I was unhappy working a job I wasn’t passionate about and knew I couldn’t continue to work an unfulfilling job for the next 30 years. Therefore, I knew I had to create the job I always wanted, to be a boutique owner. Since childhood I aspired to be a fashion designer but lost sight of that as I graduated from college and began my career in corporate America. It wasn’t until I realized how truly unhappy I was with my 9-5 that made me look deep within and ask myself, what am I truly passionate about that I would love to do everyday. Read more>>

Dr. Latangela Coleman-Crossfield | CEO & Media Personality

Prayer and love are the thought process behind starting Kreative Christian Works, Inc. and Love Manifesto Radio Show. I literally had a dream about starting Kreative Christian Works. KCW’s mission is to reveal and develop within and for its clients, the inherent extraordinary abilities that will move them forward in their personal and professional lives. One day after prayer, while contemplating creating a radio broadcast, Love Manifesto’s premise and business model was birth. Read more>>

William Lowe | Shepherd

My corporation is solely based on biblical principles. I did not, can not, and will not allow it to be operated without the Person, Power, Presence, and Promise of the Holy Spirit. My thought process behind starting my own corporation was “people need something that will mend their souls, help provide the connection to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and a firm leadership or shepherding in the True Gospel of Christ Jesus.” Read more>>

Horace Shivers | Family Man

I started my business to create generational weath for my kids. I currently have a son Eli, 8 and a daughther Journey, 1. I wanted them to have a busniess that they could own once they finish high school that would generate income instantly and something they could pass to there kids if they choose to. I also wanted freedom to be actively involve in their extracurricular activities. Shivers Superior Home Inspection provides me the flexibilty without working a 9-5 to financial support my family and be more of a hands on parent with my wife Patrice,34. Read more>>

Ashley Jones | Therapist, Life Coach, & Artist

I’ve never really enjoyed the 9-5 business suit scene. I hated the monotony, the meetings that could have been emails, and working under someone who likes to run things, but have poor leadership skills. So, I knew I needed to work for myself. I just didn’t know what the heck I’d be doing! In the beginning those were my reasons! Now, however, my journey to being a professional counselor, certified life coach, and music artist I found a new reason to have a business. Read more>>

Orlena Wyatt | Founder of T.A.N.K Presents: UNPLUGGED

When I first began thinking of my concept for my program/business, Unplugged, I first thought of the people that would be apart of it. I envisioned everyone leaving with an EXPERIENCE. I wanted them to leave with an experience that was unique to each person. I also wanted to incorporate activities that I experienced as a child that my grandparents, Willie and Maude Dunson, worked hard to create and shared with me. As a city girl being blessed with this “country experience” I definitely stood out from the rest of my peers. Read more>>

Jamaal Bynes | Dj & Marketing Specialist

I think this maybe everyone, well most, entrepreneurs thought process when staring a business………Is it worth it ? If you love what you do and have a good plan behind it and her is the key, JUST START IT, then most of the time it will work, but like anything in life you have to work at it Read more>>

Haylie Montgomery | Comedian, Director, and Producer

When I thought about starting my own business my first thought was… Who will benefit from this? And my hope is that everyone does! My ultimate goal was and still is to build meaningful partnerships that will empower ALL involved. Bringing people, communities, non profits, and businesses together. To have a bit of fun, and to make a difference in Atlanta. Shelby Tesio, Amber Chandler, and I are the producers of Hand Up – Stand Up, We are working hard still, during COVID19, to build partnerships that empower all involved. Read more>>

Valli Millsaps | Owner/Operator of a Custom Picture Frame and Print Shop

Starting your business is everyone’s dream, right? Or at least it has been mind for my entire life. When I was young I thought I would have an artist school and gallery, then I thought I would have a deli or a B&B. But when it came time to actually realize my dream… it was a custom frame shop. I feel like I am in my art class all day. I love it. Read more>>

Marcus Hanna | Owner Operator [CMV]

I wanted something that was mine, Something that would support my dreams without taking up much of my time! For this that don’t know other than me being a Producer/Engineer, I also own & operate a trucking company. Read more>>