The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

MoIeshia Johnson | Travel Agency Owner/Travel Host

The most important decision I have ever made besides working for myself would be following my own path. In todays society it has become a trend to follow others on social media or simply allow others to tell you what you should be doing. Its easy to see a successful black lawyer or doctor and think oh wow, I want to be just like him/her. Granted career paths like that are amazing and I think those who follow them are strong and outstanding individuals. But what if that’s not actually your path is? But you followed it because you watched family members do so or you thought it looked cool seeing someone else in a white coat on Instagram. Read more>>

Tre Matthews | Podcast Producer/Host & Content Creator

Staying consistent. I know it sounds cliche, however podcasting is more than just you talking in a microphone with a friend or two. Podcasting is equivalent to any other endeavor you want to be successful at and flourish from. Flexibility, time management skills, and a lot of communication fall under that umbrella as well. My business partner Scott & I have dedicated endless time when it comes to our craft and with that comes working overtime each and every week. Coming up with topics is second nature to us since its a hundred percent authentic; Our challenge is the behind the scene work that people don’t see or aren’t privy too and part of that starts with the foundation of holding one another accountable and staying CONSISTENT on are best or worst days. Read more>>

Faydra Black | Online Content Creator and Mental Health Advocate

To no be ashamed or hide what I choose to do. I am open and honest about all aspects to my career. In the current climate, We do what we need to do to be successful. And supply and demand lol Read more>>