We asked some of the city’s most brilliant and creative minds to tell us about the most difficult decision they’ve had to make.

Divine Coles | Holistic Health Intuitive Healer

The most difficult decision that i have ever had to make was to keep going. Despite all the odds, I understand that building a business does not happen over night. It takes time, consistency, self work, and the desire to not slip back into old habits of thinking. Read more>>

Mark Hayes | Speaker & Media Consultant

The most difficult decision I ever had to make, was deciding to walk away from an amazing career in television news which had been my life for almost 30 years. It was difficult, but I believed it was the best decision for me and our family at the time. And as I look back on it, it was absolutely the right choice for me and although I was as scared as one could possibly be, I realize today that it was without a doubt the right decision for us all. I decided that after August 17, 2016 that I no longer wanted to be in the television news business. It was the worst day of our lives, as my oldest son was charged with some very serious crimes related to a home invasion right here in metro Atlanta. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and my heart to this day goes out to the family that suffered through this horrible event. I was shocked an amazed and never thought my children were capable of this kind of irrational behavior, but as we all know the opioid epidemic saw no boundaries and no one was immune. Read more>>

Chiron Beavers | Founder of The FABSNetwork LLC

The most difficult decision that I ever had to make was trusting myself. I had made decisions in the past that were unsuccessful in business. Not only trusting myself; but having the confidence that I could own a successful business. I had to trust that the God-given gifts and talents that I possess, were my purpose. And I had to believe wholeheartedly in those gifts. After gaining that mindset; I then knew that I had to go hard, with no limits to obtain success. Read more>>

Pkay Oldham | Maker, Designer, & Illustrator

One of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make is putting myself out there. I’ve always been very protective of my art, designs, and crafts. I used to second guess myself so much, think my projects weren’t good enough, and often wondered if people would like my art. I used to design and create things that were relevant to what was trending in the world and it didn’t make me happy or motivate me to keep creating. Once I finally let all that self-doubt go and trying to please others is when I finally started to be happy with my art. Once I started to create the things I loved and that was important to me is when it became easy to put myself out there and genuinely enjoy doing the work. I also noticed an increase in my business, sales, and engagement on all my social media platforms when I started to be true to myself. I didn’t realize how much I was hindering my own growth. Read more>>

Sia Spence | Script Consultant & Young Queenz Mentor

The most difficult decision I’ve ever had to make was leaving my home country, Bermuda, with my two young children to move to the United States to attend University, not knowing how I was going to do it. Then on the flip side after becoming adjusted to my new life, I had to then turn around, 6 years later due to immigration policies and decide, reluctantly, to leave the United States and go back home where the film industry is not booming but I had to decide to trust the process. Read more>>

B Moment | Owner of Buzy Beez Blingz N Thingz

I know that it may sound odd. But the biggest risk that I have taken is to invest in myself. It wasn’t an easy decision. Especially when you’ve always worked for someone else. The fear of the unknown can be an extreme source of trepidation. The time, money, energy, commitment and dedication that it takes can be overwhelming at times. However, when you make that first sale… WOW!!! Exhilarating!! All worth it. Read more>>

Kelley Klein | Photographer

I’ve had to make two difficult decisions regarding my business and both decisions involved letting go of specific jobs and areas of photography. One decision happened after I read a quote from someone that said “You’ll never have a successful business if you spend all your time working to make someone else’s business successful.” At the time I was running my own business but also doing a lot of contract work for multiple companies. I was making a great living but I was always busy and had no time to grow my personal business bigger than what it was. After reading that, I started the process of ending my contracts and expanding my personal client base. Since then I’ve never taken a contract job and my business has flourished. The second decision was based more on my home life. I photographed weddings for many years and in that time I had two children. When my children started going to school full-time I realized that I only had two days a week to spend with them (Saturday & Sunday) and I was losing that time every weekend that I had a wedding to photograph. If I had a wedding Saturday, I would be gone that day/night and then be exhausted all day Sunday. Read more>>