We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us.  Check some of those out below.

Alexandra Zak | Photographer

“Sit through the pain” Growth is painful. A lot of times in life I wasn’t able to sit thru growth and watch something or myself grow. I was impatient and only listened to myself. I gave up too quickly or my responses were shot from the hip instead of taking aim. It is my mantra with everything in life. My business has had ups and downs and sometimes I am outright over it. But, I sit through the growth. And when I think I can’t or the feelings of refusing to continue to grow anymore creep up- every time something beautiful happens when I sit thru the discomfort… Growth. Read more>>

Elise Roberts | National TV News Senior Producer

“Faith Over Fear” As someone who is constantly pushing herself to the next level, I’d be lying if I said there isn’t a healthy dose of fear that comes along with it. Fear can be crippling IF you let it. Every single day I remind myself to put my faith over my fear. It is what drives me. It also challenges me to do something that scares me every chance I get. Whether it’s having a difficult conversation, traveling alone, making a big purchase or re-evaluating a friendship. I have to lead with faith because fear has no place in my life. Read more>>

Adrienne Allen | Publicist & Owner of IPY Agency LLC

My favorite quote is “the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away”. I love this quote because so often, we are deterred or turned off by things that happen to us at the hands of other people. Whether that be gossip, speaking negatively about you, or simply trying to make you believe that you are undeserving of the dreams and goals that you have created for yourself. All of these things are untrue, never let other people talk you out of believing in yourself and your abilities, the world won’t give it to you, getting it is up to you and once you have it, the world won’t be able to take it away from you. Read more>>

Paul Bashea Williams | CEO, Mental Health Therapist, Public Speaker, & Author

“You either commit to your breakthrough or submit to your breakdown” I created it after being faced with many challenges personally and professionally. I was praying and this WORD was given to me and I committed to my breakthrough. Life went up from there. It didn’t become perfect, it became purposed. Whenever I faced a challenge, I found ways to recommit. I like it because it’s a constant reminder of choice. Even when in a low space, we can find ways, resources, people, and God to rely on. Read more>>

Dominick Ruggieri | Shifu

My favorite quote, which is mine, is “You CAN Do It, Even If It Hurts a Little.” I started using this saying when I was teaching. Adult and children are often told, the “no pain, no gain,” implies pain to get ahead. I think we need a more accurate and positive message. The first part of the message is YOU CAN DO IT! This is without exception. The second part of the message is a sacrifice or some element of going beyond our normal limits will be required and that will be uncomfortable. So, whether teaching children or adults, the mantra was YOU CAN DO IT, EVEN IF IT HURTS A LITTLE and I would have them repeat after me. Nothing comes easy, but we should not see it as pain, but, as a way to go outside the box to grow. Read more>>