We asked folks we admire to shoutout books and tell us about the impact those books had on them.

Jacquelyn Clark | Model/Actress & Stylist

Experience is everything, mine shaped my life. Most of the color, the detail, of my story’s success comes from the ventures I’ve had through working as a promotional model from the age of 21, and working in film and television in Atlanta over the last 8 years. Read more>>

Gavin Harden | Actor, Writer, Producer, Director and all-around Dope Guy

The end goal is to create quality stories that I and people like me enjoy, and to actually be paid for it. By the end of my career, I would like to be an established well-known writer, actor and producer. I would like to create jobs for people in the film industry and open up opportunities for the students at Hampton University. Give them the guidance and opportunities I didn’t have while attending the university. Read more>>

Zana Cook | Salon Owner, Haircolor & Microlink Specialist

Ah ! This is the question that I think most hairstylist don’t have the real answer to until they’ve been behind the chair a while and really have some experience. My end goal is to go into education and management full time. I realized a couple years ago after hiring my first assistant that I actually loved teaching and helping others grow. Read more>>

alejandra meza | model

The end goal for me is to eventually become a esthetician. I’ve always loved skincare and makeup ever since I can remember. Helping other women feel beautiful would be just another addition to that! Im planning on starting esthetician school very soon. Read more>>

Amber Barnes | Actress/Assistant Director Amber Barnes

My end goal is to be a professional actress, assistant director and entrepreneur for my Spa business. I want to be either in L..A. or California but to be honest, where ever God guides me, I am perfectly happy. Read more>>

Carlotta Berry | electrical engineering and robotics professor, NoireSTEMinist

I was inspired to start my own business during the pandemic when I noticed that people were hungry for some unique skills I had to offer. As one of a few Black women engineering professor who teaches controls, robotics, and design I was being asked to speak and give workshops often. Read more>>

Dean J. Fusto | President, EduPreneur, and Founder

The end goal is also the goal that launched my career. I want to know every single day that I have completed my work having helped others. I am so fortunate to have grown up in a family business and being able to see how my parents were driven by lives of purpose. Read more>>

Chansity Allen | Brand Curator, CEO

CAPPE & CO. is a multidisciplinary creative agency founded by Chansity Allen. With over 15 years of experience in design and company logistics CAPPE & CO. informs its unique perspective in crafting and consulting distinctive brands and memorable experiences. Read more>>