Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Francesca McComb | Digital Creator & Entrepreneur

As long as I can remember I’ve worked a job. Since the age of 14 I’ve had many jobs since having my own money was always an important goal for me. I’ve worked at my church daycare… I’ve been a musician for several churches in my home town… I worked several mall and retail jobs… Read more>>

Sabrina Saleha | Screenwriter & Actress

I am Diné (Navajo) Todích’íí’nii clan on my mom’s side and my dad is from Bangladesh. As a Diné-South Asian, actress and screenwriter, I do not see my life experience shared and I feel it is my unique calling to share my perspective from the lens of culturally growing up in two beautiful distinct cultures. Read more>>

Erin Accomando | Lead Vocalist + Songwriter of ELSIE BINX

For me personally, music has *always* been the one and only answer. It’s been present in my life for as long as I can remember… Starting with musical TV shows like Zoobilee Zoo, Disney movies, and Broadway soundtracks, and then translating to me being in choir and band throughout school, learning about classic rock, and LOVING 90’s and 00’s music growing up. I was either going to go to school to be a band director or to go into radio/television announcing, and well, neither of those panned out very quickly. Read more>>

Monica Malone | Multitalented Artist, Dancer, and Performer

I’ve been creating for as long as I can remember! Literally, nothing else makes sense to me. I struggled with the science and math part of school, and knew that a career in the arts was what I was meant to do. Read more>>

Cryss Simmons Founder + Creative Director | Founder + Creative Director

Short answer. The arts have called me ever since I came out the womb. My father was a singer, my Granny had an amazing singing voice, my mother was an actor and my uncles were musicians. Read more>>

Levi Ransom | Singer/Songwriter

I’ve always been a very creative thinker since I was young. I would write fiction stories for my classmates throughout grade school & I loved it. Music on the other hand has been the biggest part of my life ever since I could remember. Read more>>

Lonnie Lyle | Music Artist, Photographer, Actor, Writer, Content Creator

I pursued an artistic career due to be always as a child making up stories, drawings, poems, and being a deep thinker. And as I got older those poems turned into rapping, those drawings turned into me doing photography, and made up stories turned into short movies that I’ve written. Now with me being grown, My mind is always thinking of new ventures to get into. And I love that about myself. #NeverNotWorking Read more>>

KBE Vonte | Recording Artist

Man, I really just wanted to be heard. And I wanted to inspire. I felt like I could change the game with my cadences and styles. I was always an artist. I drew a lot when I was younger and I also did origami and stuff. So crafting was always in me. Read more>>

Kyante’ Brumfield | RnB Singer/Songwriter

Since I was 6 years old, I have had dreams of being a singer-songwriter/performer. My thought process of being an independent artist stemmed from experience in theatre and vocal training in high school and college and just coming alive on stage. Read more>>

Gris Gomez | Surrealist/ Visual artist

The creative gene has always been in my family. My parents are both artists: my father is a painter, and my mother is probably the most crafty, creative person I’ve ever met. Read more>>

Jasmin Hadrany | Contemporary Artist

I always had a big passion for drawing, painting and creating things overall. I used to draw a lot as a child and always felt the urge to express myself. During school, I had my paper and pen ready to sketch and draw, as this helped me to focus. However, I always kept my work for myself, as I was not sure if people would like it. Read more>>

Toney Cosey | Producer, director, & Screenwriter

That’s what God put me here for.. He gave me a powerful imagination and I want to show the world. Read more>>


I honestly been into Writing music since the age of 12 lol Lil Boosie inspired me at a young age mostly because I could relate to his music soo much.. I was born and raised in gate city projects (Birmingham Alabama) seeing a lot at a young age to be a girl.. Read more>>

Vanessa Moore | Author & Writing Coach

I have been making up and telling stories for as long as I can remember. When I was eight, and one of my little brothers was around two years old, my mother would sit him on top of telephone books to eat dinner at the dining room table. Read more>>

Ebony XIX | Graphic Designer & Digital Artist

As a child, I loved music videos. Almost to the point that I live my life like a music video even to this day. I was about four years old when I saw the music video for “More Than a Woman” by Aaliyah and thought “How do I make stuff like this?” from then on I involved myself in everything artistic and graphics related. Read more>>

Ti’rasTone | Musical Artist

I pursued an artistic career because I wanted to express how I feel in a whole different way to where others who feel the same emotions as me can connect without having to have an interaction with a real human being knowing certain people have ruff times opening up to others. Read more>>