Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Zacarria Burks | Licensed Nail Technician

I don’t think I chose a creative career, I like to think this career chose me. Originally starting off in the hair and makeup portion of the beauty industry, nails kind of just fell into my lap. Nails has always been something that I wanted do since i could remember. I never even knew I could get so creative until I started doing nails. My creative career has challenged me in so many ways for the better. Nails is just my career, it is my passion, my peace, and my happiness. Read more>>

Chia Swinger | Artisan

I feel colors deeply. Seeing them come together to create art touches my soul in places that other ideas and concepts cannot reach. It is like breath and has become something I need. It has penetrated every aspect of my life and serves as a friend, teacher, healer, and has now become a provider. Growing up I participated in musical arts which opened the door for me to learn about what art can be. What I have learned is that art is everywhere and I can see it in places where no one is looking. I was compelled to allow art to be a vehicle for my journey and it has brought me to a wonderful and exciting business called Lucid Queen, where I get to share how I feel through creating jewelry and accessories. Read more>>

Madelyn Dover | Model & Photographer

I have been a creative my entire life. I took an art class every year that I went to school. Those art classes not only helped me find a passion of mine, but gave me a place to express myself and also de-stress. Art is my happy place. I’ve fallen in love with many types of art over time; drawing, painting, sculpting, digital, photography, videography and now modeling. I know in my heart that I have to pursue a creative career because that’s what I’ve always been. I don’t think life would be worth it without people being able to express themselves through art and make it as creatives. Read more>>

DaVinci Don | Lover w/Thug Tendencies

I “chose” this path because it matches my frequency. The vibration of creativity and art is active. It’s in motion. It’s ever-changing. If you dip in a toe, you might feel the waves. If you jump in with both feet, eyes closed, off the diving board, into the deep end, you’re bound to make a splash. Read more>>

Latrice Goss (L the Chef) | Private Chef & Caterer

I’ve always been artistic and creative, from elementary school. I won my first poetry award in 6th grade after I entered a contest on a whim. I didn’t even think I would win but when I did, I felt like I was on to something and took it further. From there I took a huge interest in English, Writing and Language Arts classes all through High School. I have two degrees, one in Journalism and the other in Communications. I was the Managing Editor of my college newspaper and had my own Entertainment column with a local newspaper for over 10 years, as well as wrote features for various entertainment blogs and websites. Read more>>

Gabrielle Joan | Extras Casting Assistant & Artist

Being artistic runs in my family! My grandmother is an artist, she makes beautiful tapestries. What she does is a dying art form. My grandfather was an artist too, not only was he an art teacher, but he was commissioned to make monumental sculptures! I pursued Videography. I find the art of making a picture come to life very beautiful and rewarding. Whether that’s filming nature, parts of a city, filming animals or filming a person, the fact that we can make that come to life, instead of just taking a still photograph is pretty amazing to me. When I watch motion pictures, whether it be a film, documentary or just someone videoing their vacation spot with their phone, my mind immediately transports me to that place as if I were actually present at that set location. I’m also a huge day dreamer! I think that’s a huge reason why I pursued Videography as well. I have lot of ideas bouncing around in my head and one day, I’d like to see them come to life! Read more>>

The Murphs | Americana/Roots Rock Band

I think we all chose this path because we didn’t feel like we could be completely fulfilled otherwise. The music business can be draining and discouraging at times, as many know, especially recently through the pandemic. We always joke though by saying “what else can we do?” Music is what we do. Music is what we love. Music is our element and the stage is our home. It was never an option to not pursue music, so we continuously approach new challenges from as many different angles as possible. Read more>>

Jasmine Alexander | Actor/ Filmmaker

I started with a passion to create at a very young age. While I was growing up,having a dream to become an actress was not something most people saw as obtainable. I remember growing up in cold flint, MI, where I would watch a ton of movies and shows being so inspired and moved. It was amazing to see how people that look like me can create such magic on the “big screen” I had one goal in mind. And that was to become an actress! I was dead set on it and after many of life’s obstacles, I am proud to say I am an actor/ filmmaker. Read more>>

Laura Poteet | Family Lifestyle Photography

As long as I can remember, I have always had a love for the arts, photography in particular. I have to give credit to my mom for instilling that love in me, and inspired me to pursue my passion in photography. My mom was incredibly creative and talented. She could look at anything or imagine something, and paint it beautifully, bringing it to life on canvas. Growing up, there was a conversation she and I had that stood out to me. It was about following our dreams. While my mom was naturally a very talented artist, and she dreamed of perusing that, she ended up taking a different path. Knowing that she and I shared the same passion for the arts, she told me she wished she would have followed her dreams, and encouraged me to follow mine. Read more>>