Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Glenn Murray | Founder 220 Communications /Co Founder G-Rose Productions

I think about risk from a big picture perspective. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. And everything worth winning is worth taking some measure of risk. In my life and career I look at where I come from (a pretty depressed area of the country in the deep south) and what I’ve managed to achieve even with the majority of expectations low. The same for my businesses. Almost every one of them was started with some doubt expressed by someone once the idea was shared. I look at what we’ve done with 220 publishing and what we’ve been able to do in our joint ventures and I’m proud to say I took the risk. My advice to anyone hoping to achieve some measure of success and satisfaction. I would say take the risk, you’ll be surprised at how much you’re capable of doing. Read more>>

Jet Rogers | Artist

Taking risk has taught me how to stand on my own with my head held high regardless of the outcome. I’ve learned that taking risk can put you in a better situation then trying to play it safe and careful. Not taking certain risk have hindered my success and made the road to success even longer Without believing in yourself, nothing is possible. With no risk there’s no fear, and without fear it’s nothing driving you to overcome. I’ve used fear to push me to my personal limit so I can overcome and accomplish the level of success I think is success. Read more>>

Kiara Mone’t Banks | Radio Personality, Content Creator, and Brand Strategist

I’ve always been a risk taker. I’ve always believed in jumping first and assessing after. Risk taking is literally what led me to some of the biggest opportunities in my career. What I didn’t realize when I was younger was how important it is to take CALCULATED risks, and how important it is to weigh those risks with your heart AND your head. Once you’re able to establish a risk vs reward balance, you will discover your own unique strategy that helps you to build your empire. Read more>>

Natalia Taylor | Freedom Advocate

As it relates to investing, with risk comes opportunity. In order to get from one state of being to another, it may involve some level of risk. To me, there are varying degrees of risk. There’s the risk you take that can put you away for years, lets call this foolish risk; and, then there’s calculated risk. When you’ve taken a moment to weight all options and you come to the conclusion that the risk is necessary. For me, I recall the financial crisis of 2008 very well. Read more>>

Airelle Thornhill | Owner of Thornhill Media Company (OR) Creative Strategist

“Without risk, there is no reward” – Christy Raedeke I’ve always believed that without risk, you’ll never benefit from the freedom on the other side. After you take one risk, future risks become easier and easier. You begin to build trust within yourself. I am no stranger to risks. I moved to Atlanta in 2019 with no job, no place to live, and a little under one thousand dollars to my name. After securing the necessities, I quit my full time job to pursue my business, in the middle of a pandemic. Read more>>

Hunnid M’z | Recording Artist

I feel tasking risks shall one day lead to you prospering. When becoming successful you had to take risks on friends , family and thing you are used to doing. The most influential part of taking a risk is noticing your worth. Taking risks inspired me a lot and really showed me what’s real and what’s fake. Read more>>

Ryan Fleming | Comedian & Office Director for Affordable Housing in the State of Georgia

I am a very analytical person and use that part of my mind for my daytime work in affordable housing/housing finance to assess risk and the financial viability of affordable housing developments for the State of Georgia. However, for personal endeavors, like pursuing my career as a standup comedian, my assessment of risk is often more of a gut reaction. When the fear of not taking a chance starts to eat at me and mount up to something that causes more anxiety than the thought of actually making the attempt itself (even with likely failure), that is when I know it is time to try something scary. Read more>>

Maeva Komenan | Photographer & Digital cotent creator

I think risks are necessary! My career as a creative thrives on mostly calculated risks and honestly sometimes not so calculated risks. If you want a big pay off, you have to take a big risk. It’s the only way to level up. Taking risks and challenging yourself goes hand in hand. Read more>>

Joseph Daniels | Personal Trainer | Sports Massage & Recovery Therapist

Risk taking is like standing out on a ledge and when you look down, not being able to see the ground. At that moment you have to make a decision on whether to step off or not. So you ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with where I am standing right now?” If I take this step I could lose everything that I’ve worked so hard for up to this point. On the optimistic side, I could step out, take a temporary setback, and eventually be standing at a higher place later. I’m an optimist. On top of that, I strongly believe in myself. So I believe that if I do step off of that ledge and hit the bottom that I have the ability to get back to that same ledge again anyway, and maybe a better version of myself. So in my mind, am I really losing? Only if I don’t step off and try. Read more>>

Hasina Amira | aka Boujee Bonnie

The risk you didn’t take could be the reason you will never meet success. Entrepreneurship is full of risks from the beginning to the end. It will push you to do things you never thought you could do. As scary as risks can be it can potentially shape your future. Nothing is ever too risky! Read more>>

Arriana Bey | Boutique Owner & Consultant

I think my outlook on risk taking comes from a really positive and hopeful place, “When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” is the quote that I live by when it comes to taking risks. I feel that possibilities are endless once you step out of your comfort zone, but its always a risky move because you can never be certain of the outcome. I have always been someone who is willing to risk loss in hope for gain, but that’s because the gain is always worth the risk for me. I make sure to back up every calculated risk I take with hard work and persistence, and it usually works out for me. Read more>>

Christian Farmer | Photographer

Like they say , without risk there’s no reward , but also you need to hard work . I feel there will be many opportunities to take risk throughout your career but it all comes down to which risk you choose to take . While I’m not saying be too picky , when you have options , really sit and decide which one would fit you best or be the better one to take. Read more>>

Keisha Bowman | Master PMU Artist & Beauty Suites Owner

I feel that being an entrepreneur within itself, is a risk. We leave our 9-5 jobs, use all of our savings with no guarantee of a return to pursue a career that has the potential to fail. However, taking risks is the only way to seek opportunity and to gain knowledge. Every single entrepreneur took a risk at some point in their career whether big or small and in my opinion, successful entrepreneurs will continue to take risks because that’s the only way for growth and success. Read more>>

Bashan Gumm | Social Media Manager

I like to consider myself a “cautious risk-taker”. I believe taking risks is necessary for the next step as fear is what keeps up complacent. The role of risk-taker was used to describe my youth, moving cross country for college although I was at risk of dropping out; Staying cross country while being a single parent, and schooling at the same time; and Investing in my business when I was extremely low on funds. Although I took risks that made other people cringe, I don’t regret anything. The learning experiences gave me a better outlook on life and going after the life I want instead of going after a bag. It taught me how to be patient and believe in making temporary sacrifices for permanent gains. Risk-taking also played a role in allowing me to look back on my process and remind me to celebrate the wins more. Read more>>

Dawn Majette | Master Hair Stylist

My thoughts on risk taking, well let’s just put it this way, if you never take any risk you may miss out on what maybe your best opportunities in life. Of course there’s always the possibility of failure but you won’t know what would happen until you try. Most successful businesses fail a time or two before they become successful. That keeps me motivated to continue on this journey of entrepreneurship. Read more>>

Jay Galloway | Co- Owner of The Hemp Source in Winston Salem, NC & Serial Entrepreneur

I believe that taking risk is a must in order to be successful. The saying low risk, low reward is such a true statement after realizing that almost every move we make in life requires taking a risk. When opening The Hemp Source in Winston Salem, NC we knew that being black in the south and opening a cannabis store was going to be risky. Without taking the risk of opening, we would not have been able to help so many people and there would have been a lack of representation for people of color in this space amongst our community. It can be scary but we feel that growth comes from being uncomfortable. Read more>>

Austin Parks | Photographer

Last year during quarantine, I spent every single day of March-July pursuing a job in my degree based in Atlanta so I could qualify for an apartment and make my move to Atlanta. Hundreds of applications, countless Zoom interviews, several follow up calls, high hopes. None of it amounted to anything. On August 2, 2020 I found out I could just pay to rent a room via Airbnb and by August 6 I was in Atlanta. Read more>>