Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Kevin Darcy | Entrepreneur I Real Estate Advisor I Artist I Business Owner

I categorize risk in 2 different ways. Productive risk and detrimental risk. Risk has played a tremendous role in my life since I was a kid. I was always into extreme sports and am an absolute adrenaline junky. Later in life this turned out to be a blessing and a curse. Like a lot of people, I went through a period in life of doing dumb shit to chase that high which didn’t always turn out in my favor. After hitting low after low after low I decided it was time to make a change. I started channeling my risk towards more productive things and found it still yielded that same adrenaline inducing feeling. Read more>>

Henley Worthen | Poet, Author, Wild Woman, Writing Facilitator, Wanderer.

Newsflash, sugar: No one likes change. Change feels uncomfortable and out of control. The unknown is vast and unpredictable, yet — when we begin to take risks more often, we grow that muscle. The first time I moved to a foreign country on my own, I was 21 and hopped on a plane to Barcelona. I didn’t know how to seek community outside of school settings, and it was often lonely and uncomfortable. By the time I left, I had grown so much and new how to meet new people with aligned interests. Read more>>

Shelton Hawkins Jr | Founder of Étrange Studios®?, Designer, Creative Director, Photographer, Videographer, Music Artist, Music Producer, Music Engineer.

I sort of look at risk as challenges necessary for growth. Risks are often the thing between a person & the next step or next level in life. I’ve been taking risks ever since I decided to pursue fashion as a career. Starting off I didn’t know if my business would thrive & prosper, I expected it to, but I just didn’t know. I made what many people would consider a risky decision by putting a hard pause on school to focus on my craft full-time. Then theres the design aspect of it. I have no idea how the masses will receive the art that I create. Read more>>

Mia Michon | Aspiring model and actor.

I truly believe in the saying the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. I don’t think a person can succeed without taking the first necessary steps that I would consider risk to get yourself out there. I’ve taken risk that has given me better opportunities and I’ve taking risk that I’ve learned from to make better decisions for my future. Read more>>

Stephen Pierce | Hairstylist

I find risk taking, while difficult and a bit frightening, is generally worth it. Risk taking is what brought me to Atlanta. My wife and I moved here on a good feeling and it has paid off in more ways than one. Taking risks gave me the opportunity to navigate my career on my terms and start a life in a new city even during the pandemic! Read more>>

Dominique Reedy | Celebrity Pet Stylist

I feel there is no true success story without risk being taken. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia from Birmingham, Alabama at the age of 21 yr old that was one of the scariest moments of my life. However, without taking that risk I wouldn’t have the clientele and success I have obtained today. Read more>>

Osama Ogbeide | Actor & Screenwriter

I think in order to achieve your goals in life, especially in the acting industry, taking a risk on yourself is extremely important. I’ve always had a “if they can do it, then so can I” mentality when it comes to my career as an actor. I took a risk when I decided to change my major from biology to theater back when I was in college. That was when I knew I was going to put in 100% of my time into acting. The decision to change my major was a huge risk for me because I knew that not only would I have to stay in college for a longer period of time, Read more>>

April Bredael | Tour Manager

Working in music in any form is a risk. Unless you’re born into a family of musicians or highly decorated executives, you’re likely going to face struggle, rejection, loneliness, and doubt. For most of my life, I didn’t even know that ‘music industry’ could be a career path. When I finally discovered that it was, I entered a brief period in my life where I thought it would be super cool to pursue but had very little confidence that it would actually work out. Eventually, as I gained more and more experience and talked to more and more people, Read more>>

Jon Bailey | Atlanta Used Furniture Owner

I’m a strong believer that entrepreneurs have to take many risks to get to where they want to be. You aren’t a true entrepreneur if you aren’t ready to take a risk. I’ve taken many risks to get to where I am today. The first major risk I took was leasing my first warehouse in Chamblee when I was 1 year out of college. The warehouse was 5000 square feet and $2000 a month. I knew at the time that in order to fully build a furniture business, I needed a lot of space. $2000 at the time was a lot of money for me, Read more>>

Jill Fuentes | Career Coach + Resume Writer

Taking risks in your career/necessary is necessary to elevate to the next level. The biggest obstacle to overcome when taking risks is your mind and negative talk from others. During The Great Resignation of 2021, I left my company of 8 years to pursue my dreams and build my company, The Six Figure Career Club. Where I support career changers to be bold in their career and take risks. Read more>>

Aungelle White | Licensed Cosmetologist , Master Colorist & Salon Owner

It’s important to take risks why you’re young , because every risk you take comes with more knowledge and experience ! Risk taking gives yourself permission to try things out , to learn, to fail, to grow and to explore. Not only will risk taking present you with more opportunities and perspectives but it will teach you lessons that being stagnant could never . Even if you fail your first try , failure will teach you important lessons . Taking risks has been a fabric of my decision making since I was a child . Playing safe has never gotten me far so I’m reaching for the stars . Anything under the sun is mine! Read more>>

J Kyle Reynolds | Musician Singer/ Songwriter

I’m a musician and singer/songwriter. (This should help with relevance) I believe risk is necessary. It’s not something to be feared. As a matter of fact, we consider risks and risk management in our day-to-day lives. Imagine the risks involved with a simple outing to the store? We drive, bike, walk. All are means to achieve a set goal. Now, what if we crash? Hit a curb or step off from a curb and twist an ankle? All are possibilities. Read more>>

Mili Patel | Digital Content Creator

The biggest risk-taker in my life is my mom, Meena Patel, who created a chain reaction in our family lineage through immigrating from Mumbai, India to America. She began her journey in Morbi, Gujarat, a small village town where women were not encouraged to pursue careers outside of the home. In this town, she became a learner of everything, especially the things she was discouraged from—whether that be wearing clothing that wasn’t always modest, creating her own business in embroidery, and eventually leaving to move to Mumbai, a city filled with ambition, alongside my father. From there, she realized that my father’s job as a mechanical engineer would not allow them to have the financial freedom they desperately needed. Read more>>

Kennedi Fergudon | Yummi Skincare CEO

Advancing in life is risky within all aspects of being successful. For the past three years, I have been risking my true happiness of being a full-time entrepreneur in order to gain financial freedom. I would say that being young and taking this risk is going to allow me to have a greater potential of a better reward. I dream of waking up every day just to pack orders and create products for my business, Yummi Skincare. By next year, I will have no debt and enough financial stability to quit my corporate position and invest 100% into my skincare brand. Read more>>

Christina Carrick | Psychotherapist

One of my favorite quotes is, “If it’s both terrifying and amazing, then you should definitely pursue it.” I believe that fear shouldn’t be a factor in making decisions. While there are risks to anything – relocations, job change, etc., each movement teaches us something. And each move is an experience that can move you forward for the next change. When I graduated from grad school at Florida State University with my Masters in Social Work, I was interning at a school. When I went into Social Work, my end goal was to work for the school system. Read more>>

Jamal Osagie | Artist, Photographer, and Videographer,

Taking risks has been pivotal to my development not only as a photographer but as a creative all together. No-one has ever broken any barriers or accomplished anything extraordinary by NOT taking risks. Whether its shooting a new film stock, trying out a new camera, or even shooting at a sketchy location, risk taking is something that is ultimately inevitable for me. I’d say the biggest “risk” I’ve taken in life so far has been deciding to drop out of college. I originally majored in filmmaking then switched it to photography at the beginning of my second semester. Read more>>

Ishmael Holmes | Entrepreneur, Veteran & Music Writer

RedCupTv began as a risk. Me and fellow hip-hop artists King Prophet, Jay-Out and Faded Mulah took a risk on walking away from a known label to independently support our own careers. We would buy the door to clubs to book our own shows which we dubbed as RedCup Parties in the Fayetteville North Carolina area. These parties was such a success, it became a lifestyle that we would put on camera to call it RedCupTv. It was a lot of behind the scenes fun from our crazy parties, shows and events that indirectly advertised the experience our audience can expect. Read more>>

Domonique “Nikki” Madden | Abstract Artist

I believe what you truly want is on the other side of Risk. Whether it is concerning Love, Trust, your Goals, Dreams, or Occupation..there is always risk involved because you have no true way of knowing what will come from it, Good or Bad, until you just take that Leap. Honestly, everything I have accomplished in my business and life has come because I decided to jump into the beautiful,scary,deep pool of the unknown. Being an artist has automatic risk because my success depends on whether others Want what I create. Read more>>

Marq Dalcoe | Podcast Host / Music Producer, Manager & A&R

The greater the risk the greater the reward is what I believe, I have had trials and triumphs from taking risk, some major downfalls and also major come ups due to taking risk but without the risk I don’t believe there is any accomplishment or reward in a nutshell… Read more>>

Aaron “Quick” Nelson | Professional Actor

To me when I think about risk, I think about courage, belief, and at times dealing with vulnerability. These are just a few major things that requires risk taking. And whenever you’re taking a risk for something, you begin to know who you really are. You tend to face levels of experiences during the process. The failures that may occur and if so, how would you react towards that failure? What’s your thought process? Would you give up or would the failure motivate you to find a way to reach success? These are things that make you grow in whatever you’re striving for because you believe that this risk is worth it. Read more>>

Baziel Pearce | Developmental Technologist & Instructional Designer

Risk has generally served as a catalyst for me in my life and career. When it comes to making a decision, for me it is riskier to do nothing then it is to take action. For example, when I conceived the concept and ideas for my company I found that starting the company was less of a risk than having the idea and doing nothing to bring it into fruition. Similarly when it came time to make plans after high school, making the decision to attend college was less risky than immediately joining the workforce. For me the biggest risks lie in doing nothing. Then I’m stuck with all the what-ifs, could haves, and should haves and I do not want to risk living my adult life with a lot of those hanging over my head. Read more>>

Brandon Franklin | Hat and Accessories Maker

Risk taking has played a huge roll in my life creatively and professionally. I believe taking risks means betting on yourself. When you bet on yourself you have no one to really depend on except for the work, research and grind that you yourself have put in. Recently I took a big risk relocating my life and my business to Atlanta, Georgia from New York City in middle of the pandemic shutdown. There were definitely a lot of moving parts that went into making the move and decision to uproot my life and take a chance in a city I had never really spent time in. Most of all it was the faith I had in myself and the specific niche/craft in which I specialize. We’ve been here for a little over a year now and its been hard work but we are thriving and grew exponentially. Read more>>

Jessica Turse | Owner/Stylist of The Messie Blonde Salon

I’m a firm believer that if you never take risks you’ll never have any rewards. Sometimes the biggest and scariest risks tend to be the ones that have the most positive impacts. Although no one likes change, and taking a risk is considered a change… you can’t grow or continue to grow if you never step out of your comfort zone and take that risk. I have taken many risks over the years that have led me to the best version of myself. Read more>>

Stephanie Bell | Glow-Getter ? /Business Development Consultant

Taking well calculated risks have been the very reason I have been able to transition from starting out as a inbound sales rep to starting my own business as a business development consultant. When I recognized my talent for understanding people and their motivations, I knew I wanted to expand beyond traditional sales. I also knew that it would take gaining experience in several areas related to business development in order to establish my skill level. Here is where the risk came in. Read more>>

Love of Artizmylov LLC | Tattoo Artist

All great business owners believe in the power of taking a calculated risk. When I graduated from an HBCU with my Bachelors degree in Painting, of all things, I needed a way to make art and money. Tattooing gave me the ability to create daily while making income and still having time to paint. I found the top 10 cities in the tattoo industry and bought a one way ticket to San Diego with portfolio in hand. Read more>>

Jamilla King | DIY Home Renovator & Designer

“There is no reward without risk”. Almost 10 years ago, I had a dream that showed me glimpses of where I am now. I prayed for clarity about it and figured out what I needed to do to get to the place I saw myself. About 2 months later, I quite my job. I’ll never forget this day because it was Feb 2nd. I had just paid my rent and I only had $50 in my account. The struggle was real! Although I was nervous, I was also unhappy where I was and I knew that I was given this vision for a reason. At the time just about everyone I knew thought I was crazy. There were many nights where I cried. Read more>>

Sherry DeVouse Dennard | Insurance Agent

Living a life avoiding risk will yield zero rewards, period. There’s simply no way around it; therefore, if you’re looking for easy then you maybe settling for a mediocre or basic existence. I believe your faith is employed when you trust where God is leading you. Ironically, my career as an insurance agent is geared around managing the risk of everyday life. I can think of pivotal moments in my lifespan that contributed towards my journey as an entrepreneur. However, they all came with some uncertainty and quite frankly, a healthy dose of fear. Read more>>

O.J. (DJ O.J.) Driessen | DJ and owner of G.A.B.E. (Gifted Articulate Brilliant Enterprises)

Risk taking is something that I was afraid to do before because of me being comfortable as an employee knowing that on Fridays I will be getting a paycheck. I’ve seen friends and peers excel past me because they took risks. What made me decide to take a risk, was the job I was working at the time. I realized how much time and energy I excerpted into that job. If I can do that for myself, then I too can be successful. Needless to say, the risk I took was quitting that job and never looking back. As far as what I think about risk taking; one of my mottos is, “You never know unless you try. RISK IT!” Read more>>

Danielle Barnes | Nurse Practitioner & Certified Health Coach

Naturally, when I’m presented with a situation or an opportunity and there is some level of risk involved, I tend to get a little nervous. Risk can be scary-uncertainty can cause anxiety and fear. However, as I’ve gotten older, I tend to embrace risks a little more, scared and all! You never know if you don’t try, right? Prayer is a huge factor when it comes to taking risks and making decisions. In everything I do, I want to make sure that I am led by God and that I am in His perfect will! Read more>>

Michaela Williams | Sales Executive & Entrepreneur

Taking risks is a MUST! I’ve always had the mindset of not living in regret and giving things a try. You will never know what you’re capable of achieving if you don’t take a leap. Failure is inevitable, but if your intentions are pure and grit prevails, you will succeed. In my career, I’ve been very successful in enterprise sales, selling into some of the world’s most recognizable brands. I have always been one of a few women and typically the only African American on my team. Read more>>

The Dame | Fashion Artist

Honestly I think risk takers are the people who reach their goals, because they aren’t afraid of losing. They only have one focus in mind and that’s to win. People who play it safe never tap into their full potential because their too afraid to take risk! I’m definitely a risk taker, and I’m going to bet on me every time! Read more>>

Ashley Jackson | Virtual Assistant Agency Owner | JMT Certified Business Coach

I think risk taking is not for the faint at heart! It takes a bold, confident, and a do whatever it takes kind of person to take risks. There is nothing comfortable about taking risks. In order to grow to your next level in life and business you’re going to have to take the risk, be willing to risk it all, and do whatever it takes to see that decision through. Taking risks has played a huge role in my life and in my career. Starting with being a GED recipient in 2006 and enlisting in the Military shortly thereafter, my life has been risk after risk and has strengthen my belief in myself! Read more>>

Courtney Teague | Transformation Coach, Consultant, Professor, & Author

I think of risk as fuel for a sustainable life. I believe that the deadliest risk in life is not betting on yourself and not taking a risk. A life without risk is a life without the sun; dark without satisfying warmth and illumination. Taking calculated risks is vital to growing as a person. In life, the only way you could fail is if you choose not to learn. Risks are there to edify and elevate us. Risks can serve as a perpetual teacher. Risk has given me the opportunity to open up to my purpose, capabilities, and God-given vision. Read more>>

Travis C. Patterson Patterson | Author, Interview Coach, and Resume Writer

When it comes to risk, I did not obtain my experience the easy way in my life and career. I did not start writing resumes or gaining in-depth insight into career development by chance. It was risk; all risk. Like many people, I felt uncomfortable with specific jobs coming up. Like many, most people don’t have an actual blueprint of their career, let alone their life. There are so many guidelines and theories about what the dream life or dream job looks like, but that route is frequently filled with failure, disappointment, and often doubt of yourself. Read more>>

Sean Zearfoss | Drummer, Small Reactions

Taking risks is a huge piece of how we approach making music. Art is inherently supposed to be challenging and it’s supposed to elicit a response — we’d rather the audience hate a song instead of feeling indifferent to it. (Obviously, we’d most hope they love it!) Small Reactions isn’t necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel as a pop band, but we do want to create something that reflects who we are. We like noise, drone, left-field sounds. Because those sounds are “anti-pop,” pairing them with a pop format is a risk. Read more>>

Holli Bell-Tells | Owner and Cook

I think about risk as a test of your own Faith. I believe that in life we all will have to take some risk here and there one day. Risk taking have played a major role in my life and career. I took a risk to walk away from Corporate America and become a full-time Entrepreneur. I knew that there would be days where I would work and push myself harder than others, but that was a risk I was willing to take in order to lean on my own Faith and self. I was will on my way to becoming an attorney, but I risked it all for my love of food. Read more>>

Jennifer Spor | Channel, Business Mentor, and Strategist for High-Achieving Spiritual Leaders

My willingness to take risks has played an integral role throughout my life personally and professionally. From making my own way in the world at the age of 16, as a high achieving corporate leader, becoming a successful entrepreneur, and even jumping out of a plane to name a few! Humans are wired for expansion. Read more>>