What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Alex Ballew | Sound Therapist

Work life balance is incredibly important. I used to work as a talent agent where the expectation was to be available at all times. I had to set up boundaries for myself in the form of times and days I would not answer emails and phone calls. I knew that if I didn’t create those boundaries for myself, they would be crossed. These days, as the owner of my own small business, I create my own schedule. I make sure to build in days off and also schedule time for leisure when I do not think about work. Read more>>

Shauniece Morris | Lifestyle & Beauty Content Creator

Since starting Naturally Shauniece two years ago, work life balance truly has a new meaning for me. I have a full time career as a Project Manager working 40 hours per week as well as wife and mother of two teen sons. My days are filled with demanding work projects and raising two active sons who are involved in school, music, and travel sports. So needless to say, work life balance has always been a struggle of mine. However, my work life balance has been even tougher since becoming a content creator and influencer. I always get a laugh out of the misconceptions of being an influencer/content creator. Before becoming one, I too thought that influencers just take pictures and post on social media. Boy oh boy, I could not have been more wrong! Read more>>

Lisa Hladish | Owner

This is a great question and something I’ve struggled with for the past 17 years. When I started Paper Daisies it was by accident. I was a high school art teacher with zero experience or knowledge about business and what starting a business entailed. The first 10 years of my business was spent in a haze of stress, sleepless nights, panic attacks and so much more. During the years I’ve had my business I’ve gotten married, bought and renovated a house, raised 2 boys into their early teens and gone through many personal ups and downs. I was not balanced for a very long time and my body started to physically break down. It wasn’t until I hired my first designer, purchased creative software, incorporated a project management tool and moved the business out of my house that I was finally able to focus on my work/life balance. All of this cost money and required a level of risk to the decisions I was making. Read more>>

Tanya M Turner | Best-Selling Author, Business Owner & Luxury Lifestyle Influencer

My work/life- balance has changed tremendously. As I understand time to be my most precious commodity, learning to allocate my time has been a consistent struggle. Knowing my “why” for starting my business and making the decision to put my desires for it into motion. This prompted me to ignite my passion, my grind, and showcase my exuberant personality. However, what I was not ready for was the balancing act. Learning to balance a full- time job, acquiring the knowledge of a business along with creating a business, curating content, launching my new online store, Tanya & Co., making time for my personal life, and family has been a consistent struggle. I’ve had to sacrifice a tremendous amount of my time! Since starting my business, I placed other key areas of my life on the back burner. I allowed my full-time job and business took a front seat in my life as I solely focused on, walking in my purpose, building a legacy and becoming successful. Read more>>