A host of factors, developments, and dynamics have made most industries more competitive than ever. As a result so many of us wonder whether there is still such a thing as work-life balance. We reached out to the community to hear perspectives on finding the right balance.

Terrica Walker | Outdoor Event Planner

Work life balance has been one of my biggest adversities with starting a business. At first it was managing my full-time job as a Public Health Counselor working in HIV Prevention while simultaneously running a startup business, planning events consecutively. I was kind of becoming a bit stressed, not being able to keep up with daily task list. Once I figured out how to organize my 9-5 and business then here comes my anxiety. I have always loved outdoors, even as a kid, but my passion for hiking came while in undergrad at Kennesaw State, hiking Kennesaw Mountain every week to escape from the pressures of school, work, and bills. After finding peace in hiking, I continued to use it as a coping mechanism. Read more>>

Darra McClendon | Professional Organizer & Wellness Strategist

Balance is so important to me. Honestly, it’s everything. I was raised in a working family that was very involved in our local church. On the side, my parents ran their own business and were still somehow present for all the extra-curricular things my sisters and I did. I learned at a young age, the need for work (or a job), the value of quality time with those you love but also the importance of making time for your dreams and passions. That’s what balance has meant to me for a long time. Read more>>

Alana Rosa Edwards | Modelphotojournalist

A proper work life balance is important and undervalued. There is a fine line between grinding because of your passion & grinding out of desperation. When you’re first starting out, it is natural to want to take all of the opportunities. You learn over time what is “worth” the time, and sometimes organizers don’t run events as advertised which make you question your presence. I have had to choose between family events and modeling commitments. I have gone to work completely exhausted because I was out late the last 3 consecutive days for events. But I regret none of the late nights, I can say for the most part I took advantage of the opportunities. I used my wisdom and gut to learn as well as leave when necessary. And I say this all to say now, I know how to go home and rest, but I also pick and choose the good events. A proper work life balance has kept me sane in this modeling industry. Read more>>

Rachel Currid | 3D Character Animator and Illustrator

When it comes to work life balance, I always try to set boundaries and a routine. For example, because I know that I personally work best in the morning to afternoon, I make sure to always stop working by dinnertime. My brain isn’t as productive during the evening hours so I know for certain that the work I create during that time will not be as strong as compared to the work I get done during the day. Even when I have projects that are stressful, I make sure to eventually go to bed shortly after dinner and pickup the work again in the early morning. My brain is then refreshed to take on the challenge. Read more>>

Jasmin Forts, MBA | HR Exec, Author, Yogi & Podcaster

I don’t believe there is really such a thing as work life balance. I believe it is more like work life harmony. Balance implies all things in my life weigh the same and that is not true for me at all. I’ve learned to ebb and flow as needed as a Wife, Mother, Professional, and Business owner. I’ve worked hard on understanding what it means to have harmony in these areas in my life so I can rest according to my needs and turn on according to the needs of my family, work, or business. It is a constant theme in my life but I do so in order to stay sane! Read more>>