Through our work we have had the good fortune of seeing firsthand how success comes in every shape, size, color, faith, and orientation. More importantly we’ve learned that success is often the result of people embracing their unique backgrounds and so we’ve asked the community to tell us about their background and how it has impacted where they are today.

Brittany Jordan | Visual Artist & Owner

I’m from Marietta, Ga. However, I was born in Louisiana on an Army Base. That’s been the course of my life. Growing up a military brat exposed me to so many cultures and background. The constant change became so rooted that it was 2nd nature to be able to establish myself in a new city or state. It definitely spilled over into my creative style. I consider everyone and everything in my creations because of it. That’s why my brand is called Knotty Kulture. So many cultures and interests are reflected in the custom creations from Knotty Kulture. Read more>>

Dominique Hazzard | Food Influencer & Photographer

As a Savannah, GA native, good food and good vibes have always surrounded me. When I was younger, my parents would make dinner most days and we would go out to eat a couple of times over the weekends. My parents cooked hearty, stick to your bones type meals; chicken and rice and oxtails, to name a few. We even had Fridays dedicated to seafood, whether it was fried catfish or shrimp and grits, Seafood Fridays were always a thing! Honestly, at the time, I did not appreciate food. I was your typical teenager, grabbing McDonald’s after school without a care in the world. My appreciation for food began in college when my parents were no longer available to cook for me and the cafe served only edible food, not good food. This taught me to cherish food and what it means to my culture. Read more>>

Montana DeVane | Artist & Entrepreneur

Well, I was born in Wilmington,NC, but I was raised between two country towns called Atkinson, NC and Ivanhoe, NC. Places you would probably never find on a map unless you look it up by the counties. I was split between my parents who are divorced. I lived with my mom on weekdays and with my dad on weekends, holidays, and summers. My upbringing was very old school, very limited and survival like, but also very free. It wasn’t the best, but it was something that I can say shaped me to be me and dream big. I didn’t grow up with a lot, but I was grateful for what I did have and I knew if I wanted more, then I had to do more and do it better. I made sure I took advantage of the resources that my parents didn’t have access to – to the best of my ability in order create a better life for myself. Read more>>

Emilee Henry | Business Owner

I am from a small town in northwest Georgia called Cartersville. My family worked the land for generations and bought the land my family owns now; known as Robinson Loop. I was very fortunate as a child to see what land ownership looked like and to get first hand insight on how to work and live off the land. Entrepreneurship runs in my family as well and I had great role models to look up to in reference to running my own business. All these aspects combined, I guess you can say, groomed what is now Rooted in the Loop. The land my family owns is the ROOTS of my business. I aim for Rooted in the Loop to be a space where the entire family can reference what healthy eating looks like and ways to be more self sufficient and sustainable, just how I was taught. As cliché as it may sound my business brings my entire upbringing full circle for me and defines who I am today and why I stand so firm within my business. Read more>>