We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Ashley Levy | Beauty and FX Makeup Artist, Film and Television

Art has always been the driving force behind the passion and purpose of my choices in life. As Art is completely subjective and relative to the viewer, there was some sort of freedom attached to the idea that in the Art World there would never be one singular lane that I would have to stay in, and that spoke to me. As creativity and creation go hand in hand, I knew that any career in the Arts would truly be fulfilling, no matter the capacity, Read more>>

Juliana Castro | Illustrator and Visual Development Artist

Just like many other professional artists, I started drawing at a very young age. I remember spending my free time, when I was not outside playing with my sister, sitting at the kitchen table in our house with an HB pencil and a white sheet of paper that I took from the printer. I had never taken a drawing class, but I just loved it. I didn’t know how to come up with a drawing off the top of my head, so I would try and copy drawings that I thought were pretty. But one thing that came easy to me was drawing animals. I had the amazing opportunity of growing up in a farm that was surrounded by the Andes mountains back in Colombia. I got to see dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, and rabbits up close, and that I believe is the reason why I love animals so much and why it was easy for me to draw them. Little did I know that my love for animals would become one of the main reasons why I make art. Read more>>

Gabi Lee | Small Business Owner

I pursued, or rather stumbled into, a career with creatives specifically because I don’t consider myself one, not in the traditional sense at least. I prefer a creative atmosphere and a certain aesthetic, but found my strengths in management, customer service and systems organization. You know who’s not always great at that, or at least doesn’t have time for that? – artists and creatives in the traditional sense. I was no MBA and accumulated more experience behind a bar than in a boardroom, so attaching myself to a small and creative business, like independent bridal design, allowed for me to grow in an industry that doesn’t require a degree but does reward a clear vision and a strong work ethic. Read more>>

Nautica Lowe | Entrepreneur

I decided to pursue a creative career because creating has always been the mode of expression that aligned with my purpose, although I didn’t always know what exactly that entailed. As a youth, I struggled with expressing myself verbally, so I found comfort in exuding self-expression through writing and art. However, it wasn’t until I got older that I realized that my whole life I have been carrying a heavy burden of unhealed trauma, which was both personal and generational. So, through writing and art, I learned to express myself in ways that highlighted the importance of faith, mental health, holistic health, herbalism and self-expression. Read more>>

Linden Tyson | Recording Artist, Producer & Songwriter

I’ve always had a passion for art and music since I was a kid. I felt like it was a great way to escape my reality for a bit and express myself better than words can. Read more>>

Mago Martinez | Tattoo Artist

I was always that kid in school that would be drawing on assignments/tests rather than actually doing school work. I realized my drawings were actually pretty dope and just ran with it, got better at drawing and eventually started tattooing Read more>>

Fonda Sharpless | Army Veteran & Business Owner

From a very young age, I was around women who created. My grandmother made quilts by hand, her Sunday’s best, and clothes for the family. I was exposed to creativity very early on and it piqued my interest. It piqued my interest so much that I imagined being an interior designer. When I was younger, before things became digital, JCPenney would send out these thick store catalogs. I would go through the home section of the magazines and furnish my imaginary house with items that I had seen in the store catalogs. Read more>>